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Dominik wants to hitchhike to HaLong Bay


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There are 23 questions in Hanoi, Vietnam

Bee Rith, Phnom Penh, KHM, 2 months ago

Pham Mai , Hanoi, VNM, about 2 months ago

Go to Hoan Kiem lake, eat some ice cream, watch a puppet show just near the lake then spend the day exploring the Old Quarter.

Vu Van Dung , , VNM, 2 months ago

Walking around down town area maybe suitable for you

Hoàn Kiếm Lake

Đặng Trí , , VNM, 12 days ago

Go to Hoan Kiem and Ho Tay Lake. After go to Bat Trang to play. View Hong river and finally go eat food at Old quater

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Ronja Hoffacker, Cologne, DEU, 3 months ago

Hey guys! I will be in Hanoi next weekend and I was wondering if there is any possibility besides taking a taxi/hotelshuttle from the airport during the night? I will arrive around 11 pm, so as far as I understood, the bus is not operating at this time? Would be grateful for some advice :) Thanks!

Thuy Nguyen , Hanoi, VNM, 3 months ago

I had 2 mid-night flight back to Hanoi last week. There are 2 types of public transport you can use:
- City bus: from Noi Bai Airport to City center. Last bus from airport is at 11:30 pm. Mainly serving foreign traveller, It goes to city center, stop at some City's popular spots and hotels. The bus cost 30.000 d ( < $1.5)
- Bus of some Airlines company: last time I used Vietjet bus which runs 24/24 hour. It goes to city center, but different route from the above ones. It also goes to city center but does not stop at popular spots or hotels. I caught the bus at terminal 1 - national terminal. Maybe you need to ask people at International terminal whether the bus is available there. If not, you can take a free shuttle from international terminal to national terminal. The bus cost 40.000 d (~ $2)

Kim Ngan Hoang , Hanoi, VNM, 3 months ago

Which is the airline you flight in? As far as I know, many airlines shall provide buses for passengers at any hours. Last time I arrived Hanoi from Ho Chi Minh city at 1 a.m, I bought a bus ticket of the airline to the city center. You may ask the flight attendants or airport receptionists if there are buses available.

Nguyễn Trung , Hanoi, VNM, 3 months ago

If you feel free, please call me. I'm near at Noi Bai Airport.

Edvardas Karzenauskas, Šiauliai, LTU, 3 months ago

Hey guys,

Any chance you know good place with professional who could fix broken Sony Xperia screen? Really need help with this one, thanks! :)

Enjoy crazy life! :)

Bien Nguyen , , VNM, about 2 months ago

Hitechworld 12 Hang Bai str. The best service

Dat Nguyen Duc , Hanoi, VNM, 3 months ago

Hi Edvardas, i'm Dat, i have free time in every afternoon and i can guide you to fix it. I don't know where but we can find it and decide with cheap store. Send me a message inbox.

Edvardas Karzenauskas , Šiauliai, LTU, 3 months ago

super, thank you so much, Dat! Will contact you tomorrow or day after and we'll go for a walk. Hooray, thanks! :)

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David V., Maastricht, NLD, 3 months ago

Hello community,
me and my friend want to buy a motorbike in hanoi in order to travel around vietnam for 4 to 5 weeks. does anyone know mechanics and could help us with some advice á we dont really know a lot about motorbikes.
Or does anyone has a bike to sell ??
further more we would like to meet up with some locals, just hit me up.
thanks in advance & HAVE A NICE DAY

Kien Dao , Ha Noi, VNM, 5 days ago

Hey there, it's to easy to buy a motobike in here but beside a litte bit hard to buy the good one, and It also depents on your budget. If you want to hang out drink beer and also I can help you to buy a good one, contact me if you need some helps!
Looking foward!

Cầu Giấy

Ly Hoang , , VNM, 3 months ago

i see many foreigners often rent motorbike to travel here...its not difficult to rent ..So when u come here?which airport will the plane land?maybe i could give u some advices :)

David V. , Maastricht, NLD, 3 months ago

We're already in Hanoi and we want to BUY a cheap motorcycle in order to travel around for 5 weeks! Do you have any idea WHERE we could buy a motorbike which is CHEAP?

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Fabrice Clerc, Fribourg, CHE, 3 months ago


This summer I'm going 7 days in Hanoi with a group of 10 people... We want to move around Hanoi to visit some places (mountains / beach)...

Do you have some tips to rent a car or a small bus with a driver ? And some tips to rent scooter ?

And any suggestion about nice places to visit around Hanoi ?


Niels Oostveen , Hanoi, VNM, 3 months ago

Scooters are readily available for hire all around the old quarter, through hotels, shops or the odd sandwich selling lady. You can shop around a bit for the best price. Aim at 5-10 dollars per day. Monthly hire is a lot cheaper.

Some more info at http://www.travelfish.org/transport_detail/vietnam/hanoi_and_surrounds/hanoi/hanoi/39

Phuong Luyen , Hanoi, VNM, 3 months ago

Hi. Contact me. I will provide you with all the necessary service for free just because I want to make you feel satisfied with your trip to my country and I have gọt the same assistance when I was abroad years ago.

Fabrice Clerc , Fribourg, CHE, 3 months ago

Thank you !