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There are 10 questions in Wellington, New Zealand

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CAS_ARG, Cordoba, ARG, 2 months ago

Hi, people! I'm going to be in Wellington from the second week of June and probably be staying for a month or a little more. I would like to use a bicycle while I'm in the city, to save in transportation. Would you recommend me renting one for that time or buying a used one? How much could that cost?
I understand that in NZ I have to wear a helmet while I ride. Are them expensive? Can I rent one together with the bike?
What about "parking"? Can I just tie the bicycle anywhere in the city or is that regulated? Thank you all in advance!

Xylie , Wellington, NZL, about 2 months ago

Hey there,

I am willing to rent my bike and helmet to you. It's a men's bike and height adjustable. If you are keen, please message me and we may be able to sort something out.

Enjoy Wellington!

Paul_Crozier , Wellington, NZL, 2 months ago

first of all congrats on thinking about using a bike to get around Wellington.

Please understand that the next few lines are not meant to put you off riding in this beautiful city, but you should be aware of these things.

Riding in Wellington can be quite dangerous at times, I should know I commute every day. I would recommend wearing reflective clothing (bib costs $25 from bike barn) to start with. A helmet is essential, you would be crazy not to wear one.

Motorists in this city don't seem to see cyclists, some don't seem to care too much for them. Just be careful and be aware that people may not see you. Also at this time of the year I would make sure your bike has good brakes and you need lights!!! Again to be visible.

Hope none of this puts you off, as far as getting a bike Trademe has lots, if you're only gonna be here for a short time that may be the best place. If you do buy one from there you can always take it in to one of the bike shops to service it, they'll make sure all things are working....

Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask



Bruce Hoult , Wellington, NZL, 2 months ago

I have no idea about renting, but there are plenty used for sale on TradeMe.

Helmets go as low as $40.

It's easy to find places to park bicycles (even motorcycles) for free, close to where you want to be. You'll want a lock, of course.

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VASCODAGAMA27, Frankfurt am Main, DEU, 2 months ago

hey guys, could anyone recommend good surf spots in new zealand?

SUUZ K , Wellington, NZL, 2 months ago

I'd go for either Taranaki or Northland- In both regions you can often get offshore wind if you travel a lil bit :) My absolute fav is Shipwreck Bay close to Ahipara- A nice lefthander where you can pretty much pick the size when it's going!

jay masser , Wellington, NZL, 2 months ago

VASCODAGAMA27 , Frankfurt am Main, DEU, 2 months ago

thanks for your advices

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Francisco Abanto, Culverden, NZL, 2 months ago

Hi guys, I'm staying in a backpackers for a couple days but there's no parking for guests and a parking spot in the center costs as much as what I'm paying for a night at the hostel. Any ideas about where to park safely and not too far away from the city?
Thanks a lot in advance

Bruce Hoult , Wellington, NZL, 2 months ago

The central city area has parking meters (or "Pay and Display". Outside the real downtown is the "Coupon parking zone" where you need to display a ticket. You can buy a 1 day coupon for $7.50 or a month for $120.

Parking is free outside the coupon parking zone. The closest such places to Courtenay place are probably Carlton Gore Rd and Ohiro Rd.

You can see a map of the coupon parking zone (and list of streets) at


Francisco Abanto , Culverden, NZL, 2 months ago

Thanks again Bruce! Ohiro Rd doesn't look that far, seems like a good place, would you say is safe enough?

Willie Gunn , Fujisawa, JPN, 2 months ago

Whatever you do, DO NOT leave anything in your car that you don't want to lose.

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sarah Mowday, Waiheke Island , NZL, 2 months ago

Does anyone know if there is a magazine or website that advertises house sitting or pet sitting, or subletting (apart from the group on here) arriving in wellington tomorrow so not sure of any of the mags etc...cheers sarah :)

Paul_Crozier , Wellington, NZL, 2 months ago

sarah Mowday , Waiheke Island , NZL, 2 months ago

Thank you :-)

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Eric Albee, Honolulu, USA, 2 months ago

Looking for suggestions on good outdoor activities or local hikes around the Wellington area. I'll be there next month from May 15 to 24. I would love to meet up with other travelers or locals who are interested in the same thing. I live in Hawaii and spend a lot of time outdoors. The Wellington Botanic Gardens and the Charles Plimmer Park seem close, are either of them good? I'm willing to take the bus out for a good hike too. I appreciate any advice on the subject (i.e. biking, hiking, kayaking, et cetera).

Rhys Evans , Wellington, NZL, 2 months ago

Hi Eric,

Your two suggestions are perfect for a short walk but I wouldn't call them a hike. I would suggest you venture out of Wellington to Makara Peaks - you can take a bus to Karori Park and then it's a 10 minute walk to the entrance of the park. Another option would be hiking up to long gully from Brooklyn wind turbine. You can use Google maps on getting to the turbine - bus number 7 or 8 and then a lengthy walk. Other options include Kaitoke or Rimutaka mountains but you'd need your own car to get out there (45mins from Wellington).

Makara Peak is good for mountain biking too, you can rent a mountain bike at a bike shop located at the end of the Karori park bus route before the foot of the mountains. For kayaking you'd need to go out to the Wairarapa unless you want to go sea kayaking - if so then Fergs Kayaks on the waterfront is a good place to checkout.

Good luck