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Haruna Sugino, Higashiyodogawa Ward, JPN, 2 months ago

Hello CS people! I'm traveling to Mexico city in 2 days. I'll arrive at Mexico City International Airport 12:30 midnight. I can't speak Spanish well and I'm single female traveler so I'm worried about how I get to the place I will stay. I think I will stay at Air BnB's room or hostel that is close to the airport but I still need to find the way to get there.

So is it okay to take Taxi in front of the air port? Or... I heard about that Uber exists there, too. Is this fine?

Roger Góngora , Mexico City, MEX, 2 months ago

You can definitely take an Uber, it works perfectly here. For how long are you staying in Mexico City?

Edgar Cruz , Chicoloapan de Juarez, MEX, 2 months ago

In my experience it is better uber. Airport taxis are expensive.

Chuy Farias , Mexico City, MEX, about 1 month ago

I travel a lot (at least two times per month) and I always use Uber when I arrive at the airport because it's cheaper, faster and you can pay with credit card. It's very easy because the same app lets you choose the terminal and the gate where the Uber will pick you up so there's no problem at all.

To take a taxi you have to pay a lot and wait a long line. I don't like it at all.

ANAïSGLOBTROTTER, Bellevue, USA, 2 months ago

Hola todos!

voy a tratar expresarme correctamente en espanol !
Soy Anais y vengo a Mejico de vacaciones en febrero;

Quiero visitar mejico city y despues no se si es mejor ir a la peninsula de yucatan O en Oaxaca y una playa del atlantico.

Tengo solo & semana. No me gustan los lugares muy turistico; no quiero ir a cancun.... Puerto escondido me parece un poco demasiado turistico tambien.

Me pueden aconsejar un pueblo con playa, donde es seguro para una chica de ir sola. Busco algo authentico.

Muchas gracias !!!


LUIS ALBERTO , Mexico City, MEX, about 2 months ago

Yucatan es bonito, pero deberias ver Sayulita y aprovechar para conocer el estado de Jalisco, que es el verdadero Mexico.

Ivon Hernandez , Mexico City, MEX, 2 months ago

Holaaaa!!! Me llamo Ivon. Oaxaca es excelente opción... Si gustas en la ciudad de México yo puedo recomendarte y acompañarte, me encanta tener amigos de otros países.


Carlos Aguilar , Mexico City, MEX, 2 months ago

Aunque me gusta Oaxaca, pienso que Yucatan vale mucho la pena. Checa un lonely planet.

Anderson, Bogota, COL, 12 days ago

Hola Parceros,
Espero todos se encuentren muy bien.

Voy a tener unos días en Feb del 2017 para visitar la ciudad de México.
y sin duda me gustaría pasar algún tiempo en la comunidad.

Si alguien tiene experiencia, consejos o puede recomendar cualquier plan .

Cualquier orientación seria muy útil para mi !

Quedare muy agradecido.

Att: ANDY.

Cynthia Ham , Mexico City, MEX, 10 days ago

Hola, yo te recomiendo visitar el parque bicentenario, tomar un cafe en el edificio de sears que esta frente a bellas artes, tendras una vista increible de la alameda, y tambien ir al castillo de chapultepec :D yo te puedo llevar a cualquiera de esos lugares cuando vengas :) Saludos

Martin Nikolov , Mexico City, MEX, 10 days ago

Hola amigo. A qué te refieres con recomendar un plan sin fines de lucro?

MIRIAM RODRIGUEZ , Ciudad de México, MEX, 10 days ago

Claro que si, la cdmx es enorme y hay mucho que ver, que plan tienes o que te gustaria conocer o visitar?

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Joseph Singh, Stanford, USA, 2 months ago

I'm a mid 20's student who knows English and a tiny bit of Spanish. I'm going to be in Mexico City this week and was wondering where to go/eat/do. Most of the guides I come across read as though they are for tourists just looking to check things off a list and buy gaudy souvenirs. Specifically, I'm interested in less visited spots and areas with more local flavor. I was thinking of venturing into some of the more traditional neighborhoods (the not super affluent ones). Is this safe?

Josue Ramos , Celaya, MEX, 2 months ago

It is safe, just watch your stuff(like in any other big city). I'd recommend you to hang out with somebody who speaks spanish or is a local. Unfortunately the average citizen in Mexico City doesn't speaks english so if you have questions or you are figuring out how to make it to somewhere, that would be a problem. Also the transportation here is sometimes a bit messy so you have to ask the driver which way do they take or if the can drop you off close to your destination (in the other hand we have standar transportation that works as in any other country Metro/metrobus). If you have any idea what would you like to know and visit just let me know. About food to begin i'd recomend you "La casa de Toño" it´s a chain so you will find several around the city, regardless it's a chain they cook tasty and warm traditional food, the have many options and the food is unexpensive (you can eat well for less than 10 bucks).

Joseph Singh , Stanford, USA, 2 months ago

Thank you, I'll try to check out that restaurant.

Raul Mejia , Mexico City, MEX, 2 months ago

Hello Joseph!!

Where are you staying?

From eating, if you want to go to a not-very-know place, on the East of the city are two of my favorite and not expensive places to eat: "El pollito de iztacalco" (An insane delicious chicken broth) ( and "Tortas de la 12" (HUGE and very tasty tortas) (

If you want, we can go this weekend! I want some jaja.


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sara.holtmeyer, San Diego, USA, 2 months ago

Hello friends,

I will have a few days in March to visit and would really like to spend some time in the community.
Just curious if anybody has experience, tips or can recommend any non-profits that will accept a volunteer for just a day or two.

Any guidance will be amazing!

Much love,

sara.holtmeyer , San Diego, USA, 2 months ago

Thank you Stanislav! great place to start

Stanislav Pachinski , Mexico City, MEX, 2 months ago

Search for Parque ecológico Ehécatl, if you're into animals and stuff like that. I bet they could use a hand, or write directly to

URIMICHAEL , Mexico City, MEX, 2 months ago

Hi Sara,

I hope you are well. I encourage you to contact Huerto Roma Verde,, as they are in Mexico City and you can freely go and volunteer on whatever is needed. It is a wonderful place.

Thank you,