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There are 19 questions in Manila, Philippines

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Yohei Fujii, , IDN, about 2 months ago

Hi! I'm japanese but coming from Jakarta. I'll be in Manila for a week. Are there any good, cheap but awesome tasting restaurants or street food?

This is my first time to visit Manila. I'm glad if i can get any tips. Thanks :)

SLFX , Quezon City, PHL, about 2 months ago

Compared to Indonesia, I think Filipino food is more expensive. Maginhawa is a good place but if you eat fastfood I guess you should try Jollibee to see how the masses like their burgers and fried chicken. And of course you need to try balut.

Ma Elisa Salvo , Makati, PHL, about 2 months ago

A venue @ Makati Ave

Karla Ynzon , Makati, PHL, 21 days ago

Today x Future in Cubao.

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Asia Walorska, Kraków, POL, about 2 months ago

Hi guys, I'm arriving to Manila tomorrow I would like to ask for advice. Where to go for a good myotherapy/remedial massage, where to train martial arts and where to find a good tatoo artist? I know, a weird setting of wishes, but what can I do? :)

Kaycee , Mandaluyong, PHL, about 2 months ago

I don't know anything about massages .. But we have like 3 massages salon just outside where i live..
Then about martials arts, i have no idea maybe check the internet..
And about tattoos, i know an artist but he is more on realistic designs.. His shop is in Timog area in Quezon city..
But he also do home service with an additional fee of 500 pesos..
If u are interested, message me so that i can u his number..

Shelly , Makati, PHL, about 2 months ago

Hi Asia. I can help you with martial arts. Check Makati Square Arena in Pasong Tamo Street, Makati City. They offer cheap sports activity there (muay thai, boxing, badminton, karate). I actually train boxing there :-)

Tanya Gabysheva , Makati, PHL, about 2 months ago

For massage maybe you should try traditional Filipino hilot massage, I know that mont albo salon(chain) has that. All my friends made their tattoo in P&P tattoo salon( also chain).

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Stephanie D., Hanoi, VNM, about 2 months ago

Dear all,

I am planning my trip to Manila (I hope the end of April), so I want to ask you guys some questions:
1- The current exchange rate PHP & USD now in your country? Where can I exchange it with more favourable value?
2- Place should be visited there? I basically want to visit some sites with amazing architecture (new & old) and stunning nature scenes. Advise the entrance fee if any.
3- Where I can find cheap but safe hostel which is also kinda convenient to travel around? (Price range from USD 8-15$/ night)
4- What food I should try and where I can find them with the best quality?
5- Rental bike/ scooter there? where applicable to rent one and price?
6- Taxi price from the airport to the city and is there a bus/MRT or something that I can take to go the center?

I know those are kinda long inquiry and actually I have researched for all, just want some more local advice.

Thank you for your help.

RF Valdez , Baguio, PHL, about 2 months ago

Hello, Stephanie!

01.) An accurate exchange rate would be that which is published at th time o exchange.

The range at the moment I at ₱ 47.00 - ₱ 49.00 per $ 1.00.

I won't lie... favorable rates are of course with the black market dollar exchanges because of obvious reasons just like anywhere else in the world.

02.) Intramuros (ticket prices range from ₱ 50.00 - ₱ 150.00), reclamation area, Makati CBD, Bonifacio Global City (Taguig City), Vigan City (Ilocos Sur), Laoag City (Ilocos Norte), Baguio City (CAR), Taal (Batangas), Cebu City (Cebu), Palawan (Coron, Puerto Princesa, etc.), Siquijor, Batanes, Bohol, Albay (Mt. Mayon), Mt. Pinatubo (Tarlac), Mt. Taal (Tagaytay, Cavite; Batangas) , etc.

03.) CS, Airbnb, Red Carabao (Manila;, etc.

04.) Adobo, Kare-kare, Sinigang (pork, Milk fish, shrimp, etc.), Sisig, Bicol Express, Binagoongan, etc.

Where to eat? It depends, where will you be staying?

05.) Public transportation here is limited to Tricycles (pedaled and motorized), jeepney, buses, taxi cabs, Grab, and Uber).

I am sure, but you may ask Red Carabao if they rent bikes out, or to your chosen hostel.

06.) Take Grab or Uber; take it from me. It'll be less stressful.

For more details, kindly send me a PM for specifics.

I hope this helps.

Ayiee Bianchi , Manila, PHL, about 2 months ago

Hi steph send me a msg

Stephanie D. , Hanoi, VNM, about 2 months ago

Hello RF Valdez,

Thank you so much for your information. These are really helpful and informative. I will do some searching more and if there is any question, I will ask you.

Thank you and have a nice day ^^.

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Arty Sopena, Banora Point, AUS, about 2 months ago

Hey hey all,

my brother and I are coming there in a weeks time and were wondering if anyone has advice on clean and not to crowded beaches near Manila. We were suggested Batangas areas (Laiya?) but really don't know much about locations and budget accommodation in that area. Ideally it will be accessible by bus and no more than 4 hours one way - we will only be going for a overnight trip. Any locals with some suggestions??



Gilbert Tinio , Mandaluyong, PHL, about 2 months ago


We had our company outing at Laiya Coco Grove in Laiya, Batangas. Yes, the place is indeed not very crowded, especially on a weekday. It's accessible via public transportation and I think accommodation here is not very expensive. Here's their Web site:

For other beaches near Manila, you may want to read this blog entry:

Arty Sopena , Banora Point, AUS, about 2 months ago

Cool, thanks for the info Gilbert!

Byron Bautista , Bunkyo, JPN, about 2 months ago

Seconded on Laiya. :) You can also try White Beach, Puerto Galera (3.5 - 4hrs bus + boat ride)

And also, if you're free. :) 日本人もよく来ます!是非!

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Dave P, Shanghai, CHN, 18 days ago

I checked Weather in Palawan (El Nido), looks like thunderstorm everyday. I understand it's a raining season, but my question is: Does it rain non-stop (like monsoon in India) or few hours a day and clear up?

Gale , Quezon City, PHL, 16 days ago

It really varies. Sometimes just few hours a day, sometimes longer. There are sunny days though, but sometimes it would rain continuously for a few days, but not like 24/7.

LARS_MANILA , Manila, PHL, 16 days ago

Just heard from the news today (September 9) that there's going to be a typhoon this weekend and would hit Palawan.