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There are 6 questions in Brasilia, Brazil

Taiji Notsu, Kyoto, JPN, 3 months ago

hi,im taiji who is traveling for 17 months around world.and i am traveling in brazil next month.

do you have buses from Brazilia to Manaus?

and how long and cost?

thank you for your reading.

Rafael Bitencourt , Brasília, BRA, 3 months ago

Man, I am not sure... But as long as I know You can't go directly to Manaus in land transport. Maybe you take a bus to nearby and then cross the river.

Taiji Notsu , Kyoto, JPN, 3 months ago


thank u for your reply.i dont want to get airplane and want to take bus.

it is possible to get boat in the river.i will get boat from manaus to peru so if i get boat before manaus,it will be too long thinking......

Lino Bordin , Dublin, IRL, 3 months ago

Hello Taiji,

As Rafael told you, there is no way to arrive in Manaus by bus.

We recommend you to take an airplane to get in the city.

Travelling by boat from Belém (Pará) it will take about 4 days. And by bus, from Brasília to Belém about two-three days. So, if you really want to arrive in Manaus by a differente vehicle than the plane, I think that is the only way.

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Katerina Trnkova, São Paulo, BRA, 3 months ago

Oi galera,
i´ve just moved to Brasília and im searching for some good and affordable portuguese classes or a private teacher. If somone knows some good language school or teacher, let me know please.
Thank you

TIAGO PAIVA DA SILVA , Brasilia, BRA, 3 months ago

Hi Katerina, how's everything?
Just let you know that my girlfriend and I would love to teach you Portuguese. If you're interested send me an e-mail to or text me at +556191058044.

Hope to meet you soon! :)

Luciano Favilla , Brasilia, BRA, 3 months ago

Hi Katerina,
I'm not a teacher but I can definitely help you out. By the way, that would be an excellent chance to practice my english as well. I can speak french, spanish and I've just started italian classes.
Because I work from 9 to 18 I can only help you after that. Let me know if you are interested. You can find me at
Welcome to Brasilia!

Mariana Helou , Brasilia, BRA, 3 months ago

Hey, Katerina! If you want to, we can talk about it. :)

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Anri Tsushima, Quito, ECU, 3 months ago

Hi guys,

I will arrive at Brasilia on 28/oct in the morning and need to go directly from the airport to the direction "CLN 211 Bloco A".
I have a medium-big suitcase + backpack with me.

Is there any good public transportation to get there? How would it be?
Or if I go by taxi, how much would it cost?

Any advise and comments would help me a lot.

And since I stay in Brasilia until 1/nov, your suggestion on where to go/what to do/ meeting up are welcome too!!

Thanks in advance :) muito obrigada.

Marco De Mello , Brasília, BRA, 3 months ago

Hi, welcome first of all :)

I think there is one bus that does all the way from the airport to the central station, it calls "Rodoviária do Plano Piloto", and there you can get another one or get a taxi.
I'm not that sure, but the first bus is quite confortable, it has air conditioning, space for luggage but its cost is higher than the usual, I think R$8,00.
If you take the bus to the central station do the final adress, you should take one that pass for the "Eixo L Norte" or "Eixinho L Norte", it's the same street.
If you take a taxi, he will know where is it, so it's easier.
To make it easier for you to ask about it, ask how to go to "211 Norte" or "comercial da 211 Norte"

About to have fun, you probably show know the Esplanada dos Ministérios, with its famous buildings, the TV Tower (Torre de TV), there is a nice market and is really nice to eat, the lake is nice to go, but a little bit far, you probably should go with a taxi (I'm sorry but i don't know about any but that go there, but there is it) there is the JK Bridge is nice to see it, and you also could go to the City's Park (Parque da Cidade) it's a nice place to visit.

About walk through the city, I'd suggest you to do it with bike, it is really good to do it! I just found this pages on the internet but you can find out some more:

And this is to have more tour's informations about the city:

I hope I have helped you :)

Daniel FF , Brasilia, BRA, 3 months ago


Actually there is a bus to make a single travel, but it's advisable to split your travel into Executive (number 0.113) bus till rodoviária (recently, this fare 's been raised to 10,00) and then a taxi, that will cost you like other 20,00. Better if you pick the taxi on the upper level of Rodoviária. Unfortunately, these guys barely speak english (the guy on the bus, does), so try to write down these info or some portughese words.

There is a cheaper option for 3,00 to Rodoviária, but it takes much longer.

To do: we have our weekly meeting happening on thursdays, probably in Moisés bar on 208 south.
Try to arrange someone who can take you there. Many Surfers live around North Wing.
On saturday we are going to do a halloween party. Should bring your things you'll eat and drink and 10,00 for support costs.

In the meantime, you can visit also CCBB (it's Cultural Centre). There is a free bus ride from/to there. Closed on tuesdays. There is also Caixa Cultural (city centre). The Torre Market works fully only on weekends.

To go around, try Itaú bikes. download their App (need credcard).

Good thing is to bring an umbrella/raincoat.

be welcome!

Anri Tsushima , Quito, ECU, 3 months ago

Hi Marco,
Thanks for your detailed information, noted all your comments so that I will get there anyway :)
I will see the tours too, hope my stay in Brasilia will be brilliant!

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Alessandro C., Turin, ITA, 3 months ago

Hello beautiful ppl of the Capital,

I am coming in a few days in town and I was wondering if anybody could give suggestion to rent/rent/lend a scooter. i am a very skilled driver, i drove 60000km on my yamaha fz600 and i have a sdcooter back home so safety wont be an issue plus im an italian driver. if anybodu has any idea give me a hint please. thank you!!!!!!!

Marcelo Cupti , Brasilia, BRA, 3 months ago

Ciao Alessandro, unfortunately it's not usual in Brazil rent scooters, but if you want i can lend you a bicycle or i can take you for a tour
Non è comune l'affitto di scooter in Brasile ma posso prestare una bicicletta o fare con te un tour per la città

Benvenuto a Brasilia

Alessandro C. , Turin, ITA, 3 months ago

that would be awesome! obrigado!

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Katerina Trnkova, São Paulo, BRA, 3 months ago

Oi, pessoal!
Is there any native Russian speaker (or someone who is able to teach the language) who gives Russian classes?
Or anyone knows some Russian teacher in Brasília?
Thank you for your help!

Rafael Capella , Brasília, BRA, 3 months ago

i can help u!
my whatsapp 6192611922