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Aisha K, Melbourne, AUS, 2 months ago

Hiya everybody! I'm newly arrived and trying to get the skinny on all of the beautiful brunch in town. Would love if you'd help a girl out. I'm living in Brunswick, but I have been known to travel for a delicious meal so share your faves near and far. Cheers!

Yin Ning Lau , Melbourne, AUS, about 2 months ago

Most of the places listed above Three Bags Full (Abbotsford), Top Paddock (Richmond), St Ali (South Melbourne) etc. are Melbourne brunch institutions so defs go visit them. Chez Dre in South Melbourne and South of Johnston (Collingwood) are also personal faves. Part of my job is actually to help people find places to eat SO I won't bore you with the same list. Here is what's trending and the talk of the town for the foodie crowd in Melbourne right now: The Crux and Co in South Melbourne, Higher Ground in the CBD. Not only is the food and coffee on point but the bespoke words. Please visit these two places before you leave, no excuses. There'll be less of a buzz if you visit on a weekday however if you're happy to wait in line anywhere from 10-30 mins then you'll see the real Melbourne. Happy brunching, with love from a Melbourne born and bred foodie X

JODI VERNAU , Melbourne, AUS, about 1 month ago

Kau & Co cafe, High Street, Northcote

Vegilicious St Kilda

Michelle Jarni , Melbourne, AUS, about 2 months ago

I work as a food photographer for a website called the Urban List (look it up for more food stuff in Melb)
My favourites near you are Industry Beans (Fitzroy), Grub Food Van (Fitzroy), Green's Refectory (Brunswick), BARRY. (Northcote) and a little hidden one that is above my office Stand and Deliver (Brunswick).

Samuel Harvey , Melbourne, AUS, 15 days ago

Just go into bars and cafes with your CV and introduce yourself.. that's the best way. Most hospitality jobs aren't advertised online due to the high turnover.

Hannah Taylor , Melbourne, AUS, 20 days ago

Try the Melbourne bartender exchange Facebook group!

Kyle Pearson , Melbourne, AUS, 19 days ago

My work has a job searching program if you cant find anything :(. Its 69$ but it finds work for 1 year, pretty much any kind of work you need (even 2nd year visa and farm work stuff) in any city you want to work.

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Kornelija Rad, Melbourne, AUS, 2 months ago

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone on here is good with computers or knows a good pc repair in the city which wouldn't be too expensive? I'm freaking out a bit, as I need it back asap, any help would be amazing. Love and light x

Nick Postma , Port Melbourne, AUS, 2 months ago

Hey, could you pm me the issue? I'm working in IT and could perhaps help you out, depending on the issue...


Chenxu Zhao , Melbourne, AUS, 2 months ago

I am a programmer, I want to know the issue , then I can see if I can fix it.


Paul Burnett , St Kilda West, AUS, 2 months ago

Really will depend on the issue, Kornelija Rad.

What's preventing you using your computer? e.g. what systems error responses are you getting (if any), homepages hijacked, potential virus/malware/spyware etc.


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Sandra Lee, Montgomery, USA, 2 months ago

Hey, going to be in Melbourne from May 28 to June 14th. Looking for recommendations on good places to do day hikes or possibly overnighters.


Mark Giliam , Melbourne, AUS, about 1 month ago

Wilsons Prom and the Grampians are great and you can do overnight hikes. Depending on your transport, The Dandenong Ranges are the most accessible. You can catch the train to Belgrave or Upper Ferntree Gully and get to the National park quite easy from there. In the Dandenongs the '1000 steps' walk is super popular and gets very busy if you want to avoid the crowds, otherwise everywhere else you should mostly have the forest to yourself.

Louis Boyle Bryant , Melbourne, AUS, 14 days ago

I (third?) the above recommendations (ie Cathedrals, Dandenongs, Grampians, Alps, the Prom), and I'd throw in the great Southwest walk (down near the 12 Apostles) and the wilderness coast track as other multi-day options. The WCT runs from Disaster Bay in NSW to Mallacoota VIC. You need to book that one in, as it's quite remote but far out - absolutely beautiful if you have the time.

Caitlin Gordon , Melbourne, AUS, about 2 months ago

I second Kalyan! They're all amazing spots. I've written about a few of those on my blog if you want to see some photos / get an idea of what's out there --

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BLINAA, Kuala Lumpur, MYS, 2 months ago

Hi Ho!

Would anyone recommend to see the Pink Lakes at this time of the year? i was told theres more than one here in Victoria, which one is the best one?

Also, anyone interested to go there and if its a long drive we could stay overnight there. Thanks

Jacqueline Harris , Melbourne, AUS, 26 days ago

Hi Blinna, the lakes in Victoria only turn pink during the Summer months. The temperature rise makes the algae turn pink, giving the whole lake a pink colour. In West Gate Park the lake turns very pink, but wait until the warmer months.

Matteo Vecchia , Trento, ITA, 2 months ago

Hello Blinaa! If you find sometings about let me know i' m interesting too. :)

BLINAA , Kuala Lumpur, MYS, 2 months ago

i did so the one in Melbourne apparently is not Pink anymore, that leave to the one near the Murray's national Park...and its called the Pink Lakes. Its 5 hours drive from Melbourne.