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There are 22 questions in Turin, Italy

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Cristian Archilla, Buenos Aires, ARG, 2 months ago

Hello! I love dancing, before starting my grip I dance almost every day. I would like to know where van I go here in Torino to dance salsa and bachata. Also I would like to know if there is people here interested in free clases in a park. I don't know very much the city but there is probably a good park where we can dance.
Thanks for any information you can provide me, looking forward to meeting you people,

Rebekka Hesse , Frankfurt am Main, DEU, 26 days ago


Are you doing your free dancing classes now?:) Cause I would be reeeeally interested!!:)

Igor laudisio , Chieri, ITA, 2 months ago

Hello Cristian! I live near to Turin and I would be interested in free classes definetely! But I've never danced salsa and bachata before :)

Cristian Archilla , Buenos Aires, ARG, 2 months ago

That's ok, there is always a first time. I am thinking on saturday or sunday afternoon.

Rebekka Hesse, Frankfurt am Main, DEU, 26 days ago

Hey Guys!
I am a girl from germany and I am here since saturday. I will stay for two month, going to university. Now I am looking for some people who wanna hang out to enjoy the city and to mke some trips. I thought about going to an aperitivo in centro, so we can get to know! Just that I don't know which place is good for that. Who can recommend a place and who wants to join??

Ciao ragazzi!

Sono una ragazza dalla germania e sono qua da sabato e resteró per due mesi. Quindi mi piacerebbe conoscere un po di gente per scroprie la cittá e la regione!
Ho pensato di andare a un aperitivo nei prossimi giorni, quindi questa settimana. Qualcuno di vuoi ha voglia e conosce anche un posto dove fanno un buon aperitivo?
saluti a tutti:)

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Claudio Beatrice , Turin, ITA, 22 days ago

Hey Rebecca, in case you're interested, there's a fairly active local meetup group that's organising Aperitivo on a weekly basis: https://www.meetup.com/Turin-Friends-over-English/

I haven't been there yet as I have just returned from Germany but I'm planning to attend next week.

Hope it helps!

Giulia Giani , Turin, ITA, 19 days ago

Hallo Rebekka,
Ich hätte gerne mit dir einen Aperitivo!
Schreib mir, wenn es dir passt.
Bis bald, ciao

Manuel Bottini , Torino, ITA, 19 days ago

Hey guys,
Who would be in if I were to organinize a couchsurfing meeting this saturday??
We would just meet, talk, drink and for who wants go to dance somewhere

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Anika Schieh, Vienna, AUT, 2 months ago

Can anyone recommend a nice and cheap hostel in Torino, for my safety-list?

Regards, Anika

DIEGOLITO75 , Turin, ITA, about 2 months ago

try 7roomsturin.eu in the center of the city
if you contact me directly I can offer you a room at only 40 € per 2 people per night or 25 € per one person per night.


Paolo , Torino, ITA, 2 months ago

Among the many in the list of Antonio, I would suggest the Tomato www.tomato.to.it if you want to stay in the center and a nice area (for nightlife and close to the Valentino Park). I never tried, but people that stayed there told me that it was nice.

Davide Napoli , Turin, ITA, 15 days ago

Ciao Alessandra! Sono rimasto colpito dalla tua frenesia di andare fare conoscere... 8 ) !!! io abito nella zona sud di Torino e sarebbe interessante fare anche solo due chiacchiere o se vuoi visitare qualche posto ci possiamo organizzare. se ti serve posso anche ospitarti per qualche giorno. Non esitare a chiedere!
In cambio mi accontento di qualche dritta in inglese e magari anche in cucina ;)

Mirafiori Nord

Luca Fragapane , , ITA, 14 days ago

Ciao :) Non riesco a leggere tutto il messaggio ma "il mio progetto consiste nell'iniziare una nuova vita" basta e avanza. I miei complimenti, rompere la zona comfort non è una cosa comune e averne proprio il bisogno è il massimo :) Mi piacerebbe fare due chiacchiere, hai sicuramente qualcosa da insegnare, e visto che stai lavorando su di te, così come io sto lavorando su di me, anche scambiare qualche idea
In ogni caso, buon lavoro e buona vita :)


Francesco Lucati , Turin, ITA, 12 days ago

no vabbè, ma come finisce il messaggio?!?!?!

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manon Vall, Paris, FRA, 2 months ago


Somebody will go??
Seems so nice!

Simone Peccolo , Turin, ITA, 2 months ago

I think I will go around that area, very cool place in Torino!

Julien Barbe , Grenoble, FRA, 2 months ago

MOI!!! J'viens avec vous mes potes y servent à tchi y veulent pas lâcher 60$$....
ME!!! I come with you!!! my friends serve "nicht" they dont want to pay 60 $$ ....

Davide Bereny , Turin, ITA, 2 months ago

I'll be there with some friends (only sat 9th)