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Sally Meisenhelder, Las Cruces, USA, 2 months ago

Does anyone know where to buy cheese in Chengdu? Real cheese - Cheddar, Swiss, etc? Thanks. Also which mall has a Uniglo?

Lucie E , Brussels, BEL, 2 months ago

Hello Sally- you can find cheese at Carrefour, especially the one in Tongzilin

Avner Duvdevan , Chengdu, CHN, 2 months ago

You can also find cheese at the Auchan supermarket next to Ikea,and maybe at "Sabrina" on 科华北路。

Zexin QIAN , Cincinnati, USA, 2 months ago

most big supermarkets have cheese I think....

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Alex LLan, Cancún, MEX, 2 months ago

hey guys im going to visit your city someone knows whe i can dance salsa there???
wechat id: alexllan
chinese number: 15813336704

AN WANG , Chengdu, CHN, 2 months ago

Hey guy. I searched Internet and found two bars which held salsa dance every week. And I don't know how can I tell you? The address in Chinese or English? Maybe we can go together if possible, BTW welcome to CD !!O(∩_∩)O

coco Wang , Chengdu, CHN, 2 months ago

Every Wednesday 21:30 salsa party in shamrock,every Thursday in Carloe's

Alex LLan , Cancún, MEX, 2 months ago

you guys want to go?? im in for sure

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Nan Theman 郝南儿, Montreal, CAN, 2 months ago

Hi guys, I'm coming to Chengdu around the month of August to visit my grandparents and also travel around. Unfortunately, my grandparents live in 金马镇, which is 40mins drive away from downtown. Normally I skate around town but this distance is just way too ridiculous for me to tackle. So I was wondering if there are car rental places in Chengdu. Google seems to tell me there isn't anything without a driver.



Sebastian Van Hemelrijk , Chengdu, CHN, 12 days ago

not worht renting a car !
install uber :)

Nan Theman 郝南儿 , Montreal, CAN, 2 months ago

also, bus is not really a viable solution because it takes 3hours one way....

Song Zhiwen , Chengdu, CHN, 2 months ago

After you arrive at Chengdu,you can call12580,the receiver will help you.but they maybe can not speak English,just give it a try.

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Marzena Badziak, Łódź, POL, 2 months ago

Hi, do you know any secure place in Chengdu where I can leave bicycle for one week? Me and my boyfriend are travelling with bicycles and want to go for some time to Hong Kong by plane without bikes, then come back and continue cycling in China. We are looking for something really super-safe and reliable. Maybe one of you guys can help?

fei Luo , Chengdu, CHN, 2 months ago

i can put the bike to stay on my home, just only one bike? when you leave to hongkong?

Bu guitar , Chengdu, CHN, 2 months ago

well,i'm a student of Southwest Jiaotong University in can leave your bicycles in my students' hostel. if you need my help,just send a message to me.

KELLYANGER , Chengdu, CHN, 2 months ago

If u want u can leave it at my place

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WORLDTRAVELER12, Helsinki, FIN, 2 months ago

Hey Chengdu,

I am visiting Chengdu during next week and would like to visit the Panda Park: - but I can´t find the information about holding the panda in your lap with prices and bookings etc., do you know where I can find that information?

Best regards,

Chien Yang , Chengdu, CHN, 2 months ago

Hey Patrik,I am living at Chengdu and went to Panda Park twice with my friends.If you want hold a panda, you should be their volunteer first (donation), I am not sure it is 2000 or 2500RMB. Hope you have a nice trip at Chengdu.

WORLDTRAVELER12 , Helsinki, FIN, 2 months ago

Thanks Chien, do you or anyone else have any more written information on any website? Do I need prebookings, can I pay by credit card etc.?