Boasting mountains, beaches, and hot springs, Busan is an incredible city on the southeastern coast of South Korea. Rolling green mountains literally intersect with the urban landscape, pushing neighborhoods of the city apart as if they weren’t getting along. But for all the natural beauty of this place, Busan is a contemporary port city.

Visitors can browse the stalls at the Jagalchi fish market, where every sea creature imaginable is up for sale, fresh from the waters just meters away. To feel the sand between your toes, head to one of the city’s white sand beaches like Haeundae or Gwangalli to mix with locals and tourists alike. For a mountain adventure, hike to the 18th-century fortress at the summit of Geumjeong Mountain, or visit one of the many Buddhist temples in Busan, like the ornate Haedong Yonggung, built on the rocks right at the very edge of the sea.


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