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Dmitry Dmitriev, Shenzhen, CHN, 2 months ago

Hey, guys! I've recently moved to China, SZ and going to buy a sim card, but have no idea what to choose. Any help?

I basicaly need phone calls and internet. Cheepre is better! :)

Happy New Year, btw!!

ANDREWMB , Las Vegas, USA, 2 months ago

It will depend on your phone. For me (coming from USA), the Unicom SIM is the only compatible one. I think that newer iPhone will work with China Mobile.

Unicom has decent prices, keep in mind if you travel through China often you want a "roaming" SIM and plan as the "local" plan (standard plan) will cost you a lot more when you leave your city. The Roaming plan is more expensive, but the same rate throughout the country.

mu mu , Shenzhen, CHN, 2 months ago

the China mobile 4G sim card sounds good to u,19RMB per month,including 1G interent,calls price is cheap enough

Andre S , Shenzhen, CHN, 2 months ago

19RMB? Please tell me more. I am paying around 200RMB for 3GB on Unicom using 4G.


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Nice Queen, Dongguan, CHN, about 2 months ago

  • windsurfing

Kyle Williams , Hong Kong, HKG, about 2 months ago

I go to Sai Kung (Sha Sha Beach) and rent the board at $200 for whole day. Wing is his name 9235 7842 is the number. (y)

Melissa Ranin , , HKG, about 2 months ago

Hi, deep wave bay is also nice spot. It's just that not much wind these days. ;)

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KAMAL_K, Washington, USA, 2 months ago

Hi all!

Can anyone recommend a Mandarin school in Shenzhen? I'm really looking for one that may not be well known and is not too expensive. I've studied Mandarin before and want to come and do an immersion and study, but some of the prices for most schools I found on the internet are too expensive for me.

Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Benjamin Simpson , San Francisco, USA, 2 months ago

I do a private tutor 3 times a week, it's inexpensive and focused. Then I language exchange on HelloTalk (, an awesome app, and also study flashcards.
I recommend studying flashcards until you know at least 500 words before starting a language school. is pretty good, the "Mandarin Reading Basics" course is free.

jack yeung , 深圳, CHN, 2 months ago

hi,kamal,maybe we can exchange language as a supplementary way

rong liu Rao , Shenzhen, CHN, 2 months ago

Kamal, I am a professional mandarin teacher. I work at the chinese private school. Would you be interested in study chinese privately with me?

Martin, Prague, CZE, 2 months ago

Hi everybody!
Does any know of good high up spots for a good view over HK's skyline? I would like to spend some time taking a good few pics.

If anyone happens to have an apartment or an office with a good view, I would be more than happy to invite him/her for a drink :)

Christopher , Hong Kong Island, CHN, 26 days ago

If you are not looking for easy-to-reach touristic places, I would recommend you to do some hiking.
This is the website with the information of Hong Kong's hiking trail. Personally I would recommend the Stage 5 of Hong Kong Trail if you want a city view. You could google Stage 5 Hong Kong Trail to look for pictures. I randomly found one in other's blogposts like
Be sure to go on a clear day though. I once went there with great visibility and blue sky and the view was superb.

Lincoln C.F. Lam , , HKG, about 2 months ago

1)Eyebar at around 37th floor of iSquare, Tsim Sha Tsui. around 60+10% for a beer during happy hour
2)Wooloomooloo bar in Wan Chai
3) Lugard Road at Victoria Peak. free of charge~!

Alvin , Hong Kong Island, CHN, about 1 month ago

Sky100 on the 100th floor of Hong Kong tallest skyscraper, the admission is s bit expensive but you may enjoy the sunset view.

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Juuso Hämäläinen, Helsinki, FIN, 2 months ago

Hi there! Thought to ask the experts for some advice. :)
I'm hoping to buy a new Canon camera while I'm in HK. Any suggestions on reliable stores?
Is there generally room to haggle or can you expect the price to be what it is?
I have my eyes fixed on the 1DX Mk II so hoping to check the availability already before I get there..

Trinity KC , , HKG, 2 months ago

Wow 1Dx you are looking for the top professional model.

Canon has a Show Room in Timesquare. But as Juuso mentioned that you can go to Broadway , Fortress . Certainly, these shops are ok.

DC Ferver & Tin Cheung (天祥)are particular selling cameras and accessories. I think they may offer you a better price.

Other than that don't go to other shops which do not even have a name in particular in Nathern Road and Causeway Bay.

If you are a professional photographer and able to distinguish

Genius vs Fake
Brand new vs second hand

Then, you can go to "星際"shopping mall at Monkok. There are a lots small shops selling camera stuff. But you have be careful shopping there.

Richard S , , HKG, 2 months ago

Good advice in this thread. is great. Always pay cash, and bargain 2.5% reduction due to cash. Know which add on items you might want to get an overall discount on buying multiple things.

I recently purchased a Sony A7RII, I scoured two places:
- Sim City: the place for second and new cameras and lenses. A tiny bit of cantonese pleasantries might help, they always seem like they don't want to sell things to me (a gweillo). DC Fever, that Ed mentioned, has a store here too, and they are pretty good.
MTR: Mong Kok, exit E2

- Wanchai Computer Centre: not normally known for many camera stores, but I found a store that had the cheapest price in HK for the body I wanted. It's called Digifi (Shop 126A, on the first floor, do a u-turn from the 1st escalator, and straight ahead at the end of the corridor). Note the accessories were standard prices, so have those price in mind. And they up-sold me a screen protector (but actually I am happy they did, as they fitted in and it works really well).
MTR: Wanchai, exit A4 and turn immediately 90 degrees left once at street level. The 1st escalator is in-front of you.

roger-schwendeman , , HKG, about 1 month ago

You can try Sim City 星際城市 in Mongkok (