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Marta Lipczewska, Roseville, USA, about 1 month ago

  • can anyone host me and my friend tonight

carl-frederick francois , Miami, USA, about 1 month ago

What dates ? I will be out of the country Thursday but maybe my cousin who's in the house can welcome you if you want

Sarina Eliyakim , Fort Lauderdale, USA, about 1 month ago

you should remember to mention the date. not everybody is available all the time.

Paul Regan , Pompano Beach, USA, about 1 month ago

A fellow Detroiter!

Paul 954-444-4902

I can host

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Kizza Hannah, New Orleans, USA, 2 months ago

Hi everyone!

Where should my friends and i go dancing this saturday night?
We dont wanna pay an expensive cover :p

We're down to go dancing anywhere, but if you have any ideas on places with hip hop, rap, RnB... Electronic? Thats what i'm mostly into :)

Much love,

Mariah Morin , Miami, USA, about 1 month ago

Wood Tavern in Wynwood (my fave) or / then sidebar in brickell after. Blackbird is chill too

Wood Tavern
Sidebar Miami
Blackbird Ordinary

Asiel , Hialeah, USA, about 1 month ago

hey , I was last week in El Patio (Wynwood) is free, but the music is not good, a lot of stupid regueton music, I would go to somewhere else

Greg Gedemer , Minocqua, USA, 2 months ago

Try searching

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Romanie Segerink, Herenthout, BEL, 2 months ago

Hi Everyone!

I'm still planning a trip to Miami this Summer.
Now my friends told me that it's very rainy then.

Is a holiday in July a good idea? Or isn't it a a good time because of the weather?


Larry Britton , Cutler Bay, USA, 2 months ago


By no means let weather talk discourage you from visiting. There's a running joke among locals that "if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 min". That's Miami, where you carry your sunglasses in one hand and an umbrella on the other (just in case).

All joking aside, sure we do get some showers, but for the most part, it will be nice, warm and sunny. Nothing that will mess up your plans much. A full day of rain is unusual.

So, don't let the weather scare you!

Ciro Gualano , Milano, ITA, about 2 months ago

Hi a perfect question because i'm planning to go in Miami from 19 of august. Some of my friends tell me that in August is too hot and maybe could take thunderstorms. But finally the raccommendation was: GO ABSOLUTELY!! :D

MIAMIdowntown , Miami, USA, 2 months ago

july is hot.

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Di zenteno, Laja, BOL, 2 months ago

Hi i looking to know your city and have a little ture around Miami let me know if you wan to hang out.

Debanshu Sharma , Northville, USA, 2 months ago

Me and wife are reaching Miami on Friday night (1st, July). We will have a rental car. Let me know if you want to hang out with us.

Michael Blodgett , Boston, USA, 2 months ago

Hey Di, I'm going to be in town visiting and doing my best to get into some adventures, I've made a post a little up the list ^ so shoot me a text at 413-325-3623 and I'll let you know what I'm getting into :)

I'll be there tonight around dinner time through until tomorrow afternoon.


AI Molinai , Miami, USA, 2 months ago

hi Di!!

Just some info. here if you like nature /outdoors/beaches: everglades national park (shark valley bike trail),oleta river state park,key biscayne area(bill baggs n lighthouse)kayak,jet ski,etc...hollywood beach and dania beach,sunny isles beach/haulover beach,miami beach(last 2 get really packed)...historical sites vizcaya museum and gardens,coral castle,venetian pool,the kampong,jewish memorial miami art pamm,bass museu,erotic art museu miami beach,and wynwood...clubbing edm djs most of the time sometimes hip hop,r&b, and latin:story miami,liv nightclub,nikki beach,space miami,heart nightclub,i11even miami and icon...hope you have fun and enjoy..If you have any questions let me know.take care!!

Kizza Hannah, New Orleans, USA, 2 months ago

Lemme know :)

Tal Tal , New York, USA, 2 months ago

Are you in Miami area??


William Broyles , Cordoba, ESP, 2 months ago

Tell me! I will be in Miami and i need bike cheap

Monica Leonova , Moscow, RUS, about 2 months ago

So do u! If there some places or may be someone who might help? I stayed an sunny isles)