Home to legendary beer brewers and some of the United States’ best cheese, Milwaukee is a delightful Wisconsin city perched on the shore of Lake Michigan. Visitors can get to know the heart of the city by doing the Riverwalk, stopping to enjoy the bars and stores lining the Milwaukee River, or to rent a kayak. Check out the historic converted warehouses in the Third Ward district, home to the Public Market and an awesome selection of local food, including that famous Wisconsin cheese.

Get a great cultural experience at the Milwaukee Art Museum, featuring a world-class collection of art from around the world. With its striking white “whale tail” design, the building of the museum itself is a work of art. Then make your way to the Pabst Brewery to learn about the process that produces one of America’s most iconic and beloved beers, Pabst Blue Ribbon. Or head to the Miller Brewery to see their impressive facilities, including the Miller Caves used for beer storage.

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