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Yulka, Zürich, CHE, 2 months ago

Dear friends! Me again:)
I have a question: is there in Zurich some websites or Facebook groups where people give away or sell used furniture? Like beds, iron, electric fan, blender, etc...

Miatmon Sooting , Frauenfeld, CHE, 2 months ago

Hey...there is a Facebook group "Verschenks Zurich"...ypu can check that out too.

Eva Förtschbeck , Lucerne, CHE, 2 months ago

Hi! You also can look at: verschenkkreis Zürich on fb. You can find there furniture for free!! good luck!

Thorsten Möller , Zürich, CHE, 2 months ago

Just search for secondhand or sales on fb in zurich. Brokenhaus is also a good option.

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Kuba Znamirowski, Lubin, POL, 2 months ago

I arrived into Zürich for a monthly internship and I really want to discover the city. Unfortunately, public transport is terribly expensvie for someone like me. Additionaly, I don't want to buy a bike - because of the prise, but I presume it won't be easy to sell it as well.
Thus I thought: maybe someone will be brave enough to borrow me a bicycle? :-) I can leave a document (e.g. driving licence) to validate myself.
Of course it doesn't have to be fancy. Two wheels, saddle, handlebar and breaks - I don't expect more :-)
Is there any chance you could help me? :-D

Aditi Singh , Mumbai, IND, 2 months ago

Hey, I am here for an internship as well(in Lucerne). I do not have a bicycle but I have a tip for travelling in Switzerland. Probably you know about it, but still worth mentioning. There are these Supersaver tickets available on sbb app, which can sometimes be less than half the price of the original ticket. Or the Bla Bla Car is also a good medium. :) I had good experience with both.


nadja11 , Zurich, CHE, 2 months ago

I don't know, if this helps, but there are several stations in Zurich, where you can rent a bike for free at zürirollt (https://www.stadt-zuerich.ch/aoz/de/index/shop/veloverleih/standorte.html). The only catch is, that you would have to bring it back before night (9.30pm) or you can keep it during the night for CHF10.

Jelena Jenal , Adliswil, CHE, 24 days ago

Iam selling my bike for 200 Fr.
Its a man holland bike, basic not to big
as just one gear.


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irlene santos, Busto Arsizio, ITA, 19 days ago

Hello everyone ... I'm looking for some nudist beach , can you help me? :D

  • nudist
  • naturism

rudolfsuter , Zürich, CHE, 18 days ago

There is in fact a semiofficial nudist beach on the banks of the Limmat River at the far end of Werdinseli, however you have to realize that many of the male users one sees there are out to date, which might be your thing or might be not.


Sébastien Husse , Zurich, CHE, 15 days ago

Yes there is a part for nudist (legal) at the katzensee, just at the left of the sward. I went there once with a friend. Not a big lake and you can enjoy swimming naked

Gerardo Perillo , Baden, CHE, 12 days ago

A bit far away, I love Formentera beaches which are all nudist/naturist enabled! You just need to be comfortable to mix with others who have their swimsuit, getting off yours is perfectly legal .

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JUZTAZ, Zürich, CHE, 2 months ago

Good morning everyone,

So my issue is - i dont like to use internet used book stores - because it is like fast food - you look at the picture, you read description and give money and then you can consume.

I kind of fancy walking in old and used book stores, find some book that is not in her section, with underlined text by some one. Just something that i was not planing to read and just being lucky to experience an amazing book. Something magical.

I do not want to sound snob. I love burgers, and the new line in McD's is amazing. But i hope so there are still magic left in this world.

Soooooo - any used book stores to recommend in Zuerich? Or some place with intellectual magic (i found already the red light magic district so all fine with that)

Have nice Monday,

Martin Hergersberg , Dietikon, CHE, about 1 month ago

Hi Justaz, hi everyone, there is a very nice Second-hand-book store in Dietikon, Antiquariat Dietikon, http://buchantiquariat-dietikon.ch/

Near the Dietikon train station.

Very cool!


Celine Mueller , Lucerne, CHE, about 1 month ago

for burgers: zum gaul, at the hardbrücke station, nice place, friendly staff. next to it, there is also an urban garden site.

MISSUS_BEE , Zurich, CHE, 2 months ago

Hi Justaz,

check the Brockiland at the Steinstrasse in Wiedikon - there's a book-only-antique shop and then in the main shop area downstairs you will be rewarded with stalls and stalls of nice books to browse through and find some magic for yourself :) Good luck!

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Ksüsha Airapetian, Weingarten, DEU, 2 months ago

hi everyone :)
Is there some alternative places to visit in Zürich? Doesn`t matter what it is: a small street with graffiti, cosy cafe or a trashy bar with some weird electronic music...if you know what i mean? only insiders can know about places like these... :) any tips are very appreciated!
thanks a lot ♫

Marco , Zürich, CHE, 2 months ago

checkout club gonzo, longstreet bar,stubä bar (for a drink or two) . if u still like to go pardy to electronic music, go to friedas büxe, hive, supermarket or as already said zukunft...

Said.ch Mamou , Zürich, CHE, 2 months ago

Go to Langstrasse and end up in Zukunft Club. The best !!! For further advise please let me know ;)

Gabriele Pli , Zürich, CHE, 2 months ago

yeah or you might like some places from kalkbreite (: you can walk there from the mainstation in 10 to 20 minutes