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Jessica Ramos, Los Angeles, USA, 2 months ago

Hey! I'm going to be in Portland next month around the 14th and am so excited for the food! We'll be staying around the north east section and also will be headed to downtown so do any locals have any suggestions for amazing and unique food that I won't want to miss?

I've heard of voodoo donuts and would like to try that location.

One of the members in my group is a vegan so any killer vegan place recommendations would be awesome as well.

Phillip Stoddard , Portland, USA, 2 months ago

Let Bistro Montage is unique. I don't know if they have vegan items, but finding vegan food in Portland shouldn't be a problem.

Amber Houston , Portland, USA, 2 months ago

HI, a great vegan place is Blossoming Lotus on NE 15th and Broadway. A little pricey but so worth it.
Also Portobello on SE 12th and division is vegan and great!
Good vegan mexican food is Los Gorditos also on SE 12th & division
and casual vegan lunch at Canteen on SE 28th and Stark.
not sure how unique they are but vegan and delicious!!

Jessica Ramos , Los Angeles, USA, 2 months ago

Hey amber :) we'll be hanging out around the north east section too so you're recommendations are helpful :) I'll definitely have to look up these places.

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Gabriela, Frederick, USA, 2 months ago

I am excited that in Aug. I am going to Portland for the first time. I plan on going to the Tiny Hotel & Powell's. Any place else? Eats to have? Best winery?

Corrie , Newberg, USA, about 2 months ago

August is the month of the free Shakespeare performances in the parks, at vineyards and other nice venues! How about picking up your dinner at the food carts and then eating it while you watch "Love's Labours Lost"? Just bring a blanket or chairs to sit on. Here is the schedule:


Tyson Stanger , Portland, USA, 2 months ago

Food carts and live music! Look at the mercury online for weekly music listings and I forgot the site but there is a Portland food cart site for locations of pods and type of food we have everything to choose from!

Gabriela , Frederick, USA, 2 months ago

Awesome! Which food cards are your fave?

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Olivier Gaudet, Montreal, CAN, 2 months ago

I am trying to find out what would be the cheapest and nicest way to go from Portland to Vancouver BC

Char Seward , Vancouver, CAN, about 2 months ago

Boltbus. Super comfortable and cheap ride. I'm going from Van to Portland on Boltbus this weekend -- I've used it three times from seattle - vancouver return

smiivano , Billings, USA, 2 months ago


TamsinNYC , Portland, USA, 2 months ago

The Bolt Bus is the cheapest. The stops, both in PDX and Vancouver, are right in the city center with easy transportation to-and-from.

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Olivier Gaudet, Montreal, CAN, 2 months ago

Hey guys!

I am moving to Portland for the summer and I was wondering if there were cheap supermarkets where I should go. I am vegan and like organic food as well, but the Safeway doesn't seem that safe for my wallet as my grocery from yesterday can tell.
I am looking foward to get your advices

Billy Cai , Portland, USA, 2 months ago

Try the farmer's market on the weekends. There are several across the city. Depending on what you buy, Trader Joe's has good options (better than Safeway in my opinion) and generally cheaper. Fred Meyer is a decent bet, what Safeway should have been in Oregon.

Olivier Gaudet , Montreal, CAN, 2 months ago

Thanks for the advices!
While you are here, do you have nice cafes to suggest near PSU

Jake Sauvageau , Portland, USA, 2 months ago

Unfortunately, the words "vegan" and "organic" don't exactly go hand-in-hand with "cheap." Billy has it right: Farmer's Market (we have like 11 different ones depending on what part of town you're in) is good, and Trader Joe's is also a great choice. In addition, while they're a bit more spendy, New Seasons is cheaper than say Whole Foods, and their entire store is dedicated to that sort of thing. And finally, check out Grocery Outlet. They take overstock from other stores, and there is always a ton of organic/vegan stuff for 1/4 of the price. I like the one in Hollywood. And as for cafes, while I suppose everyone has their opinion on what coffe is good and what isn't, we don't quite have the cafe culture that you might. But I do like a place called Sterling Coffee Roasters in NW Portland (417 NW 21st Ave.). It's Portland's smallest coffee shop, and at night, converts to M Bar, Portland's smallest bar! Cheers!

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Alli Shea, San Francisco, USA, 15 days ago

I'm coming in late Friday night in a few weeks, and leaving first thing Monday. I'm hoping to do a big hike Saturday and / or Sunday, ideally not too far from Portland downtown. Hoping to camp nearby, either on the trail or somewhere close-ish to the trailhead.

I have wheels, so no problems there.

Any ideas?

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Nathan Miller , Newberg, USA, 9 days ago

Also consider Saddle Mt. It's near the coast, out Hwy. 26. It's also a strenuous hike, but very pretty and one of my favorites.

John Lehman , Portland, USA, 10 days ago

A few options:
Eagle creek-Tanner Butte loop ~25 miles- Excellent views of waterfalls in Eagle creek down low and Mt. Hood from Tanner Butte up high
Eagle Creek-Whatum Lake-PCT loop ~30 miles - Whatum lake adds some great swimming
Timberline trail around Mt. Hood - this encircles the mountain, and is 42 miles if you do the whole thing, many good sections to check out
Loowit Trail around Mt. Saint Helens ~35 miles - it's about a 2hr drive to the trailhead, so not that close to Portland, very pretty, though

Caltopo.com is an excellent resource for topographic maps

You can hike sections of any of the above trails for a nice outing.

Someone mentioned it, but Forest Park is an excellent option right in town, I like Lower MaCleay park to the Pittock Mansion, take Lower Macleay trail to Wildwood and take a left, follow it all the way the a great view of Portland at the mansion (~2.5 miles one way).

That might be waay too much information, but anyway, Enjoy!

aden_w , Portland, USA, 11 days ago

Hi Alli --

You might need to add some detail to your request to get the best responses - big hikes and not too far from PDX are both open to interpretation :). Whatever your definition, there is no shortage! You might check out
McNeil Point
Dog Mountain
Franklin Ridge Loop
Eagle Creek to Punchbowl Falls / Tunnel Falls
Ape Canyon

You can find details at outdoorproject.com. In fact, check out http://www.outdoorproject.com/blog-news/30-favorite-hikes-near-portland.