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  • Every 3rd Saturday at 9:00 PM UYST
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  • Every Wednesday at 10:00 PM UYST
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There are 10 questions in Montevideo, Uruguay

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Janna Luebsen, Giessen, DEU, 2 months ago

Hi guys,
I just arrived in Montevideo last week and will be staying here for six months. I am still trying to find an affordable Spanish course (2-3 times per week for 1,5-3 hours, preferrably in the mornings). There are many courses on the internet but only intensive ones (every morning) and VERY expensive. Does anyone know of anything suitable for me?
Thanks so much for your help!

Marcelo , Montevideo, URY, 2 months ago

Hola Janna, most of the regular courses in Montevideo are from March to July or from July to November, also the language schools are generally ridiculously expensive as you said, I had that problem with other languages too! For me taking classes through internet was the solution but in your case to take advantage of your staying in Montevideo I suggest to try private lessons, you can find some teachers for 10usd each class and then practice in your day-to-day Uruguayan life. Drop me a line if I can help you out with that!

Dario Burstin , Montevideo, URY, 2 months ago

Hi Janna! Look, the School of Humanities and Education Sciences of the national university (UDELAR) offers spanish courses for foreign students. I believe they are free of charge, although I think they are meant to be taken by exchange students. Anyway, from my experience in the School, I'm pretty sure that you can take the course even if you don't fulfill the requirements (just don't expect to get a certificate). In any case, you should move quickly, because those are probably not gonna be taught during the summer.
Here you'll find some information:

Janna Luebsen , Giessen, DEU, 2 months ago

Thanks for the advise guys! I will check out the UDELAR but I might have found a private teacher as well.

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Sam Brinson, Montevideo, URY, 2 months ago

Does anyone know of a bar or place that will play the rugby games over the weekend? Preferably in Pocitos. And also, does anyone want to grab a beer and watch the rugby?


Alexandra de León Sendoya , Montevideo, URY, 2 months ago

Probably Gallaghers (irish pub), but I'm not sure...

Celia Daher , Montevideo, URY, 2 months ago

Gallaghers for sure!

Sam Brinson , Montevideo, URY, 2 months ago

Thanks! I managed to watch it somewhere, but I know Gallaghers so maybe I will try that for this weekend :)

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Matej Duman, Bratislava, SVK, 2 months ago

Hi all! In January we are starting a big trip around world with my wife and because I´m a journalist, I was hoping to meet and interview the former Uruguay president Jose Mujica on our way, who seems to be a rather interesting man!

Please is there anyone, who can redirect me closer to him? I would be very thankful. Matej

Celia Quis , Marmande, FRA, 2 months ago

Hi, I want to meet him also, keep contact ;)

Zoha Zett , Montevideo, URY, 2 months ago

I will help you. Contact me, or find me on fb, Zoha Happydreamer

Gaby Paredes, Caracas, VEN, 3 days ago

  • electronic music
  • musica
  • fiestas

Oswaldo , Montevideo, URY, 1 day ago


En montevideo hay pocas fiestas electronicas, hay un par de lugares como phonoteque, pero lo mejor son eventos organizados eventualmente en diferentes lugares por algunas productoras.

A mi me costo algo de trabajo encontrar los grupos, a mi me gusta especialmente el house, pero ahora me llegan las invitaciones pro facebook continuamente, si quieres mandame un mensaje y te puedo agregar a los eventos que me inviten.


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Mercedes Lopez, Madrid, ESP, 11 days ago

Hola! Me llamo Mercedes. En Noviembre estare por Montevideo y queria saber cuantos dias recomiendan para visitar la ciudad y que ver. Estaría encantada de que alguien me acompañara igualmente. Saludos desde Madrid :-)

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