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There are 13 questions in Guangzhou, China

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Piotr Zychowicz, Suzhou, CHN, 3 months ago

Dear Guangzhou couchsurfers. I'm coming over to your city on Tuesday the 1st September and will be arriving at Guangzhou South station rather late at night. Somehow I will need to get to Xintang Town, Zengcheng City. Does anyone know of a reliable taxi service that I could use to get there?

nelson Dai , Guangzhou, CHN, 3 months ago

wow, it is far away from the station to xintang town. need to spend more than 200 RMB, there are lots of taxi in the station that you can take one.

Balazs , Guangzhou, CHN, 3 months ago

Yep, that's a 60 km ride. Besides the regular taxi, you can try Uber or one of the Chinese co(m)pe(t)i(tor)s, like didi kuaidi, etc.

Farago Tam , Guangzhou, CHN, 3 months ago

South Railway Station is very far away from Xintang Town. if you arrive late, you'd better spend the night in a hotel, and get forward to Xintang in the next morning. Taking a taxi is not that safe for a foreigner to go a long way in a deep night. good trip.

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Vina Hidajat, Brussels, BEL, 3 months ago

I'm planning to visit Guangzhou around mid April. Besides of Guangzhou's architecture and cityscape, I'm interested to try the local cuisine as well! So, if there's any suggestion on what restaurant/ cafe/ street food I must try while I'm in the city, please do share :)

Joanna Zuo , Guangzhou, CHN, 3 months ago

special food is steamed vermicelli roll ,dim sum in the morning ,cafe is pacific cafe,many food is delicious

HERMIONE1105 , Guangzhou, CHN, 3 months ago

I think you just need to go to the Shang-xia-jiu Street. You will find a lot of local and delicious food.And also very cheap.

Vi Das , Münster, DEU, 3 months ago
Near this park there is a food street, full of restaurants. I would recommend you to go there :)

6 total anwers to this question

Kitti Gidófalvy, Budapest, HUN, 3 months ago

Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone who can teach me Chinese (putonghua) in July. Can you suggest me an experienced private teacher or a small group language school? (I already know the big language schools like MandarinHouse, and I know about the university summer courses.) My level is about HSK4 and my spoken is below intermediate.

I am also open for language exchange for English!


Ranvir Xu , Guangzhou, CHN, 3 months ago

Hi Kitti! I am a professional Chinese teacher, have been teaching for 5 years. Glad to help you out~ My WeChat is 175869264. Cheers!

Xiao Xiao , Guangzhou, CHN, 3 months ago

try Guangzhou

pang chiching , Foshan, CHN, 3 months ago

prehap me,a chinese girl who just finish her university entrance exam,if you come to foshan,I am willing to show you around and share some nice places in foshan for you :)

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Lorenzo Mazzucconi, Milano, ITA, 3 months ago

Hello there,
does anyone know a climbing place (possibly indoor) in Guangzhou?
I'm here for 2/3 weeks and I'm desperate to try a local climbing wall!


DI WANG , Guangzhou, CHN, 3 months ago

There is a climbing wall in my university,but it is outdoor.You can try it if you are not care of this,and you can search south china university of technology.

Lorenzo Mazzucconi , Milano, ITA, 3 months ago

Thank you for your suggestions!
I was looking for a place with proper equipment if possible.. I have none along.
I've also been told there is climbing gym near dong the west train station....
Anyone heard of it?


Marlon Wong , Guangzhou, CHN, 3 months ago

There is one in Tianhe district, indoor, no equipment required, very decent. It is on 粤垦路 (sorry for the Chinese) if u need help getting there let me know!

2 total anwers to this question

Dario Famularo, Chongqing, CHN, 3 months ago

looking for antiques/second hand markets in Guangzhou. Any advice?

Benson Huang , Guangzhou, CHN, 3 months ago

Hello Dario, regarding antiques markets, you can go to Changshou Lu metro station in line 1. You can try to go out at Exit A and maybe you would find some nearby at changshou Xi road, Wenchang Road and Kangwang Zhong road, Kangwang Nan Road.

Denise Liang , Melbourne, AUS, 3 months ago

I went there today, there are no antique shops.
if you find any antique home decor please let me know