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Patrick McCrosson, Boston, USA, 2 months ago


Does anyone have any suggestions on the best bus line to take from Milwaukee Airport (or nearby) out to Madison? I know Greyhound does but wanting to see if there is anything quicker or even cheaper. Cheers.


Jill Stencel , Grafton, USA, 2 months ago

Badger Bus is 20-23 dollars each way.

some of the buses have wifi. very comfortable

Patrick McCrosson , Boston, USA, 2 months ago

Thanks Jill! It says carry on luggage only for that trip. Are they stingy about luggage size I wonder? I don't think my bags will be that big but will def have a suitcase. Cheers for that.


Shannon Brennan , Madison, USA, 2 months ago

Hi Patrick,
You could try Coach USA as well...or Lamers. Both pick up outside Baggage claim Exit 5 at the Milwaukee Airport :). Not sure of the rates.

Mikołaj Babiak, Pruszkow, POL, 2 months ago

Hi, I'm looking for a place to stay for whole August for my internship at biochemistry lab. Do you know of any places nearby, studenthouses etc. that have rooms avaliable? I've heard that it's very warm and humid in Madison, so I'd like to know if is it common to have air conditioning in a room in studenshouse? If you know anything, plese let me know. I'l be thankfull if you could help me in any way.

Christopher Pegg , Madison, USA, 2 months ago

There seems to be a lot of student housing near campus. Having just looked for an apartment Madison seems to be a tricky market especially around August. A lot of leases start mid-August. Someone recommended to me UW sublets or Madison Craigslist. I haven't tried either, and one must always be careful on Craigslist about false advertising and scams.

As for weather, once you reach this far north heat isn't too much of an issue. It hasn't been very hot this year, though a little humid and rainy. However I am originally from hot climates. Most older Mid-western houses do not have air-con for this reason. People just opened a window at night with the screen down.

Mikołaj Babiak , Pruszkow, POL, 2 months ago

Thanks! UW sublets seems promising, I'll give it a try.

Lauren Andraski , Madison, USA, 2 months ago

You should check out the UW Sublets facebook page:

I found an apartment there for the summer and fall but also have used Craigslist before - just make sure you see the place and meet the roommates before signing and you should be fine.

Good luck!

Christopher, Barcelona, ESP, 2 months ago

I'm planning to come to Madison for an internship at a college cnstitute next summer. Plan is: To come to the US for three months, i.e. mid of July to mid of October. So far my dates are flexible, I plan to do two months of internship and one month of travelling the US.

I don't have a clue on how the housing situation in Madison is so I wanted to ask if you would recommend me to go to Madison first, while semester break, or would you say there isn't much of a difference for finding a temporary stay and I can enjoy the 'summer' while my travels and come to Madison afterwards and see more of college life?

Any advice would be much appreciated. :)
All the best from Europe!

Kelly Garrigan , Madison, USA, about 1 month ago

I know someone who rents room to graduate students and traveling nurses. If you want to get connected, send me an email and I will track down her email. :) Kelly

RJ Hayes , Madison, USA, 2 months ago

You will probably have a pretty easy time find a place to sublet for the summer, as many students go home for the summer months and sublet their apartments for a cheaper price. Craigslist is a great resource for this! Look for Madison --> housing ---> sublets or sublease

Kayla Dix , Belgrade, USA, 2 months ago

Here's another good website:

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Christopher Pegg, Madison, USA, 2 months ago

Does anyone have suggestions of where to shop for more international food ingredients? I'll be moving to Madison soon and like to cook.

Masaru Oka , Madison, USA, 2 months ago

there are quite a few options. what kind of international are you thinking? indian, japanese, korean, chinese, other asian, mexican, something else?

Christopher Pegg , Madison, USA, 2 months ago


Well for going out I am willing to try anything. I eat at all of the above. If you have any favorites you recommend I am willing to listen.

I enjoy cooking so I was actually asking where to buy ingredients. Sulik , Madison, USA, 2 months ago

Here are some of the ethnic specialty stores I've gone to (unfortunately, I know where they are, but not their names!):
3 Asian: the one on Park St and the corner of? It was recently purchased by the owner of the place nearest me next to Imperial Garden in Middleton; it has a gas station, too, which you see first on the corner of University and Allen Blvd. The Imperial Garden restaurant is next door.

On Sunday I stopped in at the African market on the corner (kind of; have to turn) of E. Washington and E Johnson.

Then, on S. Gammon, not too far past Woodman's and on the same side of the street, I've gone to both the Turkish store and the Indian.

Also, the Indian market on S. Gammon right on the other side of Woodman's parking lot sort of facing the Dunkin Donuts.

There are also Mexican markets on Park St. toward the belt-line and the one near the Midvale exit.

Hope this helps

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SPOTEDROCKMONSTER, Madison, USA, 2 months ago

Hi! I'm looking for affordable pilates classes in madison. All the studios I've come across seem rather pricy. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks a bunch!!!

MONA_SYDD_YMA , Madison, USA, 2 months ago

You might try MSCR (Madison School and Community Recreation). Their new schedule is online this week and they have a variety of exercise classes and might have Pilates. They are pretty reasonably price and also offer scholarships based on need.


SPOTEDROCKMONSTER , Madison, USA, 2 months ago

Oh my gosh! Thank you Mona, for some reason CS didn't send me a notification that you had responded to this. I really appreciate your advice. I'll look into MSCR!