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ROSANNA_DENMARK, Kerteminde, DNK, about 2 months ago


I'll be coming to Shanghai for a day on my way to Tokyo.

1) Could anyone recommend any good vegan restaurants and places to visit? I have around 6-7 hrs to roam around.

2) On my way I have to change airports from Pu Dong to Hongqiao Airport. How to reach there? Time? Price? Is there anything you can do near Hongqiao airport while waiting for the next flight?

3) What currency is good to carry? Do I need to change to local currency?

Kind regards,

Vika Nosova , Shanghai, CHN, about 2 months ago

Hi, Rosanna!

1) Look for buddhist and taoist temples, they usually have small vegan restaurants with Chinese food. Food there is very cheap, if you have limited budget and would like to save money.
If you wanna some Western vegan food, look for "Hunter Gatherer" ("Xintiandi" (新天地)metro station,it's not fully vegan restaurant, but they have healthy vegan bowls and some desserts, mid-prices - 60-100 yuan for dinner).
There are also some another Western food chains: "Wagas", "Element Fresh" etc., also mid-prices. That chains have restaurant everywhere in the city.

2) When you go from Pu Dong to the city, you need to take line 2 (green) and change trains on the "Guanglan Road" (8 stations from Pu Dong Airport, just go to the other side of the platform, all people in the train will do the same, so don't worry). Tickets are about 10 yuan, it depends on the destination.
Buy tickets in the tickets machine (they don't accept 100 banknotes!) and when you go to the station, just scan it, when you go out, you need to put your card inside the terminal. All tickets selling machines have English language options as well.
You don't need to take a taxi to go to the metro stations, cause metro is just inside the airport. You'll see it. (Better don't take taxi, cause it will be very expensive, and sometimes, if you don't know language and the city, you can got sucked.

3) I think, it's better to carry currency either in dollars or in yuan (renminbi). Yes, you need to change to local currency, but I'm not sure, where is it better to make it.
You can always change currency it the airport, but there is a big disadvantage.
If you're in Shanghai for just one day, 300-500 yuan (dependent on your budget and entertainment) should be enough.

Hope you'll enjoy your time in Shanghai!


ELLYSE , Shanghai, CHN, about 2 months ago

There's a good one on Zhejiang Nanlu near Yan'an Zhonglu, somewhat in between Nanjing Donglu and Yuyuan stops on metro line 10. It's usually 28 RMB/person for quite an extensive buffet of almost 20 dishes, including 3 kinds of juice, and at least 2 kinds of dessert. The people there are all volunteers and all proceeds go to charity. However timings seem to be a bit limited, which leads me to the next question...
What times do your flights arrive and leave? Are you changing from international to domestic, or international to international, or domestic to domestic? Also, when (as in, what date) is your stopover?
Your 2nd question would've been easily answered if you looked on the airport website, but never mind. You could take the metro (cheapest) but it's slow and you need to change lines once along the way. Taxi is easiest but also most expensive. For a good balance I prefer the airport shuttle bus which costs 30 RMB and takes about 1+ hour - in 2 hours you'll definitely be there.
Which terminal of Hongqiao airport? Terminals 1 and 2 aren't located together (don't try to walk) and both aren't particularly interesting, the newer Terminal 2 is nicer but still not great. There's nothing really of interest for most people within walking distance of either airport terminal. It depends on what interests you, what time of day, and what you consider "near".
Obviously you need to have local currency. They don't take any other currency here, other than maybe at some of the stores and restaurants within the transit area of Pudong airport - which won't be of any use to you, since you're not flying out from there. If you have an ATM card pull out some cash when you arrive in Pudong airport. The money changers there charge a commission of about 10 EUR which is quite a rip-off that you can easily get around with an ATM card.

Junfeng Zhang , Shanghai, CHN, about 2 months ago

Hi, Rosanna.

Here's my two cents.

First of all, could you please tell me your flight itinerary? I think 6-7 hours could be a little bit stressful, since the border control, customs, security, and transportation could take around 2-3 hours.

1, I am not sure how a foreigner would enjoy Chinese vegan dishes. Normally we either go to a restaurant or go to a temple. And a Chinese vegan restaurant usually tries to create a taste of "meat" when doing vegetarian dishes, like Jujube Tree (枣子树) and Wu Guan Tang (五观堂).

The price could range from RMB 30-40 per person (temples) to RMB 100-150 per person (restaurants).

My personal favourite is Dashu Wujie (大蔬无界). They have a comfortable yet sophisticated atmosphere, and serve pretty creative and lovely dishes. Price would be around RMB 200-250 per person.

They have one outlet on Tianping Rd just near Xujiahui Park (Metro Line 1, The Red Line, Xujiahui Station), and the other on the Bund.

Their Facebook page is here,

2, PVG to SHA.

Some options here.

A, a connecting bus, but you will miss the Shanghai city.
B, Metro Line 2, the green line, from PVG to Guang Lan Rd Stn, change a train, and then onward to SHA.
C, Maglev, from PVG to Long Yang Rd Stn, and then, either change for a Metro Line 2, or go roaming in the city, then take Metro Line 2 (green line) or 10 (pale purple line), or Uber to SHA.

My suggestion is taking a Maglev, from PVG to Long Yang Rd Station around the Intl Exhibition area. Travel time would be around 15 mins, and a single trip ticket price should be RMB 40 (this is already 20% off since you have a boarding pass).

From Long Yang Rd Station, you could either take Metro Line 2, the green line, to literally any place between the station and SHA (Hongqiao Airport), like Lujiazui CBD, Nanjing Dong Rd (just near the historic Bund area), Nanjing Xi Rd (both chic and old-fashioned), Jingan Temple, Zhongshan Park. Or you could just take a taxi/Uber to the Lujiazui CBD or the Bund, I think the fare would be around RMB 20-40.

From the city center, ie Lujiazui, the Bund, Nanjing Dong Rd, Xintiandi, after you finish your dinner, you could either take Metro Line 2 or 10 (the fare would be around RMB 5), or just call a taxi/Uber to SHA (the fare would be around RMB 60-80, be aware of the possible traffic jam though).

3, The Maglev, subway, and taxi, they only accept RMB as far as I know.

If you just travel by maglev and subway, I think all you need is RMB 100, if you go all the way on subway, actually RMB 20 is enough.

If you want to take taxis, I think RMB 200 is enough, but I would recommend Uber, as it directly charges from you credit card so you don't have to do the currency exchange.

Most shops and restaurants in Shanghai accepts credit card, unless you want to buy some souvenirs or little snacks from some smaller vendors, I don't suggest carrying two much cash.

Mike Farah, Tehran, IRN, about 2 months ago

Hi There,
I am interested to purchase an original Cell phone (Samsong or Sony) ! How is this idea!!??
I mean can I find it on reasonable price? I am not
interested on copy or fake ones!!

Dave P , Shanghai, CHN, about 2 months ago

Hi Mike

Are you visiting to working/studying in China?
If you are just vising, as Ellyse said, , I will strongly recommend NOT to buy branded stuff from China as it is much much much more expensive here than let's say, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA.

If you are working/studying in China, then do your research which model you want to buy and ask your colleagues/classmates/Chinese-friends to buy it for you from e-commerce site or one of the big electronic shops

Juergen , Mannheim, DEU, 25 days ago

Hi Mike,
be aware that smart phones you buy in China might have another software version, e.g. the android is changed in a way you cannot access the playstore where you can usually find software and install. Better in HK or other countries.

Yang Tan , Shanghai, CHN, about 1 month ago

Check out (probably they're discounting):
and probably check out:

Ask if u need any help...

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Aaron !, Shanghai, CHN, about 2 months ago

hey I'm wondering what restaurants you love to go to.
I like to go to Border Snacks, at Xujuahai Line 1.

Chester Geng , Shanghai, CHN, about 2 months ago

Organic Kitchen on Fuxingxi rd.

Junfeng Zhang , Shanghai, CHN, about 2 months ago

Hey Aaron.

What kind of food do you prefer?

As it is cold now in Shanghai, I would recommend some hot pot restaurants, like Hai Di Lao (海底捞, which is Sichuan style) and Chen Ji Shun He (陈记顺和, which is a Cantonese style hot pot restaurant mainly serves beef), both are restaurant chains though. Similar ones are La Fu (辣府, literally means Hall of Spice, very good taste), Shun Xing (顺兴, has traditional Sichuan Faceoff shows during dinner time), Spicy Joint (辛香汇, good value), South Beauty (俏江南, an upscale Sichuan restaurant, but offers work day set lunch bargain, good for 3-4 persons).

And if you want to try something exotic, how about Yelixiali (耶里夏丽)? It is a chain restaurant serves Xinjiang/Uygur food, might be similar with Turkish food, good taste and good value. Apart from Xinjiang/Uygur food, Yunnan cuisine is one of my favourite, very rich taste, and could greatly stimulate one's taste bud. It's hard to define Yunnan food, kind of sour, kind of sweet, kind of spicy, a little bit similar with Thai food since they share a similar geographic setting and climate. I will recommend Lost Heaven (花马天堂, a chic restaurant and bar chain with an outlet in the former French concession area and another one on the bund), and Lapis Yun (藏珑云海, only one outlet on Nanjing Xi Rd I think).

东北人家 as Tania recommended is a restaurant that serves Northeastern Chinese cuisine, the name literally means A Northeastern Family. The Northeastern Chinese cuisine is usually famed for its heavy taste and big servings.

You might want to try something much more local though, like Shanghainese cuisine, or cuisines of our nearby cities. For Shanghainese cuisine, I would recommend Old Jesse (老吉士, used to have only one outlet on Tianping Rd/Huaihai Zhong Rd, but now evolved into a chain), Nong Tang Yan (弄堂筵, literally means Dine in the Lane, on Wuyi Rd, nearby Yan'an Zhong Rd, good value and authentic taste). And I would recommend a noodle house/restaurant nearby Nanjing Dong Rd, called Lao Yu Fu (老渔夫, literally means Old Fishermen, it serves fresh sea produce from nearby harbour city of Zhoushan daily, and the noodles taste really yummy).

And, dim sum shops are popular here too, like local Shanghainese dumplings, with two different versions, the one called 小笼包 (I like it), and another called 生煎包 (for me it's not that attractive), you might go to 南翔馒头店 (serves Shanghainese style 小笼包), Ding Tai Fung (鼎泰丰, a Taiwanese chain restaurant established by a Shanxi folk, serves Shanghainese style 小笼包, kind of expensive), 大壶春 (serves Shanghainese style 生煎包 with thick coating and less soup/juice inside), and 小杨 (serves Shanghainese style 生煎包 with thinner coating and much soup/juice inside) respectively.

For authentic Cantonese dim sum shops, you might want to try the Tang Palace chains (唐宫一号 Tang's Cuisine, 唐宫膳 Tang Palace Restaurant), 御宝轩 (an upscale Cantonese dim sum restaurant in the Rockbund area just opposite the Peninsula Hotel, better make a reservation before you go since it is really popular, serves fantastic dim sum), Jade Garden (翠园, inside Jingan Kerry Centre, kind of expensive, better make a reservation since it's popular). By the way, most five-star hotels have dim sum buffet, charge at roughly RMB 100 per person for lunch, like Marriott City Centre.

ELLYSE , Shanghai, CHN, about 2 months ago

Chris, I think the Shanghainese restaurant is actually Hai Jin Zi 海金滋 and not Hai Zi Jin.

Christoforos Ioannidis, Wuhan, CHN, about 2 months ago

Hi all,

I am landing in Shanghai 8th August and having seen the city in the past, I am interested in exploring areas around it. A quick google search yielded this interesting result, the top 8 ancient towns near Shanghai:

In what order would you see them?

Vlad Alukhanov , Shanghai, CHN, 27 days ago

You probably only need to see 2, not more. Zjujiajiao is good, Wuzhen is nice too. Qibao is a tourist trap, stay away

ELLYSE , Shanghai, CHN, about 2 months ago

No need to see all of them, really! They're more or less similar... I can't imagine an average sightseer wanting to see any more than maybe 2 of them. I've been to all of them, in case you're wondering. Definitely not a fan of Qibao. I'd recommend Xitang, Tongli or Zhujiajiao.

Christoforos Ioannidis , Wuhan, CHN, about 2 months ago

Got it, thank you, I noted all your comments. At which ones would you suggest I stay overnight? If I am with an obnoxious (LOL) person who does want to see all of them, what route should we follow?

Mike Caha, Prague, CZE, about 2 months ago

Does anyone have any tips on where I can find freelance travel bloggers/photographers?
I’m looking for 3-5 regular contributors who can produce at least 1 to 2 articles per week.

If anyone is interested in writing about their travels or knows where I can find such people, please email me at

Thanks everyone! Feel free to email me for more details. :)

Miller_G , Shanghai, CHN, about 2 months ago

hi, mike, add me on wechat, i know a few, 13916171091

Michael Gong , Shanghai, CHN, about 2 months ago

I know a girl, her wechat: jiajiatravel
her blog:
sorry I don't have her number, will you share it to me after you got it?