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There are 10 questions in Austin, United States

5 total anwers to this question

Alain Lenain, Wimereux, FRA, 2 months ago

Bonjour everyone in Austin
As a fellow couchsurfer, I am turning to you all for assistance. I live in Wimereux, in the north of France, where I am involved with a heritage society. The plans for one of our villas are in a box at the Harry ransom centre, part of the university complex.
Could one of you find the time to go over and take good quality photographs of these three documents and send me the pdf s or jpg s?
I'll send you the final details on receipt of your reply.
Many thanks, fingers crossed

Jeremy Hahn , Austin, USA, 2 months ago

Hello Alain!

It's a great museum. Do you know for sure if photos may be taken?

Do you have a deadline for this task?

Alain Lenain , Wimereux, FRA, 2 months ago

Hello Jeremy
I don't know whether pictures can be taken, but as you're on the ground, you are be better placed than I to determine this factor.
Here is my personal email address:
If you would care to write to me, I shall then send you all relevant details.
The time frame is not one of urgency as we are dealing with historical research, but I'm so keen to get my hands om these documents since I discovered their existence.
Best greetings from this side of the world.

Sanket Shah , Austin, USA, 2 months ago

Hi Alain,

I'd be happy to assist within the confines of the rules and regulations of the university. Please feel free to send me a CS message directly if I can be of any help. Good luck!


Tzin Guzman , Austin, USA, 20 days ago

There are several Park and Ride spots all around the city. You can take a bus to downtown and usually the free shuttles to/from ACL leave from/to Republic Square Park by 4th St.
The other option is go as closer as Barton Springs Rd you can and walk to ACL from there.

Bill , Manor, USA, 21 days ago

Downtown gets impossible in the area with clubs. The only reasonable solution is the huge state parking garages just north of the Capitol building.
Parking is reasonably priced and during events they run shuttles, I think. Or it is a ten block walk to club district. Just don't do like I did and forget where I parked.

The venues are all over town. In fact the best ones are a few blocks off... some miles... it's huge. You might need to save up some taxi money. Do NOT park illegally. It will disappear in five minutes.

Enjoy! Hope this helps

Bill Koons

Andrew Tingley , Austin, USA, 20 days ago

there are shuttles from certain lots around town to use.. but you can also get a taxi like uber/lyft but they left town. in their place is about a handful of alternative companies.. since we cant post publicly that information , feel free to message me and I will give you the free ride promo codes to get some added savings.

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Ewelina EJ, Austin, USA, 2 months ago

ahoy Couchsurfers!
Do you know if borrowing a car for the driving test require a lot of paperwork/ additional insurance with my name on it?
I need to get DL, but don't own a car here.
Would anyone have a free afternoon sometime in Sept. to go to the DPS with me? I will pay for gas and your time :) Please PM me!
Many thanks,

Arvin , Austin, USA, 2 months ago

You can borrow a car for driving test, I dont think there is additional paper work needed.

Arindam Ghosh , San Marcos, USA, 2 months ago

When I took my driving test. I rented a car from zipcar. They will let you become a member using your driving license from your own country and their rates are not expensive.

JJ Ruescas , Austin, USA, 2 months ago

hey Ewelina, when do you plan to get the DL Test?
You can use my car, we need only to coordinate schedules and voilà.

4 total anwers to this question

Stephanie Huss, Minneapolis, USA, 2 months ago

Hello good people of Austin, I am very much looking forward to my travels to your wonderful city Jan 15-20, it will be my first time. I am a little overwhelmed when I try to look for live music and places to check out bands on the weekly sights. Is there anyone out there who could break it down for me? Or better yet, going to a show over the long weekend that you could recommend? - Stephanie

Cheryl Smalley , Austin, USA, 2 months ago

Breaking down the Austin music scene in a general way is a pretty tall order, but, if you give an idea what kind of music rings your bell, it might be easier to give some specific suggestions or guidelines. What part of town will you be staying in? Car, no car, etc? I'll be glad to let you know what I like, if it sounds like it would suit your style!
In general, south Austin has a lot of very friendly, laid back, low cost or free venues, and is a rich source for options, unless you're more in the mood for the club scene or more high-charged nightlife vibe (6th St/Raney St., etc.)
Give a clue and, if it's in my realm, I'll try to offer more specific ideas.

Stephanie Huss , Minneapolis, USA, 2 months ago

Cheryl, thank you! I will be staying on the north side of Austin near Breaker and Lamar. I am staying with friends so I potentially have access to a car and don't mind taking taxis. My musical tastes are very broad - rock, soul, funk, Americana...anything, really, that's good! Just wondering what the offerings of live music is for specific venues.

Fonse Ka, Tijuana, MEX, 2 months ago

Hello Austin!

I'm writing from Tijuana, Mexico and I wanted to know if anyone knows good neighborhoods in Austin I can move in. I am in my mid 30's and I would like to find and place where I can find people close to my age.

Please I'd like to hear your advise about it.

Thank you so much...

Nicolas Bagatello , Austin, USA, about 1 month ago

Busca en google maps la zona de south congress, para mi la zona mas cara pero tambien la mas segura.


Palmer Stevens , Austin, USA, 2 months ago

See the crime heat map.

Mariana Marinho , Austin, USA, about 1 month ago

Hyde Park is great!