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S Bartram, Comox, CAN, 2 months ago

Staying in Waikiki for the next month and I'm looking for good places to eat that are cheap / reasonably priced. Any good hole in the walls or good local places anyone recommends?

Phillip Justin , Honolulu, USA, 2 months ago

Marukame. Worth the price and the wait. Just go outside of popular B/L/D times. Eat there every day. Haha

Sean , Kailua, USA, 2 months ago

Helenas Hawaiian Kitchen!

BK007 , Qingdao, CHN, 2 months ago

^ Be prepared for a massive line tho ;)
Also, Yama's Fish Market, my personal fave for poke

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Florencia Stefanía, Cordoba, ARG, 2 months ago

Hello locals! Im thinking of getting myself there next April. Whats the average of money you reckon I'll need per week? (no accommodation fees included). How much could I spend in an average of food, transport and lets say two nights out per week? Thanks in advance!

CRASH.MCCONNELL , Honolulu, USA, 2 months ago

Your host can make a huge difference in your costs. Not only can they tell you the affordable places to buy, but they can help with meal costs and activities. Consider preparing most of your own meals if you're on a tight budget. Some can loan you a scooter or drive you around, or stand-up paddle boards, surf boards, dive or snorkel gear. Some hosts may even have odd jobs where you can add to your travel budget.

Consider renting a scooter. It can be hard to get to certain parts of the island on one, but if you rent on the same side of the island that you'll be visiting for a few days, you'll find a scooter to be a cool way to get around and you won't have to worry about parking. Considering, if you ride the bus it will cut your activity time in half, it's no great bargain. Finally, accumulate discount coupons, and ALWAYS check Groupon. Good Luck!

Garcilazo Twozeronine , Honolulu, USA, 2 months ago

Aloha Florencia, how much to spend per day and than over all per week in Hawaii...hmmmm well I'm sure you know it all depends on what you would like to eat and how many times a day. I'll try to make it easy, when I go out to eat I typically spend around $12-$15 on an average meal. a bus ticket is like $10 I think. the down fall with the bus is that it takes hours upon hours of wasted time just trying to get somewhere. going out? if it's at a nice club there may be a $15 cover charge the drinks are around $13 if it's not happy hour. so to answer your question, in a week you can easily spend $300 if you eat 3 meals a day, ride the bus everyday, consume 3 cocktails each time you go out and that's not including water, snacks, sunblock and anything else that comes up.

I been exploring this island for over 2 years and love hiking, it's the best way to experience Hawaii and get away from the tourist traps. let me know if you have any other questions and I'll do my best to answer them

Andy Tran , Honolulu, USA, 2 months ago

Hola, aquí gastarás como 20-30 dólares al día más o menos por comida, bebidas y transporte. El autobús cuesta 2.50 ida y vuelta (dentro de 2-3 horas) pero podés comprar un pasaje semenal también. La mayoría de las discotecas las chicas entran gratis antes de las 11. Y si los hombres te invitan las bebidas, no gastas nada!! Jaja!! (Broma)... Pero diría que necesitarás por lo menos 200-400 dólares por semana para divertirse y comer bien. Pero contame cuando vengan y los puedo sugerir algunos lugares o restaurantes buenos y baratos (y sanos). Y si tengo tiempo los puedo llevar a salir o tomar algo. Un gusto conocerte!! Oh, por si querías saber... Yo nací aquí en Hawái pero estudié 4 meses em Mendoza y Mar Del Plata en 2009. Y me encanta Argentina!

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Rachel Kang, Seoul, KOR, 2 months ago

hi guys, I'm going to hawaii just because I got a cheap flight ticket haha, was thinking cool things to do. Can you recommend any good nice places to learn hoola dance?

Aloha from korea!

Sunu Valakamattom , Honolulu, USA, 2 months ago

do you know where you'll be staying or how long? as you might imagine, there are many hula schools in the hawaiian islands... but if you'll be in waikiki a short time, you might want to check out the free lessons for tourists at the royal hawaiian center (http://www.royalhawaiiancenter.com/info/culturalprogramming)

Carl Burrows , Honolulu, USA, 2 months ago

Rachel this is good advice from Sunu. I have had guests really enjoy that free Hula class. They also seemed to like the free lei making class offered there as well.

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Emily Green, Honolulu, USA, 24 days ago

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Emily Green , Honolulu, USA, 24 days ago

If you are moving to Hawaii in 2017, message me! I'm working on a project and would love to speak to you about your experience in an unbiased setting. Personally, I've lived here for a few years and have hosted a lot of travelers and foreigners. We all come to Hawaii from a variety of backgrounds and for a variety of reasons - to me that's interesting, so please message me.

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BK007, Qingdao, CHN, 2 months ago

Aloha! So it is that time of year to start checking out other islands (Maui / Kauai / Big Island), and have heard different stories on how much a round-trip flight should cost. Is anyone familiar with the budget airlines around here, or would it just be Hawaiian Airlines ?

- BK

Fernando Corrales , Honolulu, USA, 2 months ago

There is Island Air and Mokulele Airlines. They fly regional sized, propeller aircraft and are the competitors to Hawaiian Airlines. You can check their websites out to see if they have a flight that fits with your schedule and also compare the pricing.
The best advantage of the smaller carriers (Island & Mokulele) is the fact that they depart out of the Commuter Terminal in Honolulu, which means that its a terminal that is less-crowded than the inundated Interisland Terminal where Hawaiian operates.

Thomas Pham , Honolulu, USA, about 2 months ago

In addition to what Fernando said I discovered another airline option. Look up Makani Kai. They do flights from Oahu to Molokai and Molokai to Maui. Each 1 way flight I believe is $50 of course with additional baggage fees. You'd have to look those up. But if I had known about this when I visited Molokai I probably would've added on Maui too!

edit: wow just looked up some promos apparently there was a $29 flight from Kapolei to Molokai today. And normal prices around $55 now I feel like a sucker for going with Hawaiian Air