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Alex Weber, Truckee, USA, 2 months ago

Hi everyone!
I have a friend coming to visit in May and she is flying into San Francisco. Does anybody know the public transportation options from San fran/bay area to reno/truckee/south lake?
I live up here I can drive her myself only one way.
I've been looking online but I figured if ask real people and see what is the best option in real life:)
Hope you guys have a wonderful day

Jaime Guerrero , San Francisco, USA, 2 months ago

during ski season (sadly not in May) there are at least two companies that run "Ski Bus" service to the major ski areas in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Heavenly Resort is in South Lake Tahoe, and Northstar, Squaw, and Alpine ski resorts are in Truckee (north side of Lake Tahoe).

There are many casinos of Reno and South Lake Tahoe which run their own bus services, often free, to get people from populated areas such as San Francisco and Oakland to their casinos to gamble. Look for offerings from those casinos. They also offer free or cheap hotel rooms.

Irinka Yurchenko , Münster, DEU, 20 days ago

You can ask people on craigslist if they want to share a ride

traversflynn , San Francisco, USA, about 1 month ago


Jericho , Pleasant Hill, USA, about 2 months ago

Definitely hit up Linda Mar in Pacifica, it's the best beginner spot around the bay. There's 2 surfshops you can rent from, Norcal and Sonlight both are walking distance from the beach. I would definitely be down to go if you are planning to go this week, I would avoid the weekends because it gets super crowded.

John Hartberg , Brisbane, AUS, about 2 months ago

Second Pacifica, you'll find a few shops down there on your right just after Linda Mar beach.

Alli Shea , San Francisco, USA, about 2 months ago

Hey Caroline! Check out Pacifica, south of the city. There's a taco bell on the beach there--weird, I know-- and pretty good beginner surfing to be found. I don't know any places to rent a wetsuit / board, but I'm sure there are tons nearby, as it's a big surf community.

There's an awesome brewery just 2 or so miles south you GOTTA stop by, called Hop Dogma. Warning: they don't serve food, so maybe grab a bite before or after.

Hop Dogma Brewing Co.

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Maya Planinac, San Francisco, USA, 2 months ago

Hellooo San Francisco :)
I hear that the most friendly people live here. As im coming to u folks soon, i was thinking if anybody can give me advice about very cheap hostel where i can stay for month or 2. All advice about accommodation are welcome.
Thank in in advance :)

Abram Clark , Oakland, USA, 2 months ago

The cheapest decent hostel that I know of in SF is Casa Loma in lower Haight, a bit over $100 per night for the basic room (shared bathrooms). If you did a lot of searching you could probably find a cheaper option through AirBNB.

Xifan Chen , Xiamen, CHN, 2 months ago

You can try This is a work exchange site. They are different kinds of work offered from one week to months. You work for the host about 4-5 hours a day and exchange for free accommodation and meal.

Good luck.

Gwen Nguyen , San Francisco, USA, 2 months ago

go east, alameda county such as oakland, price will be 40% less discount

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ANANT SHINDE, Singapore, SGP, 2 months ago

Hey, I will be in SF from 11-19.
I need a car to travel to Palo Alto and Pasadena for 2-3 days.
Any suggestion? Do I need to get insurance too?How much would it be for one day? (50/100/150$)
Considering i rent a compact, hatchback car.

LUMIKEMAGS , Fresno, USA, 2 months ago


Do you return to San Francisco or drop off the car in Pasadena?

You can use travel search sites to look for car rental rates:,,,, etc.

When I search for a pickup Friday or Monday for 3 days, I see rates of about $16 per day. This includes all taxes and fees but not the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), which rental companies charge about $10-$20 extra per day. But your credit card company should cover this LDW insurance for free so you should not need to buy it. Check with your credit card company.

Also, do a search for "San Francisco, CA" and NOT "San Francisco (SFO), CA" which will give you the rates from the Airport, and these can sometimes be higher, since they charge an extra fee for using airport-based rental agencies.

If you pick up the car in San Francisco and drop off in Pasadena it will cost about $90-$100 per day.

You should select the option to fill up the tank with gas yourself before returning. If you prepay for gas, it is difficult to return the gas tank near empty.


Usman Masud , San Francisco, USA, 2 months ago

Agree with Mike. I also used an international insurance that is valid for three months, and covers various aspects, depending upon the package. You can also check something like that.

ANANT SHINDE , Singapore, SGP, 2 months ago

I am from SIngapore. So not very sure about the damage cover by credit card.
Thanks MIke and Usman!

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Karla, Utrecht, NLD, 2 months ago

Hi everybody,
I am Karla a PhD student who is here in Berkeley for 4 weeks. I would love to have a bike for the time I am here but am unsure how to get one... I don't really want to buy one since I am really only here for a short time..
Anyone has one sitting around or knows where I can rent one for cheap?
Thanks a lot for your advice! :)

dianne-l , Richmond, USA, 2 months ago

Hi - mine is in dire need of a tune-up, but I recently heard about his particular, and local, business that works like Uber/Lyft for renting bikes from locals. Hope it helps!

Zahra Medouar , Daejeon, KOR, about 1 month ago

I also think that buying one is the best way, I've been here for 3 months bought a bike on craigslist and sold it back for the same price (200$) , just make sure to have one in good condition (one that doesn't need a tune up even if it's a bit more expensive)

University of California, Berkeley

Brian Gygi , Richmond, USA, 2 months ago

Berkeley has a bike share system.