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There are 21 questions in Boulder, United States

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Hedge C, , MEX, 3 months ago

Hi! I will be visiting Denver for the first time in September. I have heard so many great things about the city, and I have always wanted to visit. I love outdoorsy stuff, and I am down for anything.

I won't have any access to a car. Do you think it would be hard to get around the city without a car? Do you have any recommendations on things to do in Denver? I will be staying for a weekend.

Al Rojas , Detroit, USA, 3 months ago

I'm going on the 2nd-5th and wondering the same thing. If you find out about anything let me know please! Thanks

Amy Skyla , Aurora, USA, 3 months ago

It depends on where exactly you're staying. If you're in downtown Denver then you can either take the RTD bus, lightrail, rent a bike or just walk. You might need a car if you want to go to the mountains. There's light rail that goes to West, but I'm not to sure where it goes.

If you're staying in Denver then you can walk around 16th street mall. Go to Botanical garden, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Coors Field, Civic Center. Denver is known for brewery, so you can do a microbrewery tour, beer samplings at several microbreweries including Wynkoop and Breckenridge Brewing.

Christina Olson , Denver, USA, 3 months ago

Hedge please let us know when you will be in town. You came at the right time to go hiking, the weather is just starting to get cool.
Mark, when you get together to hike I would like to come along. Just let me know when and where.

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Corey Richardson, Alsip, USA, 3 months ago

Hey all, a buddy and I are flying to Denver April 12-17th. It would be super cool to meet with some locals to get the know the city better. First rounds on me! Let me know if anyone's interested.


Alexander Nossal , Denver, USA, 3 months ago

Says the guy from LA ^ lol

Apparently there's an art show on the 15th of April called Pancakes and Booze

Das Freshness , Los Angeles, USA, 3 months ago

Just get high man, Denver socks so mucchi balls that people legalized weed to forget they live here xD

Edward Tirado , Denver, USA, 3 months ago

If you're a fan of beer, I'd recommend setting apart some time to do some brewery hopping. We have a ton of good ones here like Prost Brewing and Denver Beer Co.

I've been to that Pancakes and Booze show that Alexander mentioned and I'd only recommend going if you're a fan of art. You won't get pancakes unless you wait about an hour in line and you only get 2. The art was pretty great though and the booze was readily available.

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Joshua Helguero, Austin, USA, 3 months ago

Hello everybody,

I have recently been waking up earlier, thanks to the daylight savings time change, to see the sunrise. Soon it shall make me a snapchat/instagram fiend. I have found a few spots already in Austin and would like to know where the good places are in Denver. Help an amigo out!


Edward Tirado , Denver, USA, 3 months ago

Not Denver, but if you're willing to get up a little earlier Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder is great for that. Hopefully you get some answers to this though, because I'd love to know where to go in Denver!

Howard Cole , Denver, USA, 3 months ago

Have you tried Red Rocks?

Madeline Lomme , Centennial, USA, 3 months ago

Another good place is the hil behind moutain vista high school. Its not a super exciting location but if you are in the city and don't wanna drive very far its got a great view

Rob Noyes, Newcastle upon Tyne, GBR, about 2 months ago

  • exploring and hiking without a car

Martine Elianor , Boulder, USA, about 2 months ago

Where would you like to hike? If you're hiking near Boulder, since the city is relatively small, you can walk to trails or rent a B-cycle to ride to them.

Jirch Ballatonian , Broomfield, USA, about 2 months ago

The best way to get around is to hire a car. What dates are you going to be here? If I'm in town, we could plan a hiking day.

Aaron Miller , Denver, USA, about 2 months ago

Hey, I also will be available during your stay here in Denver. I wouldn't mind having you along for a hike. Let me know once you get here.

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Barak Laub, Lahaina, USA, 3 months ago

Hey everyone, I'm flying into denver with my dad on thursday and was looking at rental cars to take for two weeks up to jackson hole. It looks like it will cost 2-3 grand from the denver airport and around $1000 just from the nearby area. at this point it's almost cheaper to just buy a car. I was wondering if anyone had advice on either renting a car or good avenues to just buy a cheap one.

feel free to pm me, thanks.

Seth McCarus , Denver, USA, 3 months ago

you can also check it's a site for individuals to rent their cars out to others.

Barak Laub , Lahaina, USA, 3 months ago

So it turns out I was able to rent a car for 700 (as opposed to $2200) for booking from boulder. I'd encourage anyone else who is blown away by the prices in Denver to do the same. Where I live its usually $200 a week so maybe it's just a state thing.

Nicki Seminara , Westminster, USA, 3 months ago

It sounds like you booked it already, but I see prices in Boulder for about $400 for an intermediate (bigger than a compact) for 2 weeks using That price was assuming you'd return it to Boulder also, though. The secret to renting cars I've found is renting for exactly one-week increments to get the best rates. It's also busy tourist season in these parts so hotels, car rentals, everything is more in demand and more expensive, unfortunately. I nearly had to book a $400 hotel in Estes Park for just one night because everything else was sold out! (Scored a last minute opening though, whoo!)