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Nati Bugedo, Santiago, CHL, about 2 months ago

I'm on Tucson for 2 months (studying...) and i would love to know the good places to go hiking around.
I want to go to Sabino NP on Sunday because its the only place that i can get by public transportation (thats what i read, am i right?).
I hope someone can give me some recommendations of the hiking or how to get there!
Thanks :)

JBERGO , Tucson, USA, about 2 months ago

Hey Nati, There are a ton of great hikes of all levels in the Catalinas (mountains directly north of Tucson). One of my favorites is Finger Rock Canyon to Mt. Kimball, as well as Blackett's ridge trail by Sabino Canyon.
There is a bunch of great info about most of the hikes around town here http://arizona.sierraclub.org/trail_guide/
If you'd like to check something out, I'd be up for going on a hike and have transportation. Just let me know.

Lucan , San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, MEX, about 2 months ago

Hola nati te recomiendo que visites Sonora hay muchos lugares interesantes y desde Tucson llegas rapido en el bus :) eres bienvenida cuando qieras conocer San Carlos y pasear por las playas hermosas que tenemos aqui...espero que te la pases super en Tucson es Una ciudad Bonita a la cual voy seguido.
Visita Los pueblos de tombstone y bisbee ;)

Kay Stark , Tucson, USA, about 2 months ago

Were you able to go hiking yesterday? Even Sabino Canyon is difficult to get to with public transportation, unfortunately, else I would go there a lot more often. When I ask for advice as to where to hike without a car, I'm told to go to Tumamoc Hill. It's nice, but I wouldn't call it a hike - just half an hour each way on a steep and very populated paved road. On the other hand, you can get there easily by bicycle, and I assume by public transportation, so I would recommend it if you want a nice hill you can reach by yourself (the view from the top is pretty great).

Marion Charabia, Nicosia, CYP, about 2 months ago

Dear Couchsurfers!
Do you know what is the cheapest way to go to Montreal from Tucson? And what is the cheapest way to go to Philadelphia?
Is the any bus?
I know that it is a long way but I got time.
Thanks in advance for your help,

Steve Wang , Tucson, USA, about 2 months ago

Try Google Flights (www.google.com/flights). It's interactive and has a barplot of prices over a two-month period. You can also add add'l nearby airports.

I would also check with Spirit Airlines, the uber low-fare airline (http://www.spirit.com/RouteMaps.aspx) to see if you can find a route from Tucson to the East Coast. Be sure to READ THE FINE PRINTS for this airlines though. Tickets are extremely cheap, BUT, you will be charged for nearly everything (e.g., a carry-on bag or a bottle of water in-flight or counter check-in at the airport).

If you want to bus the whole way, I can only think of Greyhound (www.greyhound.com). But be warned, it won't be a very pleasant experience. It's 2 1/2 days to Philly and costs ~$170. Once you are in the East Coast, traveling via bus is much easier, cheaper (more competitors), faster, and more pleasant.

I wouldn't recommend hitchhiking your way (even using Couchsurfing), especially as a foreigner and a woman.

Good luck!

Marion Charabia , Nicosia, CYP, about 2 months ago

Thank you so much Steve for all your help.
For Philly, I may go by bus because the price is worth it. But I cannot stay 4 days in the bus to go to Montreal and nearly for the same flight than the plane...Crazy!
Have a nice day!

DIVERGIRL , Tucson, USA, about 2 months ago

Check with the airline carriers. You could probably go standby and only end up paying the taxes for the flight. It may take a few days. You never know if you can get on a flight or not. A lot of waiting at times but would probably end up being faster and cheaper than a stinky bus!

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rodrigo Reds, Melbourne, AUS, about 2 months ago

Hey guys, i´m heading to Tucson in the next 10 days or so, does anyone recommend a place to buy a bike! variety service and good deals I am looking for.!

Michael Tellez , Tucson, USA, about 2 months ago

Ordinary bike shop on 7th st

Ryan Furcini , Tucson, USA, about 2 months ago

I have found a lot of good opportunity with Craigslist. Just for an example: http://tucson.craigslist.org/bik/4525092671.html

rodrigo Reds , Melbourne, AUS, about 2 months ago

thanks I will take into account your recommendations, the day is getting closer :)

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Luis Pont, Zapopan, MEX, about 2 months ago

maybe going to Tucson in mid-May and I want to buy a canon 60D camera someone can tell me where they are cheap?

Luminarita , Tucson, USA, about 2 months ago

for cameras/cheaper: try Best Buy, Walmart, Target...

Luis Pont , Zapopan, MEX, about 2 months ago


Bob Miller , Chandler, USA, about 2 months ago

Your best deal is online at B&H or Adorama. You pay more at brick & mortar stores and sales tax too. Tempe Camera and Foto Forum are the best stores in the PHX area- don't know about Tucson. Might try Frys Electronics in Tempe too.

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Jema Patterson, Arcata, USA, about 2 months ago

Hey Tucson! Any corners/intersections/lots you know of that are often full of used cars for sale?

Just landed with my Aussie partner and we are searching for a good used car to take us around the U.S. We've been haunting Craigslist, but haven't found what we're looking for. This weekend we'd like to hit up empty lots where private sellers commonly park.

Thanks for your help!

Erica McLain , Tucson, USA, about 2 months ago

I actually just drove by a few cars for sale, don't know your price range, but take I-10 to Prince, go east (towards town) and then left at first stoplight after overpass, turn left. That's Highway zdrive. Just a little ways up, I saw a few cars for sale, a late model Cadillac for 3500 amd another car for 2500, don't remember what it was, though. Good luck!

Jordan Wilson , Tucson, USA, about 2 months ago

If you're okay with dealerships, I HIGHLY recommend Len's Auto Brokerage:(http://www.lensautobrokerage.com)

They've been in Tucson for decades and they have a great reputation for customer service. You can probably find something on the lot that you can afford, and their sales people are just the nicest I've ever met. I didn't even buy a car from them, but they let me test about a half dozen cars on their lot without anyone else in the passenger seat for as long as I wanted.

If you do stop by, ask for Willie, great guy!

cee.dove , Portland, USA, about 2 months ago

yes. corner of 7th avenue and 6th street. dont know their hours or schtick.