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There are 33 questions in Taipei, Taiwan

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Ana Zamora, xalapa, MEX, 2 months ago

Hello everyone!
I will visit Taipei in May, it will be my 1st time there so I would like your advice!!
What hostel o hotels do you recommend to stay in?
Also I have 6 days to spend in Taiwan so I would like to go somewhere else besides Taipei. What cities or villages do you recommend? Is there a famous route or guide to follow? Thanks a lot! 

Yi-Ting Tseng , Taipei, TWN, 2 months ago

hello Ana! East Taiwan is probably a good choice for u if u enjoy nature! A hostel name "eight elephant" in Taipei is quite famous for foreigner, some of my friends told me they like there a lot, you can make some nice friends and get some good information there as well. or u can probably stay mine in Taipei, if the time is okay for me and u don't mind maybe its a little bit bored to stay in a small room with me haha. i love Kaohsiung cuz its my hometown lol

Ni-ni Peng , , TWN, 2 months ago

Hola Ana!Do you already find a hostel to stay in Taipei? If no, i would like to recommend Homey Hostel ( you, i worked for them in 2013 summer, it was a great experience and i believe you will also like there :)
If you plan to travel the eastern Taiwan, then i will recommend Colorful Taiwan Hostel ( to you, i have never been there but i've heard many great comments for them from the travelrs i met in Taipei .

Hope you will have a nice adventure there! Feel free to contact with me if you have any questions .:)

Ana Zamora , xalapa, MEX, 2 months ago

Gracias Jose, Kaohsiung seems amazing in pictures! I guess I could go there! :D

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Peter Wen, South San Francisco, USA, 2 months ago

Hello Taipei! I will be traveling to Taiwan on March 30th for a little over a week. I plan to spend a few days in Taipei and then visit either Taroko Gorge or Alishan for a small nature getaway. Which do you recommend? Or is there an even more worthwhile park than those two?

Also, since I will be traveling alone, I'd love to meet up with locals or travelers to hang out and sample the delicious food that everyone has been raving about.


Stefan Simon , , TWN, 2 months ago

I suggest Taroko Gorge. I think it's easier to get there. Even the ride from Taipei down to Hualien is already very nice and the Gorge is a great place.

Sharon Chu , Taipei, TWN, 2 months ago

Yes, Stefan is right, plus Alishan is taken by Chinese tourists already. They talk so loudly in the forest. There's no peace, and everything is so commercial. Come to East coast! You can experience the true Taiwan. btw I live in Hualien now, we can meet if our schdule matches. Have a great time here! (Sharon)

Peter Wen , South San Francisco, USA, 2 months ago

Thanks for the tip, guys!

Sharon, I haven't planned my trip yet but i will let you know once i do. I'd be happy to meet if we can!

CH Chiang , Taipei, TWN, 20 days ago

In Taipei City, you may want to visit LinHuatai tea company (since 1883).
There's also a more fancy, newly branched LinMaosen company nearby; the owners are brothers with different branding strategies.

Taipei City

Diego Gonzalez , , TWN, 22 days ago

In northern taiwan there are two amazing places to learn and try the tea culture
One of them is in taipei city, the place is called maokong, just next by the taipei zoo

The other place is in new taipei city, jiufen district. This place offers amazing views to the ocean and mountains and durong night is spectacular

So in my opinion these two places are amazing, but if have to choose one, i will choose jiufen

Roi Ariel , , TWN, 22 days ago

You can also check this out:
Heard good reviews about the place.

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Carolin Traveling, Berlin, DEU, 2 months ago

Hi guys,
I'm spending 3 weeks in Taiwan! I'm staying until the 24th of april.
I would like to do some Yoga, nice would be outside and maybe early in the morning (I'm a early bird :) ) I would like to have some company and I'm not really able to do it all by myself and I don't know good places...
Does somebody know lessons which I can follow just for a few times? Or is somebody able to give me some lessons?
I did Yoga a few times and I would love to learn more...

I'm also up to any other kinds of running, functional training, bouldering, swimming...
Just contact me!

Happy to hear from you!

Shiou-Ying Chen , , TWN, 2 months ago

hi where are u now? I know there is a good and cheap swimming pool nearing my house (New Taipei, Zhong he) PM me if you are interesting. cheers

Hsien-Tse Cheng , , TWN, 2 months ago

Hi Carolin

My name is Andre.

I am a swimming instructor.

If you want to learn swimming better.

I will love to teach you.

Have a nice day.

Sonia Huang , Taipei, TWN, 2 months ago

hi Carolin! we can go hiking to Mt.elephant (Xiang Shan) together! we can get on the top of the mountain and see the beautiful view of Taipei city😆

6 total anwers to this question

April Xiong, , TWN, 2 months ago

Hi all!

I'm interested in viewing cherry blossoms in Taiwan. Perhaps in Alishan? I think that's the most famous place, but I'm sure there are lots of great options as well. I'm new to Taiwan, so I'm open to any suggestions. Anyone else interested in going to see the cherry blossoms with me? :)

April X.

I want to go and have nobody to go with me!!

I did not have time to research much, but I saw this:

Mimi Yang , , TWN, 2 months ago

I'd be down to go to 淡水 to check out the cherry blossoms there. Although after all this rain they probably all fell off...
Also! there are buses going to the Wuling farm up in the mountains. I was there a couple weeks ago and it was still too cold for the flowers to open. Maybe they are blossoming now!

ANNE.ES , , , 2 months ago

hello guys, would also love to see cherry blossoms in Taiwan! i'm traveling to Taipei 23-28 March, let me know if I can join you! :D