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About Me


VERY curious and open minded guy who can be both unserious and very serious. Get´s easily excited especially when talking about specific topics. Who always looking to travel somewhere and especially to unusual travel destinations, to discover all the secrets of our beautiful planet, with friends or usually independently. More enjoying and comfortable with cities than countryside when traveling, but nature is sometimes interesting to see too.


Made in Taiwan, grew up in Central Ostrobothnia, 500 km North West from the capital of Finland in Western Finland as Swedish speaking Finn since a baby. Lived and worked abroad in different countries as Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Thailand and Turkey between the years of 2002-2007. Lived in the capital of Finland, Helsinki, since the beginning of the year 2007, after moving from Spain.


Loves to travel with his green Turkmenistan passport cover including a biometric Finnish passport which is his second and now the only current nationality. After a few years he might wanna try to become again a citizen of ROC (Republic of China) and be the owner of dual-citizenship. The guy in the passport picture looks asian who speaks Finnish, who´s actually a Swedish speaking Finn, who got a new haircut photoshopped by the police authorities because all of the hair lenght couldn´t fit in the picture area. Birth place in the passport is a city that doesn´t exist because it´s misspelled, Police said they couldn´t change the one and only wrong letter to make it correct. The full name is in Swedish and uses the second name as nickname and part of the signature. Passport has visas and stamps from unusual travel destinations like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia etc. and he might end up for interrogations with suspect of terrorism when entering to some of the countries. The previous passport were even issued in Spain to make it even more complicated. When he wants to travel outside the Schengen area without the risk of being interrogated at the border controls, he can now use his almost empty and clean second valid passport that was issued in August 2014, which is now the only and current passport in the year of 2017.


Non smoker and drinks very rarely alcohol nowadays, usually only on special occasions and for social events which is maximum a couple of times during the year. Enjoys the nightlife with good company and with good music. No pets at home since a bit of allergic to them.


Things has changed, though in the past, I never drank anything which is black or ate anything red. Still struggling with cheese, but ate my first pizza when I was 18 years old and had my fifth hamburger in my life in the summer of 2014, since that I´ve been eating tens of them. I´ll tell you why if you´re interested to know why! Even though this, I love food over all! Don´t wonder why I am usually double as slow to drink or eat compared to other people, I just wanna enjoy the experience!


Currently working with marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) -strategies, -customer analysis and -IT technical solutions in the Nordic and international travel industry. Previous working experience as publisher and editor in chief for own made small newspapers; IT -sales person, -technician, -teacher, -freelance reporter, -company owner; junior freelance reporter; net café & bar owner; tourleader for Nordic people abroad in five countries and webmaster etc.


Make the Most of Your Time on Earth: get experience, be open minded, be curious, feel, taste, travel and live now, tomorrow might be too late!


★ Read more about my travel experience in North Korea, an interview of me written in the biggest Helsingin Sanomat -newspaper in Finland 31:th of August 2012. In Finnish (web site - original).

★ Read more about my travel and couchsurfing experience around the world, an interview of me written in the local Keskipohjanmaa -newspaper in Finland where I grew up, 17:th of November 2013. In Finnish (pdf - original, quick link to my dropbox).

★ "Sohvalla" (On The Couch) -tv show on Video in Finnish, about Couchsurfing. Interview of me about Couchsurfing experiences between the following times: 5:46-12:54 if you don´t want to check out the whole video.

Why I’m on Couchsurfing

I heard about from one of my best friends in the year of 2010 and because it sounded interesting, I decided to join it too!


Currently I am an experienced Couchsurfer and getting more and more experiences every day. I have hosted around 60 people, surfing in 23 places, traveled with several Couchsurfers as well as organizing around 150 events and attended to several events around the world. Made up my profile in May 2010. When traveling I´ve been mostly stayed at the hotels, sometimes in hostels and a few times stayed at someones apartment/couch. Looking forward to more great experiences that CouchSurfing community will bring me in the future! Until now I have only very good experience of the following activities:


63. Kohei Norota 07-08/17 - Tokyo, Japan -
62. Alex Miller 06/17 - London, United Kingdom
61. Norbert Szilágyi 06/17 - London, United Kingdom -
60. Chris Bachmann 07/15 - Frankfurt, Germany -
59. Anıl Ünlü 06/15 - Ankara, Turkey -
58. Tushar Malik 06/15 - New Delhi, India -
57. Guido Blugerman 06/15 - Buenos Aires, Argentina -
56. Okan Okyay 05/15 - Lüleburgaz, Thracia/Turkey -
55. John Yeung 05/15 - Toronto, Canada -
54. Peng "Lee" Li 05/15 - Beijing, China -
53. Zhiyou "Kim" Jin 05/15 - Beijing, China -
52. Steven Carluer 05/15 - Paris, France -
51. Kaushal Karkhanis 02/15 - Mumbai, India -

50. Alexander "Alex" Mühlendorfer 02/15 - Vienna, Austria -
49. Lucyna "Lucy" Kruszynska 02/15 - Elk, Poland -
48. Krystian Kruszynski 02/15 - Warsaw, Poland -
47. Benoit "Ben" Luisier 01/15- Lausanne, Switzerland -
46. Fabienne Rohner 01/15 - Lausanne, Switzerland -
45. Mark Billy Yang 01/15 - Taipei, Taiwan -
44. Carlos Melo 11/14 - Porto / Portugal -
43. Xavier Allard 10/14 - Belgium/France -
42. Eric Bolikowski 10/14 - Stavanger, Norway -
41. Daniel Bolek 08/14 - Havířov, Czech Republic -

40. Roman Sydor 08/14 - Lviv, Ukraine -
39. Roman Ilkiv 08/14 - Lviv, Ukraine -
38. Chris Michaut 08/14 - Paris, France -
37. Mihai Candet 07/14 - Iasi, Romania -
36. Kohei Norota 07/14 - Tokyo, Japan -
35. Polyanna Rocha 05/14 - Oslo, Norway / Brazil -
34. Tomas Bjerved 05/14 - Oslo, Norway -
33. Ricard Polls Boadas 04/14 - Girona, Catalonia -
32. Roberto Bautista 04/14 - Sevilla, Spain -
31. Ruben Arnal 12/13 - Valencia, Spain -

30. Lei Zhang 10/13 - Qingdao, China -
29. Husam Chadat 09/13 - Damascus, Syria -
28. Christiaan du Randt 09/13 - Stellenbosch, South Africa -
27. Youngsoo Yang 08/13 - Seoul, South Korea -
26. Ethan Folk 08/13 - Seattle, Washington, USA - ttps://
25. Norbert Szilágyi 08/13 - Salonta, Romania / Hungary -
24. Kuan-Ting "Lear" Ho 08/13 - Taipei, Taiwan -
23. Corrado Zhocci Hansen 08/13 - Trieste, Italy / Denmark -
22. Emmanuelle "Manue" Lhermitte 07/13 - Clisson, France -
21. Stéphane Thomas 07/13 - Clisson, France -

20. César Dezfuli Rello 06/13 - Madrid, Spain -
19. Mody Salman 05/13 - Diwaniyah, Iraq -
18. Gert Danielsen 04/13 - Oslo, Norway -
17. Álvaro Sánchez 02/13 - Madrid, Spain -
16. Jakub Kaminski 10/12 - Warsaw, Poland -
15. Adam Sielatycki 09/12 - Warsaw, Poland -
14. Konrad Rudnik 09/12 - Warsaw, Poland -
13. Igor de Almeida 09/12 - Recife, Brazil -
12. Roland Bisewski 08/12 - Gdansk, Poland -
11. Luca Crivellari 08/12 - Milano, Italy -

10. Yosef Yip 08/12 - Toronto, Canada -
9. Joachim B. 08/12 - Düsseldorf, Germany -
8. Petja Stipanovic 07/12 - Novo Mesto, Slovenia -
7. Rod Afonso 06/12 - Caxias do Sul, Brazil -
6. Daniel "Dani" Dobre 05/12 - Galati, Romania -
5. Simon Gripner 11/11 - Göteborg, Sweden -
4. Martin Ryan 08/11 - Montpellier, France France -
3. Helen Liu 07/11 - Shanghai, China -
2. Christian "Chris" Höck 07/11 - Wien, Austria -
1. Kwai "Kobe" Leung 08/10 - Hong Kong, China -

23. Peter Prix 09/16 - Doha, Qatar -
22. Abdul Qadir 09/16 - Al Khor, Qatar -
21. Chris Michaut 12/15 - Paris, France -
20. Andrei Shestackov 09/15 - Yekaterinburg, Russia -
19. Kadri Teider & Leif Neuvonen 12/14 & 09/15 - London, England -
18. Attila Nagy 09/14 - Mitrovica, Kosovo -
17. Jakub Kaminski 05/14 - Gdansk, Poland -
16. Artёm Titov 05/14 - Kaliningrad, Russia -
15. Mateusz Rybicki 04/14 - Gdansk, Poland -
14. Samwell Otieno 04/14 - Mombasa, Kenya -
13. Tim Larsen 02/14 - London, England -
12. Mohsin Gillani 09/13 - Lahore, Pakistan -
11. Bahadur "Baha" Aly 09/13 - Karachi, Pakistan -

10. Ignacio "Nacho" de Salterain 12/12 - Montevideo, Uruguay -
9. Ezequiel & Liesje 12/12 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - &
8. Javier Rodriguez 12/12 - Buenos Aires, Argentina -
7. Anton Gurakov & Alexandra "Sasha" 10/12 - Kiev, Ukraine -
6. Abdulmagid "Mego" Yakoube 09/12 - Tripoli, Libya -
5. Marcel Thannhäuser 11/11 & 04/13 - Berlin, Germany -
4. Helmy Ibrahim 10/11 - New York, USA -
3. Alex Nickodem & Jeremy Enright 09/11 - Arlington, Virginia, USA - &
2. Alexander Kolyada & Yuliya Kaliada 10/10 - Minsk, Belarus - &
1. Johannes Weller 09/10 - Chișinău, Moldova -


★ Johannes Nygård Estonia, Italy, Sweden, Thailand, Tunisia

★ Markku Pyykölä Estonia, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA

★ Sebastian Slotte Belarus, Estonia, Cyprus, North. Cyprus (TRNC)

★ Mikko Ekström China, Democratic People´s Republic of Korea

★ Maxim Egorov Estonia, Russia, Sweden, Thailand

★ Miia Pajala China, Gambia, Iceland, Greece, Myanmar, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, Spain, Tibet, Thailand, Scotland, Andorra, France


in the local Couchsurfing community by attending the Helsinki CS Weekly Meetups (since July 2012) almost weekly to meet great new people!

★ Have organized and hosted the Couchsurfing Helsinki Weekly Summer Picnic´s and Couchsurfing Helsinki Weekly Meetups weekly (since February 2013 until June 2016).

★ Been helping the local Helsinki CS community to organize the CS Birthday Celebrations on the second weekend 13-16th of June 2013 with 100 Couchsurfers who joined the party as well as in the year of 12-15th of June 2014 and 9-12th of June 2016. Weekend of Love event in 2015 from 24-26th of July.

★ Been helping the local Helsinki CS community to organize also the CS Christmas Party - Back to the 50´s! on 7th of December 2013 with 170 Couchsurfers who joined the party, the 6th of December 2014 with also 170 Couchsurfers as well as 20th of November with 130 Couchsurfers.

★ Been helping the local Helsinki CS community to organize the CS Weekend of Love Celebrations and Midsummer Night´s Dream - Theatre Theme Party on the second weekend 12-15th of June 2014 with more than 50 Couchsurfers who joined the party.

★ One of the organizer to the Couchsurfing Summer Madness - Weekend Cottage Camp with 120 Couchsurfers. Hauho, Hämeenlinna, Finland. 15th to 17th of August 2014.

★ Been designing the local Couchsurfing Helsinki community logo

★ Attended to local Couchsurfing meetups in Copenhagen (Denmark - 04/16), St Juliens (Malta 05/15), Belgrade (Serbia - 09/14), Budapest (Hungary - 09/14), Saint Petersburg (White Nights - Russia - 06/14 & 06/15), Bangkok (Thailand -03/14), London (England - 02/14), Playa del Carmen (Mexico - 12/13 / picture below), Barcelona (Spain - 07/13), Copenhagen (Denmark - 05/13), Stockholm (Sweden - 04/13), Oslo (Norway - 03/13), Montevideo (Uruguay - 12/12) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil - 12/12).

★ Beta tester of the web site.

★ Administrator of the the Helsinki Couchsurfing Facebook page - Like the page!

★ Moderator of the Helsinki Couchsurfing Facebook Group



Traveling to different cities and especially countries/autonomous areas since "collecting" them by pinning them on the map, trying to visit as many countries/autonomous/dictatorship areas as I can during my lifetime. So far I have traveled in more than 100 countries. Ranking by is by following in November 2017: Overall 550; TBT 239; UN 103; UN+ 117; TCC 126; WHS 126; MTP 167.


Likes different kind of small adventures, reading magazines, travel literatures, local and international cuisines (e.g. Nordic, Mexican, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Indian, Nepalese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai etc.), electronics and gadgets, computers (Mac&PC), photographing (shooting/editing) and video recording/editing, listening to music (more into electronic music like techno, dance, house, trance), watch a nice movie/tv-series (mostly into action, also documentaries, drama, comedy and horror is okey) or go to cinema/musical/theater, fashion, gym, biking/spinning/indoor cycling- and Bodypump -classes.

Likes trains (especially fast ones like Shinkansen in Japan, Maglev in China), airplanes (especially big ones like jumbo B747 and superjumbo A380 and the newest A350), cruises/boat trips, collecting eurocoins from EMU (European Monetary Union) countries, collecting a local souvenir and a bank note from countries I visit. Collecting also a newspaper from a country where the country has it´s own alphabet (e.g. Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Hindi, Greek, Arabic, Ethiopian etc.).


My personal achievements for the year of 2011-2012 was to learn basics to swim and run. For the years of 2013-2018 is to improve my swimming, running and biking skills which I have been struggling with during last winters since I´ve been very busy with work and traveling. In November 2017 I have started again my regular training and hopefully I am back on track for the summer season in 2018 ;)

Music, Movies, and Books


Enjoys listening to electronic music like techno, trance and dance as long as there's a lot of loud bass! :D. Therefore I do love to visit clubs playing that kind of musics, e.g. Ministry of Sounds Club (London), Summer Sound Festival (the biggest electronic music festival in the Nordics, Helsinki July 2012), or musicals (e.g. Broadway etc.).


Likes mostly action, comedy and drama movies, sometimes horror too. Documentaries, travel related tv programs and tv-series. Likes to go to cinema as well.


Not much of a book reader but likes travel literature and guide books.


Reading mostly travel, men's lifestyle/fashion/fitness, stuff/electronics/computer and design/interior magazines.

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done


★ Visited more than 100 countries in the world´s 5 continent by 11/2017: or
★ Visited all countries in Europe:
★ Visited countries in Asia:
★ Visited states in the US:
★ Some of my European flight routes:
★ Some of my international flight routes:



Some of the things I want to experience in the near future: Safari in Kenya (I have done Nairobi National Park)/Tanzania/Uganda/Rwanda (e.g. meeting gorillas). Inca trail trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru. Roundtrip in Sudan, South Sudan, Somaliland & Puntland (been in the capital of Somalia), Nigeria, Saudi-Arabia (been only to the border in Bahrain), Mali, Yemen (Socotra-island) and countries around North and South Caucasus. Hot Air Balloon tour above Cappadoccia in Turkey and skydiving by jumping out of an airplane anywhere in the world.


Visited in addition to the following autonomous republics/province/areas/territories or so called ”independent states”: Karakalpakstan (Uzbekistan), Republic of Kosovo (Serbia), Kurdistan (Iraq), Palestine (Israel), Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Moldova), Tamil Eelam (Sri Lanka), Taiwan (Republic of China), Tibet (China), Republic of Vevčani (Macedonia-FYROM) and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Cyprus) as well in the micronation Freetown Christiania (Denmark).


★ Visited the red marked more than 100 countries and five continents left on the maps.

★ Lived in six different countries in two continents abroad.

★ Experienced gun shots and bomb blasts around me in Baghdad, Iraq!

★ Experienced traffic police to shoot with a gun in the air, to clear up the traffic jam, in Mogadishu, Somalia and Baghdad, Iraq!

★ Armed robbery occured just five minutes before arriving to the airport by taxi in Pakistan when two motorbike stopped the vehicle and snatched my bag including my laptop, passports, credit cards and cash money. Luckily someone found my passport on the road a few days after and sended me my documents and I could continue my roundtrip into Afghanistan, otherwise my trip would have ended.

★ Meeting the poor but happy people in Cambodja with the amazing temple of Angkor Wat.

★ Experienced a never ending jungle trek for me in Sumatra, Indonesia, where I ended up shaking hands and fed the orang utans in their home hoods.

★ Feeling the speed 420 km/h inside of world´s fastest high speed train at Shanghai Maglev in China.

★ Flew with the biggest commercial super jumbo Airbus 380 aircraft from New York to Frankfurt.

★ Enjoyed the ashtonishing view and survived without accidents at the enormous gas crater "The Door to Hell" in Turkmenistan´s desert.

★ Informed hundreds of travelers in Thailand about the terrible tsunami that happend in Phuket the day after in December 2004. Helped with evacuation at Bangkok airport during the new years night 2004-2005.

★ Helicopter sightseeing tour above New York City and Rio de Janeiro.

★ Feeling the beats and bassquakes through my whole body and at the Nordic´s biggest electronica music festival in Helsinki with all of the world´s top DJ:s.

★ Walking to the "Devil´s Throat", helicopter tour above the Iguazu Falls and having a Iguazu shower by speedboat on the border to Brazil and Argentina.

★ Driving a car on the highway in Turkey when suddenly a bus turned aggresively to my lane to avoid an accident on his lane and causing almost a frontal accident with my car.

★ Making roundtrip in the world´s most isolated country North Korea.

★ Feeling the freezing cold winter in Kokkola, Western Finland, with down to -38 C and sweating hot temperature up to +48 C during the Golden Triangle roundtrip in New Delhi/Agra/Jaipur, India.

★ Visited one of the world's most spectacular Roman ruins Leptis Magna, Sabratha and Cyrene in Libya.

★ Understanding the tragedy with sightseeing in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and ghost town of Pripyat in Ukraine.

★ When I almost got robbed by a knife in Istanbul, Turkey, but got the chance to escape.

★ Jumped off the plane (tandem) in 4,6 km (15 000 feet) in Queenstown, New Zealand with an amazing view.

★ Iceland's unique natural wonders as geysirs, glaciers, volcanos, northern lights, hot springs, waterfalls and rich sortiment of new culinary experiences with tastes of horse, whale, puffin etc.

★ Had a wonderful experience by staying in casa particulares (private homes) practising my Spanish language while in the fascinating capital of Cuba, Havanna and the picturesque and colourful village of Trinidad.

Teach, Learn, Share


I can introduce you to the Nordic languages (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, except Icelandic), how to improve your computer skills (Mac/PC) and plan your future travels or/and how to move around to/from Helsinki to visit the neigbour cities and/or countries.


Would love to practise some more Spanish, Russian, Greek and sign language with someone that´s their native language, I know just the basics. Spanish small talk practice would be fine with me ONLY IF you know only the beginners English! Otherwise I am too shy to speak! ;) Keen to learn some basics of Arabic, Chinese and Japanese too!

Would love to learn some more about video editing on computers (PC or Mac) and basic photographing techniques and editing on PC or a Mac, if you have a Canon EOS digital camera as I do, teaching will be much easier.

What I Can Share with Hosts

Show around the capital of Finland if I have time. Share my knowledge of travel experience. Help to make travel plans in Finland or nearby countries like Russia/Estonia/Sweden/Norway/Denmark.

Countries I’ve Visited

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, China, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Gambia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Korea, Northern Ireland, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Scotland, Senegal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Somalia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste (East Timor), Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vatican City State, Viet Nam, Wales, Åland Islands

Countries I’ve Lived In

Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey

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