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Stefana An, Minneapolis, USA, 2 months ago

Hello everyone, I am Stefana who just moved here 2 days ago and gonna stay for a while in Minneapolis. Now I am a freelance artist/photographer.

While I am in Europe there were so many nice hiking routes around cities, and I am wondering if there is some nice hiking routes here? My friend and I really want to ask about hiking routes here?One day routes around the city or a weekend short trip resorts not far which can go by car in 1-2 hours.

And for this season now, any special suggestions? And we also wanna know some local friends here who loves outdoor sports or outdoor photography activities.


Sohail F , Minneapolis, USA, 2 months ago

Hi Stefana,
Theodore Wirth Park is close to the downtown and has some decent hiking trails(1-2 hours). Afton state Park is a good place for a day hike. It's about an hour's drive from Minneapolis. For really great hiking head to Duluth, superior hiking trail along the shore of lake superior is one of the best hiking trails in US.

Curt , Saint Paul, USA, 2 months ago

Afton and Wild River have nice hiking. Walking along the river road trails in MSP-STP is also nice. Lots of small county parks with lakes, hills, and woods. Not too much variety, though.

Richard Barnes , Minneapolis, USA, 2 months ago

Pike Island, by Fort Snelling, is a good place to go.

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Daniel Silva, Lisboa, PRT, 2 months ago

Hi! Going to Minneapolis for a couple of days – besides the Jucy Lucy, what do you think are some of the things that I should eat in Minneapolis that are probably hard to get somewhere else, or which you just think are – must eat –?

Taya Brodin-Hanson , Maple Grove, USA, 2 months ago

WSK...World Street Kitchen... You must try a tofu (or meant) Yum-Yum bowl!

Natasha Gaffer , Minneapolis, USA, 4 days ago

I'm shocked by this also, but you can't get cheese curds everywhere. I recommend brie cheese curds with lingonberry ketchup if you run across it. I've only seen it a few times, once at Pier 500 in Hudson, WI.

Quentin Smith , Minneapolis, USA, 2 months ago

I don't know of anything that is hard to get anywhere else but I know vietnamese cuisine is very popular here. Try Quang's, Trieu Chow or Pho Tau Bay for Vientamese food. I hear the Nook (bar food) in St. Paul is good but have never been there.

I guess it really depends on what you like and what part of the cities you are in.

My favorite places are are closer to the university of minnesota. I enjoy Brasas, Hard Times Cafe, Afro Deli, Matt's Bar, United Noodle.

Hopefully this helps. I also know lutefisk is something you can rarely get other places but that is definitely not the most popular thing among people. Look it up if you want to try it and you will have a great story to go with. If you need any more help don't be afraid to ask more in depth questions or ask for specify types of food or spending ranges. Also try reddit! Hope you enjoy the twin cities!!

Katherine Martinez, Monterey, USA, 2 months ago

Hello amazing Couchsurfers!
I'm here for your wisdom and advice. I'm moving to the Twin Cities area soon, and I'm looking into a hip, fun, walkable, safe and affordable neighborhood in the city. The internet doesn't make justice to this type of advice and I though about asking the local experts. Any recommendations? Feel free to private message me.
And thank you for your time! I'll buy you coffee when I move in :)

L SJ , Minneapolis, USA, 2 months ago

Hello Kat,

Here's a judgmental map of Minneapolis that gives you an idea of what each neighborhood is known for. FYI- "Bikers" are bicyclists around here. http://65.media.tumblr.com/9008cf0ac8f03c30e47ad41ca1ccf195/tumblr_mhz56ec6mM1s4df8ko1_1280.png

Unless you live and work along the light rail, you'll want a car and off-street parking to go with it. I've met newbies that bike year round, but they really regret it Dec-Feb. Our mass transit is about as effective as LA's and nowhere near the bay area's. http://www.metrotransit.org/imap/map.aspx

If you don't want roommates, you can find safe, fun, and walk-able neighborhoods for under $1000/month. If you're comfortable living in San Francisco's Tenderloin District, nothing in the Twin Cities will frighten you. Otherwise, I would sacrifice walk-ability if you get a car, and fun if you don't; both downtowns are connected to the green line, and have things to do.

I'd like an iced cappuccino.

Quentin Smith , Minneapolis, USA, 2 months ago

Hey Kat!
Are you looking in to living by yourself or with a roommate? and affordable is pretty subjective, I a college student think most things are expensive, but when compared to other cities, I hear the twin cities are very cheap!
Anyways, I would look into northeast, uptown, west st paul, powderhorn, or near macalaster/ near grand ave.
I'm not sure the prices but I can't imagine them being crazy expensive (except near macalaster/ grand ave and maybe some parts of uptown) especially with a roommate.
I really enjoyed the nokomis area when I visited but I'm not sure how nice it is to live there. That also goes for the como park area.
I used to live right next to university in st paul kinda by frog town and I hated it. I also heard near the capitol building is terrible too.
Hope this helps a little bit and will make the discussion a little more visible!

If you have nay other questions or specific requests for living (next to transit, near a great park, lots of restaurants, or easy access to highways) ask away!


Ryan Gruber , Saint Paul, USA, 2 months ago

Welcome Kat!

"hip, fun, walkable, safe and affordable” reminds of that old adage about picking two from good, fast, and cheap. But a thoughtful and patient search can you usually find you at least three or four of those.

What I think might be helpful is some additional information about what matters to you in terms of location and lifestyle:

- Where is your job located?

- Would you prefer to be able to commute via transit or do you not mind driving?

- What’s your drop dead commuting time? Traffic here is easy about 21 hours out of the day, but there are some real bottlenecks during rush hour. It’s certainly not difficult to keep one’s commute to under a half-hour, but doing so imposes some definite boundaries on where to look.

- How important is easy airport access to you, be it for personal or professional reasons?

PJMinMadison, Madison, USA, 2 months ago

Am thinking of visiting Minneapolis in mid-May. What do you recommend we see during our stay? Have been to Mall of America years ago, but want to know what to see in the city itself. Thanks for any advice.

Jeff_and_Debbie , Saint Paul, USA, 2 months ago

The high bridge in St. Paul is a sight to see too. You can park on top or bottom and take a 1.5 mile walk each way. You can see the areas of the state capital and the big beautiful homes high atop the hills. The bridge crosses the Mississippi.
Maybe a breakfast at the Capitol Café before or after that walk?? It's just about 4 to 6 blocks east of the bridge. Location of the bridge is @ Smith and 7th st. in St. Paul
Also a nice walk along Summit Av. closer to downtown St. Paul.(north and east end) The Cathedral in St. Paul is interesting too. (You can spot it from the high bridge) This is in the vicinity of the History Museum. After reading some of the recommendations that others suggested, I too may have to check out!
Have fun seeking and venturing.

Craig Heinen , St Louis Park, USA, 2 months ago

At the beginning of last June I did a weekend in Minneapolis and filmed it. You might want to spread my stops over longer than just a weekend, but this video (and blog) should give you some insight on things you might want to do.


My stops are listed below. Good luck!

1) Mall of America
2) Dick's Last Resort (Dinner at MOA)
3) Nickelodeon Universe (Amusement Park at MOA)
4) Chatterbox Pub
5) Bike around Minneapolis Lakes
6) Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream
7) Minneapolis Skyway System
8) Hell's Kitchen (Lunch)
9) Minneapolis Institute of Arts
10) Foshay Tower (Observation Deck)
11) Loring Park
12) Sculpture Garden (and greenhouse)
13) Bryant Lake Bowl (Dinner, Bowling and Theater)
14) Uptown (Culture)
15) Al's Breakfast
16) Stone Arch, Washington, and 3rd street bridges (culture)
17) Nicollet Mall
18) Target Field (MN Twins)
19) Minnehaha Falls
20) Matt's Bar (Dinner #1)
21) 5-8 Club (Dinner #2)

Nicole F. , Minneapolis, USA, 2 months ago

City Pages has a TON of offerings: http://www.citypages.com/calendar/

Food/Drinks: Minneapolis has a ton of breweries and most of them have a beer hall and some even serve food. We are also pretty well known for having great food as well. Uptown, Northeast and even Downtown Minneapolis have a lot of offerings.
-Psycho Suzis is a fun place to go, especially if the weather is nice. It’s a tiki-themed restaurant with very good, and very strong rum drinks.
-The Anchor has amazing fish and chips but be prepared to wait.
-Barrio Tequila Bar has over 100 different types of tequila and pretty authentic latin food.
-The Nook (St. Paul) has pretty good burgers and usually has a wait but it’s not too bad.

Can’t really go wrong with Minneapolis though. There’s always something to do and generally people are willing to let you know what’s going on.

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backtolife ., Bangalore, IND, 2 months ago


i moved here recently. do we have any regular couch surfing meeting
love to hear about them.

Saurabh Chawdhary , Minneapolis, USA, 2 months ago

Unfortunately we don't. Eitan put up a weekly/bi-weekly food gathering but they tend to appear/disappear possibly depending upon his schedule. I'd love to see something like that though but I cannot promise to show up regularly that's what keeps me from putting up a 'periodic' event.

I propose a brunch on first (or second?) weekend of December by which time I will be back in town, and so will be people traveling for thanksgiving. Let's start with two and caravan will catch up :)

From my past year experience, potlucks are a hit in winter in our town. So we can think of having some more of the same.

Joseph Walz , Minneapolis, USA, 2 months ago

Would strongly encourage anyone to take the reins and post events/meetups- it is a canvas to be painted.

backtolife . , Bangalore, IND, 2 months ago

sounds fun:) lets do it