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Piret Vacht, Kose, EST, 2 months ago

Hi! Does anybody have recommendations for a long-term (10 days) bicycle rental? I know there are CoGo bikes in Columbus, but they have the 30 min timelimit and no stations near where I need to go. So far I´ve only found some very professional bikes for like 400$/week... bit out of my pricerange.

Jenaipas , Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

Does anyone have a bike she can borrow?

I think I remember that Paradise Garage rents bikes. Not sure of the fee.

You could also try some of the bike co-ops here in town.

Heidekt , Changchun, CHN, 2 months ago

Don't Third Hand Bike Co-op and Franklinton Cycle Works sell used bikes somewhat inexpensively, even if you don't apply volunteer hours toward the purchase?

Stephen Schneider , Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

check Craigslist for the best deals, but I just stopped by Third Hand Co-Op, and found a treasure trove of affordable reconditioned bikes! :)

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Jiaoping Xiong, Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

i am going to LA and San Fran next month, i have sent some requests, but seems like csers in Cali are not that hospitable.. anyone knows how to travel in a cheap way in America... i am an international student at ohio state..or any advice ...really appreciate your time and advice...

Guyomar , Columbus, USA, about 2 months ago

Hi! I was in your situation a couple of months ago on my solo trip. Try not to take it too personally, I don't think it's that they're not's just that they get a LOT of requests, as you can imagine for this popular and expensive destination. I suggest REALLY trying (send out more requests than you think necessary) hard, personalizing the message as much as you can, and being prepared for last-minute acceptances. I got a host in San Fran, and would have had another for the rest of my stay if I'd waited right till the last moment. It's a pain, but that's the way it is with couchsurfing in popular destinations. And you can always book into a hostel last minute. Try to limit your request to a 2-day stay per host. Good luck!

Vivian , New York, USA, 2 months ago

You could also try to stay at hostels, a bunk bed is usually $20~$30 per night.
I stayed at Green Tortoise Hostel in SF a couple of times, good location, decent room and fun atmosphere.

Jiaoping Xiong , Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

i am checking out the website now... thank you so much...

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jay Singh, Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

We had gone for dinner at Explorer's club and everyone suggested there brunch is really good. I am gonna try it sometime over the week. I got the hang of breakfast places here but any suggestions for good brunch placeS? a foodie; so anythin works.

Your welcome to join us if ya want!

DAVIDOHIO , Columbus, USA, about 2 months ago

Lindey's is awesome and a little pricey.

Savannah Lyons , Columbus, USA, 29 days ago

Nada downtown is great!


Jenaipas , Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

Hugs Jay! Wanna start a brunch club/meetup/fiasco?!?!

There are tons of places we could go! We could hit up a different spot every weekend...forever. Ha :).

Id be game to host one weekend each month. If you grabbed a weekend, and 2-3 others pledged a weekend, we could have exponential bouts of brunch mayhem. True story!

What say yas? Any pledges?! You know you wanna!

This weekend is mostly a no-go for me as Ill likely have just a couple of impromptu windows of time. Next weekend looks promising. I can do the leg work, if ya'd like. Do tell :).

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Cory Riley, Louisville, USA, 2 months ago

I originally started sending random people messages looking for nightlife recommendations but, figured it'd be easier to shoot it to the group.

My buddy Jordan and I are coming in for Paganfest on Friday and are looking for recommendations on bars/whatever to do after the show. Prefer bars that aren't full of sports fans or any of that. Actually bars full of metal heads would be cool. We're basically looking for the strangest, weirdest, most drunken state Columbus has to offer.

Any ideas?

We're not really looking for a place to crash, just places to go. We're getting a hotel room most likely due to how drunk we will be at the end of the night and there's no need to be blasted at someones house.

Cory Riley , Louisville, USA, 2 months ago

Actually, after reading all of the reviews (bed bugs bed bugs bed bugs) of the affordable hotels in the area we may actually be looking for couch space and a drinking partner if anyone is interested.. Also, still need some recommendations for oddities, strange bars, oddly shaped statues, and awkward situations! Suppose we'll have to tone down the level of drinking.

Thanks ahead of time Columbus!


Jenaipas , Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

What Metalhead cant take a bed bug bite or two?! ;p

There is a Red Roof Inn at 7480 High St, Columbus, OH 43235
Phone:(614) 846-3001

It's not too far from Alrosa Villa where your concert is.

According to Google reviews, the rooms are decent for the price, but youre not allowed to use the hotel microwave, and hookers are said to roam, BUT the beds are supposedly nicer than Hampton Inn...which might or might not be why said hookers have a preference.

There is also a motel close enough to the concert venue for you to stumble or crawl or skip to--if youre feeling chipper. Possible that it might be one of the motels with bed bug reviews, but heck, if you drink according to plan, you might not even feel them eating away at your flesh, syphoning the blood from your unsuspecting veins. Nope.

You could also try Priceline's Name Your Own Price option, and score a nicer hotel at an affordable price for two people.

As for nightlife in Columbus, Ace of Cups might be closest to what youre looking for. Grab a slice of pizza from Mikey's Late Night Slice across the street on your way out.

Im a tad bit worried about what this afterparty's gonna look like for you two, but have fun, be safe, and for the love of someone's god, take a taxi.

Liz Norris , Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

If you are still looking for a place to stay, I have a twin bed, a really comfy sofa chair + automan, lots of blankets and pillows. Can call/text 614 three 13 three three 6 one. I live kinda near this hostel.

Mauricio.M, Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

I am new in town (and in the country) so I am curious about how people in Ohio celebrate Halloween so I would like to ask for an advice about which places are the best to go. Ofc, if there is some party in downtown it would be great to know :)

Alexa A , Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

Hi Mauricio, I'm not really sure what you're down for, but there are two big options for today and tomorrow that I know about --

First, there is a giant Halloween party at the Park Street complex both days. This is basically where people who are used to partying at frat houses go when they stop going to frat houses; it's a series of bars that cater to young people. I never go there personally, but I bet it will be pretty bizarre and interesting on Halloween. I also expect this will be the biggest concentration of people partying for Halloween anywhere in the city.

Second, there is a far more underground party, not for the faint of heart. It's also not cheap. It's a fetish+Halloween party called Trauma. You cannot take pictures, and you may see very strange things. Tickets are $25 presale, more at the door. You would need to wear a decent outfit to feel like you fit in here--like something you bought at Party City would NOT go over well, but if you don't have a costume it's fine just to be dressed bizarrely. It's also not just a spectator thing -- it's a great party if you're into it, good music and great outfits everywhere.

Mauricio.M , Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

hi Alexa
thanks for your suggestions, I think I will go to the first place you mentioned since it is more my style :). Best

Sumit Singla , Columbus, USA, 2 months ago

I was gonna post to see if anyone else is planning to go to the Trauma party. Alexa, are you going or anyone else?