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Sara Lennert, , , 2 months ago

Hey all, Im new to town and was wondering where I could find some fun winding back roads, cool outdoor adventure spots and beautiful scenery outside of nashville.
Nothing too terribly far though
Thanks guys!

Kristy Edwards , Franklin, USA, 2 months ago

Go to the Loveless and out Highway 100 or turn right on McCrory Lane.
Go to Leiper's Fork. Plenty of beautiful country roads in all of these areas!
Out Highway 96 near the Natchez Trace -- hunt down the Fernvale area.

Lee Druce , Nashville, USA, 2 months ago

The Natchez Trace is a nice drive and has access to some trails and interesting spots.

Stephen Smith , Nashville, USA, 2 months ago

Hey Sara, Radnor Lake is great if you just want scenery. It can get really busy on weekends though if the weather is nice.

Rock Island State Park is about 1-2 hours away, but is one of my favorite places to hike in Tennessee. There are beautiful waterfalls, and there is even a spot to cliff jump if you are into that.

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Briana Baker, Miami, USA, 2 months ago


My name is Briana, I'm passing thorough Nashville until Thursday- if anyone wants to hang out and go to different dive bars, go to some shows, eat yummy bbq or any good local food- I know Bourdain was just in town not sure if everyone would recommend these spots or others? This is my first time in town.

I'm staying over in Edgefield without a car.


Marc Elliott , Hendersonville, USA, 2 months ago

Hi Briana! Welcome to town - I'm pretty flexible through the week - I'm happy to take you out to lunch or happy hour. I know all the places Bourdain went and then some. Any particular day you don't have plans yet? P.M. me

Jesse Gore , Nashville, USA, 2 months ago

615-604-5319 text
My house is near the place you're staying

Lee Druce , Nashville, USA, 2 months ago

The Edgefield Sports Bar is a lot of fun! It's divey but with clean bathrooms. The burgers are supposed to be the best in town but everyone says that. How hard is it to make a non-McDonalds burger? I've always found the staff to be a lot of fun, the drinks at a good price, and the darts sharp and straight as an arrow!

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Charlie Garcia, Nashville, USA, 2 months ago

Now that the weather is getting nice I'm starting to plan some hikes, and possibly do some geocaching and camping as well. Anyway care to


ChunTse Tsai , Chicago, USA, 2 months ago

Hey Charlie, how are you? I would love to do camping and hiking during my visiting Nashville in July 4th weekend (7/1~7/4). Any plan or place you recommended? Thanks.



Matthew Gough , Kenilworth, GBR, 2 months ago

I was planning on a hike in the Smoky's on Thurs 23rd /Fri 24th

I'm traveling solo from the United Kingdom - Booked in a hotel in Gatlinburg on the Thursday night so if you're up for a hike on either of these days let me know!

Charlie Garcia , Nashville, USA, 2 months ago

Wow sorry guys, I didn't get a notification so didn't see the messages

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John Schattinger, Hermosa Beach, USA, 2 months ago

Hello everyone, I will be coming in for few days and setting up a dinner. Can anyone suggest a great, local restaurant that has local cuisine and vibe of Nashville. BBQ, Soul, whatever you think think is great. Thank you.

Waylon McInturff , Nashville, USA, 2 months ago

Peg Leg Porker!! Great bbq and soul food near downtown.

mark rigsby , Nashville, USA, 2 months ago

Arnold's a block away from PLP

John Schattinger , Hermosa Beach, USA, 2 months ago

Thanks you guys for the great recs. I'll let you know how they go.

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Christopher Ryan, Bangkok, THA, 2 months ago


I am a travel writer/photographer and model and will be traveling along the Natchez Trace beginning September 25th or so. I am currently in New Orleans and heading to two of the most important bodypainting competitions in the USA, one in Greensboro, NC and the other in Atlanta, GA.

I am looking for advice on abandoned buildings along the way as well as any other structures or views of special photographic interest. I am not very interested in the typical tourist destinations, but rather I am looking for the unusual.

Also, if there are any photographers that are interested in working with a male model I may be available depending on the project.

I am also interested in hosts along the way which would only be for one night in each location and I have my own linens and such.

Please visit my website, for more informaiton.

Christopher Ryan , Bangkok, THA, 2 months ago

very cool! Thank you.. Have you been there?