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Julie Guérin, Sydney, AUS, about 2 months ago

Hi everybody :) I am arriving in Sydney very soon and looking for a place, a bar or a group who is meeting up to dance on latino music ?? :)

Tiffany Henry , Upper Marlboro, USA, 10 days ago

I'll be in town next weekend (Sept 23) and planned to go to a bachata lesson and social at Tropical Soul dance studio Fri night and then to Hard Rock Cafe Sun night. Anybody wanna meet up?

Chris Wright , Sydney, AUS, about 1 month ago

Hey all, I'll be going dancing this Tuesday night at Establishment. Probably Sydney's biggest weekly salsa and bachata night. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up

Shuku Torabi , Wollstonecraft, AUS, about 1 month ago

Argyle Wednesday nights, great for social dancing. They also have classes earlier on.

Andrés Proaño , Sydney, AUS, about 1 month ago

I do not recommend you do that. As a tourist if you are caught, you could be deported and denied entry, not only in Australia but other countries do not like when a person is deported.

Maybe the way you can minimize this risk is by working online, preferable for a person outside Australia.

Tom Bråten , Oslo, NOR, about 1 month ago

I would of course apply for a working visa beforehand :)

A EAST , Sydney, AUS, about 1 month ago

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WanderingP, Perth, AUS, about 2 months ago

Hi guys!

I will be going to Sydney for a holiday on May 29-Jun 9! I just want to ask for restaurants/cafe recommendations. I will be staying at the CBD area.

Thank you in advance! Cheers!


Joshua , Sydney, AUS, about 1 month ago

The places René Redzepi and his team went to are good ( Can vouch for MASTER, Ester, Edition Coffee Roasters, Bourke Street Bakery.
Also Vini, Bloodwood, Ume, Berta, Casoni, ACME, Monopole, Ahgora, Toriciya. Something causal: Do Dee Paidang, Chat Thai, Menya Mappen Noodle Bar, Yen's Vietanmese, Lentil as Anything, Kepos Street Kitchen, Shenkin Kitchen, Bamiyan, Pho PHD.
Desserts & Cake: Messina, Cow & Moon, Black Star Pastry.
Baxter Inn, Bulletin Place

Stephanie Papadopoulos , Sydney, AUS, 15 days ago

Hey, check out the app "zomato" or website "broadsheet"- previous answers are right you're absolutely spoilt for choice, just depends on your craving and budget! Enjoy!

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Andre Raditya Tjoa, Sydney, AUS, 13 days ago

Hey guys. I've lived in Sydney for a year and I'm really missing the indie music scene that I used to enjoy in Indonesia. I want to find a place to see live performances and have good beers with friends. Does anyone know any place? Cheers.

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LOTUSHARRY , Marrickville, AUS, 6 days ago

newtown social club, waywards in the bank hotel newtown, gasoline pony marrickville, the union hotel newtown has live music a few nights a week, frankies pizza, leadbelly....but yea check out loads of info on sydney music on there!

Robbie I , Sydney, AUS, 8 days ago

You could start by listening to FBi radio on 94.5fm or streaming online. They play a lot of local music & have regular gig guides. Lots happening if you know what you're looking for.


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Sara Bahadorian, Melbourne, AUS, about 1 month ago

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Sam Trollgren , Sydney, AUS, about 1 month ago

Hi Sara, when you want to come?

Michael H , Jesmond, AUS, 11 days ago

All I'm seeing from Sara is a single full stop. Is there an error, or are you writing a dot on purpose?;)

Sara Bahadorian , Melbourne, AUS, about 1 month ago