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Fatima BM, Birmingham, GBR, 2 months ago

Hi all,

In spite of the rather warm weather... I was wondering if there were some people willing to learn knitting?
Or maybe some Csurfers would be willing to teach?

I've never tried but I would like to learn !

The idea would be meet arount a tea/or coffee and learn together ! No matter your age or gender ;)


Beatriz Becerra , Lyon, FRA, about 1 month ago

Hi everyone!
I don't know if you are already done the meeting. Anyway, I would like to be part of them.
I'm really into crochet and tricot. I've already done some accessories and some decoration pieces.
I'd love to join your meetings, so let's keep in touch so we can plane one of them in september! Now is the time to start some Christmas presents!
Beatriz B.

Thuy , Montreal, CAN, 2 months ago

Bonjour Fatima,

I would be interested in joining you, learning to knit. I tried knitting once but wasn't very good, so can't teach you, but let me know if do organise something.


Chelsea Granados , Lyon, FRA, 2 months ago

I love knitting! Though I only know the real basics, I would love to teach :)

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Mustajab Qadri Ismail, Makassar, IDN, 2 months ago

i will stop for 1 day at lyon and i will explore the city, there's locker for luggage?

Pierre Hamard , Paris, FRA, 2 months ago

Oh god, except in museums you'll have a crazy hard time finding that, that's just not an option anymore since the beginning of the Vigipirate plan... sorry !

Mustajab Qadri Ismail , Makassar, IDN, 2 months ago

ok thanks for your answer, i love your sarcastic answers, have a nice day and ilove couchsurfing.

Hady Elsahar , Lyon, FRA, 2 months ago

Hello Mustajab , maybe you can ask any couchsurfer around to keep the luggage for you. If you tell me which day you are coming to lyon, i may be able to have them in my flat until you visit the city. Hope that's not too late for you.

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Krystallenia Paniskaki, Thessaloniki, GRC, 2 months ago

I need your advice guys: Which is the cheepest way to take french language courses if someone wnats to spend 1,5 month in Lyon ? Thank you in advance!!
Krista :) :)

Thirstytraveller** , Sirsi, IND, 2 months ago

I'm also searching on the same thing. Feel free to contact me. Thank you

Dimitrios Bitounis , Lyon, FRA, 2 months ago

Hi there,
The cheapest way is to find professional or semi-professional tutors who give group lessons.
Unfortunately, since they're not officially listed nor do they work for a private school, you will have to ask around or visit central cafés where small ads are posted. You will definitely find something within a week.
Best of luck,

Guillaume Bastet , Oullins, FRA, 2 months ago

Hello, have you tried the "Alliance Française"?

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Michaela D, Brno, CZE, 2 months ago

Hello dear Couchsurfers,

I am new in Lyon (and actually new in France) and so I want to ask those of you who live here already for longer and are more experienced about a phone card and a bank account. I need a french number and I dont know whether to go for some of the programs that are offered by different companies, or buy "carte prépayée". I was thinking that maybe the card "sans abonnement" would be the best. I am looking for the cheapest option but regarding the price ofc the most convenient as well :) does someone of you have any idea?

The second thing is a bank, I need an account with a credit card , and I am looking for the cheapest price possible.

I'll be grateful for any advice !

Thanks a lot

Fred Cooper , Lyon, FRA, 2 months ago

Check the online banking such as ING direct. Everything is free. Including the debit credit card!

Florent BAROIS , Lyon, FRA, 2 months ago

Will you be calling overseas? Do you need lots of data?
Cause sometimes les "cartes prépayées" can be a real rip off...
Maybe check with Sosh or is a monthly account but you dont have to sign for 12 or 24 months with them so you can cancel your number whenever you want (2 weeks of notice) and at least you can be unlimited in text/call in France for 24 euros ish I think

Elodie Rouchouse , Moncton, CAN, 2 months ago

Hello Michaela and welcome in Lyon!

If you need to get internet access from home, you can also have a free telephone number with 2 hours in France on mobile and fixe + unlimited sms 2 hours/month with the freebox company. It is Freemobile
Check the prices, if you don't take the internet.

As for opening a bank account, I can propose you to be a kind of sponsor while opening an account for Fortuneo or ING direct.
These banks are very similar. You can get 60euros with FORTUNEO or 30euros with ING when you open a first bank account.
You need to put 350euros for opening it. And it is quite easy to do.
Go and check their web sites, and if you are interested i can give you my code in order to get some money at opening of the account.

I stay at your disposal if you need to talk or need more informations.
Bye for now, Happy Sunday!
Elodie xxx

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Isabela Mendes, São Paulo, BRA, 18 days ago

hello all! i'm going to lyon for the weekend and i'd like to know what areas or bars you recommend for going out. i like relaxed, affordable places, if possible outside (because the weather is so good). any good suggestions? thanks!

NASTA183 , Lyon, FRA, 17 days ago

Olà Isabela,

i'll talk about the places I love :) I've been leaving in Lyon for 6 years now and still love to walk around and discover new things in the city.

Many things to see are in the old town (vieux Lyon, 5th district and presqu'île 2nd district)
- basilique de Fourvière ( church on top of a Fourvière ill) very nice inside and outside and if you are lucky the cript (underground) may be open, nice to see too.
- from there, you can easily walk to the Roman amphitheaters, it is very nice too, you can bring your lunch. If you climb the biggest theater, you will reach a small track in the woods which will take you to a quite park with trees (nice for lunch on the grass)

- another option is to go from Fourvière Church to the sight seeing spot (just on the left side of the church). From there you can see all Lyon! and when there is no cloud, you can see the Alps mountains!
From there, there is a path that goes down the ill. I like to take it and when you reach the street, you take left and then you take the BIG stairs on the right. You go down, down, down and there you are in the old town! Only old typical buildings, no cars, many restaurants and shops. In rue Saint Jean and rue du Boeuf, if you look carefully at the big wooden doors, you will notice that some doors bear a metal sign reading "traboule". You can open those doors (in the day only) and take the traboule (hidden tunnel that crosses from street to another street, it's funny).
The old town is really nice and interesting in the architectural and hisotrical way. Dare to push the doors and will discover nice buiding, inside yards, museums...

- there is also "le mur des lyonnais", you can find the address on internet. It is a big painting wall staring historical people from Lyon and the paintings seems so real! It's woth seeing it.

- then you have also the most famous squares of Lyon: place Bellecour (the bigest square in Europe) and place des Terreaux, which is very nice too with the big fountain.

- if you like parks, go to the Parc de la tête d'or (6th district). It is a very big park with old trees, a lake, many flowers, a free zoo, green houses... and many tourists! It is lovely :)

Well all these are the places i like :)

hope it will help you

Nasta :)

Bruno Dantou , Lyon, FRA, 17 days ago

Hi Isabela,

there is a free festival also in Lyon (metro Montplaisir)

i ll probably go there in the evening to have a beer and listen to live music. Tonight there is 3 looks like worl music very mixed style .. and probably very good atmosphere around.
if you feel like joining just let me know.


Audrey Zarlenga , Lyon, FRA, 16 days ago

Hi, I agree to what Nasta183 said, those places are all nice to visit. If after that you want to go to pubs or you want to go clubbing, you can try the Ayers Boat (club on the river) or the Boston (a nice late night bar with live music or DJ). Enjoy your time in Lyon !