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Lotte Van Der Weijst, Gent, BEL, 2 months ago

Hi there! Anyone wants to explore the city or go on a trip around Quebec? I just arrived in Canada and rather than just seeing cities, I would like to see some nature. I'm a female solo traveller and I'm lookin for someone to hike/camp/take a trip with or explore the city. Any travellers out there who would to join? I am flexible in terms of dates, but somewhere around 10 to 14 July would be perfect. Cheers

Julie Pichot , Isserteaux, FRA, 2 months ago

Hi !

I'd like to go on an one day trip to hike somewhere in Jacques cartier's park or something similar. From the 7th to the 17th there is some summer festival in Quebec city, so I'd like to attempt to some concerts at night.

Let me know if you're interested the festival, hiking or both .


Lotte Van Der Weijst , Gent, BEL, 2 months ago

Hi! I would love to join. I'm defi interested in both, I will arrive in Quebec on Sunday. Are you still there then? Are you staying in a hostel? I haven't booked anything s I could maybe book the same one if its nice? Cheers and looking forward meeting you.

Spencer Caldwell , Québec City, CAN, 2 months ago


I am in Quebec City at a CSer house. Due to travel out this weekend, looking to camp and hike. Sent message to your profile.

I am on Helpx as well, but not due anywhere for awhile. Looking to see the countryside and nature as well.


Estefania Núñez, Santo Domingo, DOM, 13 days ago

Excusez mon française, je suis niveau A1! Je veux visiter la ville de Québec en février pour rencontrer enfin Bonhomme! Comment puis-je y arriver à partir de Montréal et à l'arrière? Le moins cher le meilleur.

  • transportation

Pascal Lévesque , Quebec, CAN, 13 days ago

You can use amigo express. It' sa car sharing service. You just have to have to use their web site.

Paul Lefort , Quebec, CAN, 12 days ago

Amigo express le site de co voiturage sur et économique

Catherine Savoie , Québec City, CAN, 13 days ago

I agree with Pascal Lévesque, Amigo is the cheapest and it's also very nice because you get to meet people at the same time! The company is called Kangaride in english, here's the link to the website
It's carpool but there is a lot of people doing the Montreal-Quebec drive so you should have no problem to find a ride in February!

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Elis Hoffman, Stockholm, SWE, 2 months ago

Hi, I need some help, I want to rent a car for at least a week. I have checked the different rental companies but it so expensive with ensurence and all. Do any locals have any tips of where I can rent a cheap car?

MCJO , Quebec, CAN, 2 months ago

Hi Elis,

The cheapest way to rent a car is to have a credit card (usually gold or platinum) that cover the car insurance, then you dont have to pay for it. If you have a car, check with your own insurance company if it covers you on rental cars in Canada.

It usually comes down 250-350$/week (including taxes and fees), depending on the time of the year. You get a 5-10% discount when you are a member of their award clubs (it's free!). Check for coupons on their websites too!

Having a car around here is a must if you want to explore a bit !

Louise Tremblay , Quebec City, CAN, 2 months ago

There is also commune auto, I do not know exactly how it works but it could be cheaper, website:
Their phone number is 1 877 523-1788

Ruddy , Quebec, CAN, 2 months ago

Louise Tremblay sent 3 identical messages (is that spam?) but I'll send only one. Try
Discount location de voitures, tél. 418 310 2277,
Good luck! Ruddy

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Tyson Mayr, Vaucluse, AUS, 2 months ago

Hey! I was wondering if anyone knows of any traditional meals for Quebec??

I have been travelling now since 2009 & one of the things I try to do & share is cooking a traditional meal from each city we visit (with a local) and sharing it with others! (Just finished Haiti which was interesting.. If you check our Facebook you can see the pictures & videos from other meals..)

Arriving later this week from Montreal, If there is anyone out there who would like to cook, we are not the best cooks but it will definitely be fun!

Etienne V. Labelle , Quebec, CAN, 2 months ago

In quebec, we are known for our Poutine.

Julie Gouin , Quebec, CAN, 2 months ago

We are known for poutine which is junk food and not typically cooked at home, but if you wanna try some traditionnal québécois home food, I recommend Le Buffet de l'antiquaire on St-Paul. It's not pricey and you can try cipaille, meatball stew, meat pie, etc.

bernard Guimont , Quebec, CAN, 2 months ago

ALso ,restaurant " les anciens canadiens " rue St. Louis. Vieux-Québec .dispendieux mais honnête .

Ruth Turley, Cardiff, GBR, 2 months ago

Hi there,

I'm going to be in Quebec city for work from Sep 18th, but will have about 3-4 days from the 24th Sep to explore. I really want to get some hiking / countryside / relaxation time in. Can anyone recommend where to go / places to stay that is near enough to travel there and back in the time available?

Thanks v much!

Ila Pichon , Quebec, CAN, 2 months ago

Hy Ruth !

First question is : do you have a car ?
Because it will depend of how far you'll be able to go around !

If yes, you can go hiking in the mountain // 30 min. by car to
Mont wright, which is free. Couple of hours of walking.
Near that one, ther is the National Park De la Jacques Cartier :
But you have to pay entry fee.
a bit less far : a Park where land and water intertwine, so you can walk or canoe and experience the feeling of being in the heart of the wilderness.
Closer, and by bike (maybe bus) you can go to the Baie de Beauport, On the Promenade Samuel de champlain or walk in the Parc Linéaire de la rivière St-Charles (you can find infos on
you can also go to Orleans island (better by car) which is close to Quebec city and in front of the Montmorency waterfalls. You can do self- picking of fruits !

ook, i think i am done for now, i feel as i am shooting you to many infos in one time eheh..hope it helps !

and enjoy Qc city !

:) ila the way, sorry some of the links aren't in english.