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There are 19 questions in Las Vegas, United States

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WATERFALL23, Las vegas, Usa, 2 months ago

I wanna take my boyfriend out for a lovely romantic dinner. He lives there but I dont really know places. So if anyone can help me I d really appreciate it. I m also open to other kind of ideas. Thanks in advance :)

Christine Young , Las Vegas, USA, 2 months ago

I can't recommend high enough Marché Bacchus. So romantic and not overpriced. It's where I got engaged. Overlooking lake and attached to wine shop

Evette Shuk , Las Vegas, USA, 2 months ago

Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris, Anthony's Prime Steak and Seafood, Panevino Italian,
I Love Sushi, Tommy Bahama and Todd's Unique Dining are my favorite romantic spots. Todd's is my favorite because it's in an off the beaten path location and it's very personable. I've never been to Texas de Brazil...hope those get your creative juices flowing:)

Jaime "Jamie" Avila Damian , Las Vegas, USA, 2 months ago

The china town area has tons of great food. Can't go wrong.

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Angelica Muñoz Aranguren, Bogota, COL, 2 months ago

Hi there!!!
I am Angélica from Colombia, and I am going to Las Vegas with my family at the end of October... I wouls like and advice from you since you know the city...
my family is deciding between stay at Strathosphere Hotel or Polo Towers hotel... which hotel is better for you? which one has a better location?
thank you for your help and hope to see some of you in my visit,

Chi_f_of_t , Las Vegas, USA, 2 months ago

Same price. I pick Polo tower it is near more of the fun stuff.

Hadley Obusan , Las Vegas, USA, 2 months ago

Fremont street is more fun than the strip.

D TRAN , Burbank, USA, 2 months ago

Polo. Strat rooms not great and not in a great area. Polo closer to all the action and fun, better rooms too

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Mathieu Curtet, Clermont-Ferrand, FRA, 2 months ago

Hi, doesn any of you know how can I sell a car that I brought from Canada in Vegas ?

Which papers do I need ?

Can I sell it to a US Citizen or only to a foreigner ?

Thank you for your advices guys :)

Chi_f_of_t , Las Vegas, USA, 2 months ago

. Its a lot of headache us dmv will make u convert dashboard from KM to Miles.

Mathieu Curtet , Clermont-Ferrand, FRA, 2 months ago

Is it compulsory in the US ?
And will I have to pay in import tax ?
Thank you for your reply.

Mike Riley , Las Vegas, USA, 2 months ago

I help foreigners buy vehicles here in Vegas. I don't think you will have any problems as long as you have a valid title in your name. We do require a valid smog test here in Clark County (Vegas). Buyers expect the seller to have that in hand when you start to advertise. Look at some of the 'craigslist' ads for used cars in Las Vegas. Most will state they have a valid smog test and a clean title.

I would go to a large used car lot. Say Car Max or any new car dealer. They sell used vehicles as well. Explain what you want to do. Have the title with you. They should know if any additional paperwork is required. Good luck, Mike

Krisi Olivero, Denver, USA, 16 days ago

We are on a mission to fly our giant octopus kite in all 50 states. If you want to come fly we would love to have you join us :)

Ashley Fossile , Las Vegas, USA, 14 days ago

You could try Sunset Park or Craig Ranch Park. Those are more in the city, so it may not be that windy, but those would be popular places if you'd like to get some interaction.

You can also try Floyd Lamb Park. That is a state park and has an entrance fee. Though you may want to call to see if you are allowed to fly a kite there if it's pretty big.

Let me know when you plan on doing it. I have a little boy who I know would love to see it fly.

Sebbastion Liebow , Las Vegas, USA, 13 days ago

EPIC: How about from on top of the Stratosphere, if they let you or you can get away with it.

KANMANEE MANEEWAN , Las Vegas, USA, 14 days ago

At the Red Rock, one spot I 'll recommend at canyon over look parking lot, a short trail and easy to walk at the end so you can have a Red Rock on the background ,
Another place, but small park it's call Hemenway Park, Henderson. I love this view, so you can see the Lake Mead from here, if the wind blow from West to East, so Lake Mead will be your background.

Nelson Beltran Uribe, Las Vegas, USA, 2 months ago

In Orlando I found that the local free magazine Orlando weekly and a blog or 2 helped.

Is there a page, magazine, website where one could find out about Poetry night, 5k's free and cheap events, gatherings.

Something with a calendar and category

Chi_f_of_t , Las Vegas, USA, 2 months ago

LV Weekly and Sunday magazine at albertson or vons.
Our Cs own coco has
Not sure how active she maintains it now she is so active being a music star. :)

And LVreview journal comes in the mail, really local, usually free events but more for family and retirees

Esai Martinez , Las Vegas, USA, about 2 months ago

Check out
They offer free historical and educational tours of The Las Vegas Strip.
Tour guide works on a tip basis.

Nelson Beltran Uribe , Las Vegas, USA, 2 months ago

Thanks so much this helps me out. It was good to meet you the other day.