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There are 38 questions in Tehran, Iran

javad gholami , Qazvin, IRN, about 1 month ago

as a forigen you can travel with your gf or classmate without any limitation.
i saw lots of gf and bf from western country that was been here without any limitation and completly freedom as well as iranian citizen doing travel with her/his partner inside iran but the limitation for iranian in hotel reception they need some ducument that shows the relation between them.

farzad moein , Tehran, IRN, about 1 month ago

Feel free dude,this rule is just for Iranian people,to check in the hotels without getting married.
If you like to come hosts are around and you can be with them without any problem. :-)

Rouzbeh , Karaj, IRN, about 1 month ago

Yeah it is but not for foreigners .

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ENGLISHFLYER, Speke, GBR, 16 days ago

Hello from Liverpool, UK!

I'm making my first visit to Iran Sep 21st and will have 24hrs to explore. I plan to bring my folding bike and have a spare one for anyone who would like to join me. I just need to know if cycling is ok around the city and if I can wear shorts as a male?

I'm an airline crew and will be working the British Airways flight from London hence my rather short stay.

Many thanks in advance!


  • cycling

mohammad lotfi , Tehran, IRN, 14 days ago

yeah I have seen some cyclist guys that wore shorts and I don't think governers care about it

farhad goudarzi , Tehran, IRN, 13 days ago

I'm a Cyclist who live in Tehran, I pedal inside and outside city many times and also some cities in iran,
about your first question you can't cycle around tehran as a ring but there is many rout near tehran you can cycle in. about the inside the city: yes, it possible. as you know tehran located on mountain slop and air pollution is another parameter affect on your act, but if you have experience on cycling it is Ok.
about your second question as you cycling wearing short is OKey,
actually we have small cycling group and we arrange some cycling program inside and outside the city if you want you can send me massage maybe we can go together.

Zahra Mohammadi , Tehran, IRN, 13 days ago

NO ...Don't Do That ! Tehran's streets and high ways are not bicycle- friendly at all - PLUS lots of crazy drivers .... and it's better to avoid wearing shorts to be on the safe side ...

Eun Sil Ko, Tehran, IRN, 27 days ago

Could you recommend something for me?

masoud jb , Tehran, IRN, 27 days ago

Hi !
I don't know which place did you visit and what kind of place would you like ! If you like see the old place and traditional place I recommend you to see Bazar . In Bazar you will see many people and many cell for selling and buying .

Hosein Marvi , Tehran, IRN, 26 days ago

سلام تهران موزه های زیادی داره همچنین بازاروکاخها وبرج آزادی وبرج میلاد

Shayda Owrak , Tehran, IRN, 27 days ago

Hi, it's nice to have enough time to visit countries. Where have u been so far? What kind of places do u like? Any plan for visiting other cities?

LETS-FLY, Dresden, DEU, 18 days ago

to explore iran and we would be most thankful if anyon had some informations for us about what would be the best way to do so.

  • car renting

Reza Ch , Tehran, IRN, 17 days ago

Hey Oliver,
Im not sure if you can Drive Iranian style :D in big cities theres this traffic zones which is protected by CCTV on top of that theres also this silly thing that depending on the day of the week (odd,even) and last number on your license plate you might not be able to go in some areas without getting that fine that I mentioned but If you guys got like a 4 person trip going on with at least 2 drivers and only need the car to travel between cities it might be viable option, for-instance from Tehran to Shiraz you can stumble upon many cities and take detours and stuff its about 10 Hours drive and you pass many cities on your way.

By the way Europecar operates in Iran you can check their prices.
4 person trip to Shiraz with bus costs around 70 Euro more or less
4 person trip to Shiraz with airplane costs around 172 Euro more or less

Mehdi Farrokh , Tehran, IRN, 13 days ago

you can use google translator.

Mahdi Naseri , , IRN, 14 days ago

I work in travel agency in Tehran and can offer you a good and economy hotels, domestic flight and places and cities you shoud go.also my friend can transfer you everywhere you want.
At last we can manage a meeting to talk about your trip in Tehran.

Do not hesitat to contact me
We are Iranian and love to be a host.

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Kelvin Chong Wei Khiong, Kuching, MYS, 26 days ago

Hi guys we arrive in Tehran from Air Asia to Iman Khomeini airport on midnight 9th September. And our connecting flight is 5am from Mehrabad. So we have about 4 hours to kill inbetween. Any suggestion on where we can take a taxi to to spend the time? Any places or eateries that maybe open at that time? Would appreciate any advices thanks.

  • transit

Saman Masoudi , Darbandsar, IRN, 25 days ago

You have no option. Take some cofee or food in the IKA and get a cab to Mehrabad.
Your time is short and there is no nightlife in Tehran because the government force all places to close right at the midnight.

Kelvin Chong Wei Khiong , Kuching, MYS, 20 days ago

Thanks for the replies guys. The immigration process in Imam Khomeini airport itself took an hour. We ended up just taking photos at the Azadi square and then just waited it off at the Mehrabad airport (we arrived at 12am and connecting flight at 520am in Mehrabad). Thank you so much anyway for your advices.

Arash Hasany Far , Tehran, IRN, 25 days ago

YOu have not enough time to hang out .maybe you can take a selfie with Azady tower located near Mehrabad airport