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Courtney Gagne, Missoula, USA, 2 months ago

Hey Boston!

I live in Vermont and am flying out of Boston on the 16th of March. My plan is to park in Manchester and take a bus in and out for my flights. Just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions in terms of parking and getting into Boston (or secret cheap places to park in/right outside of Boston... probably not, right?) There aren't any busses that fit my time frame from Burlington to Boston, unfortunately. That's normally what I do.

Thank you!!


Santi Hernando , Boston, USA, 2 months ago

Try to park outside Boston downtown, has a different politic of parking, of even and odd clean street days, where you could leave the car the whole day for free and move it the next day.

Daniel Fogel , Newton, USA, 2 months ago

How long is your trip? If it's just a couple weeks I have somewhere you might be able to park for free

Darren , Arlington, USA, 2 months ago

the Alewife train station at the top of the red line in Arlington has a big garage and is about 7 bucks a day I think. you can take it to south station and hop on the silver bus line to the airport. Should take less than 45 minutes. Enjoy your trip!

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MYRIAMMONTREAL, Montreal, CAN, 2 months ago


I am from Montreal and I am willing to visit Boston with a friend and for the first time.
I am starting to look for reservation in Airbnb and I need your advice please.

Which area is close to nice places to visit, it is good if it is a walk distance to restaurant, bars,...

I will appreciate your suggestions and thank you in advance :)


MYRIAMMONTREAL , Montreal, CAN, 2 months ago

We will be driving from Montreal..

Jeff Alegria , Boston, USA, 2 months ago

Hi Myriam, based on what you said, you should stay in Boston proper, and try to look in these neighborhoods: Downtown Boston, North End, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Theater District, Chinatown, Waterfront. All of those places are close to historic things, parks, the harbor or river, and tons of restaurants and bars.

Best of luck!

Jackie Esponja , Boston, USA, 2 months ago

Hello Myriam,

You can find restaurants, bars and nightlife in general in the Back Bay, Theater District area. The Beacon Hill area is also nice.

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akash jain, Berlin, DEU, 2 months ago

hey fellas all fares are displayed in us dollars on expedia .can people with indian passports buy tickets on this website

Maria , Cambridge, USA, 2 months ago


preeti saha , Lowell, USA, 2 months ago


AVERASKO , Cambridge, USA, 2 months ago

anyone will see you a ticket as long as you provide a credit card number
it's your responsibility to have all VISAs you need on the route
in fact, at the time of the first checking, the airline rep will check your VISAs and won't give you a boarding pass unless you meet the reqs

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Nuria Blanco Nevado, Sant Boi de Llobregat, ESP, 2 months ago

Hey! My name is Nuria and I am a biomedical researcher who is just about to finish the bachelors. I come from Barcelona, Spain, but I am currenty living in Leiden, The Netherlands.

I have been offered an unpaid internship in Harvard Medical School starting on 17th September 2016 till November 2016. I have been looking for rooms but I simply can't afford such prices.
I was wondering if I could somehow exchange my abilities, such as cooking and teaching Spanish for a bed to sleep during those months. I could also teach some biology!
I am easy going and full of energy to travel and meet new people!

Thanks for your help!

Waseem , Boston, USA, 2 months ago

Hi Nuria

You are welcome at my place. I would like to learn cooking and spanish from u.


Tarun , Boston, USA, 2 months ago

Hey Nuria,

I'll be moving fairly close to HMS in September and will have a large couch that turns into a bed. If interested, send me a message. Safe travels.


Barbara Burke , Andover, USA, 2 months ago

Hola Nuria y felicidades con el internship. Vivo fuera de Boston, Pero no muy lejo y se puede llegar a Boston en tren. Es posible que tendremos espacio para ti mientras noviembre so necessitas donde vivir despues de llegar.

Julia Bingham , Brookline, USA, 17 days ago

You could check some second hand shops in Allston such as Urban Renewals, Cheap Chic, and Goodwill.

Jarred Johnson , Boston, USA, 16 days ago

Bowdoin Bike School in Dorchester has cheap professionally serviced used bikes and parts.

Bowdoin Bike School

Matthew Lee , Boston, USA, 18 days ago

Not many flea markets around Boston. Best places to get a cheap bike are bike boom in Somerville, quad cycle in Cambridge, bikes not bombs in Jamaica plain. They sell used bikes. Not sure where in Boston you are but hopefully they help. You could check out hay market which sells lots of really cheap produce.