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There are 10 questions in Brno, Czech Republic

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Chiborras, Buenos Aires, ARG, 2 months ago

Hello you all!

I'm excited about the chance of moving to Brno and am already having some job interviews so it will probably happen soon.

My doubt is about the cost of living for a single 25 years old guy with no need for luxury but a decent life. I mean living in a shared flat, grocery and general shopping, public transport, etc.

I've found in this website that the average salary for 2014 was 17.300 CZK net.
Is it accurate and updated?
Is there inflation? (general raise in prices, might sound a strange question but in Argentina is around 25% a year so it's an important factor).

What do you think would be a fair salary for IT analyst with 1 year of experience related to ERPs (not programming or technical profile)?

According to this info it would start around 30.000/35.000 CZK gross. Do you think it's ok, too much or not enough?

Sorry for all these questions! It's just I wanna make sure that the info I have is reliable and there is no better way than asking local people.
Hope everything goes well and I can enjoy Brno life soon!


Chiborras , Buenos Aires, ARG, 2 months ago

I forgot to post the other link I've found, here it is:

Richard Mach , Blansko, CZE, 2 months ago

so called average salary is always higher than what majority of the people get. you can count with 17300, though. there's rather deflation in here, that's why national bank pushes koruna (our currency) to get weaker, so no need to worry about inflation at all. (no need to worry about deflation either, it's around 0 %)
as for IT analyst, i have no idea, but 30-35K is very good money in here. honestly, young doctors can dream about that. :( generally, IT branch along with marketing are very well paid.
can't wait to see you here, let me know when you're here :-)

Jakub , Brno, CZE, 2 months ago

Estoy de acuerdo con Richard, no tienes q preocupar con la inflación/deflación. Salario en IT depende ... creo q en un empresa multinacional (como IBM, RedHat, ...) es 30-35 (salario bruto) posible también para IT juniors , en empresa local y pequeña 19-25.
Alquiler un piso: desde 8000 ( )
Alquiler un habitación / piso compartido: desde 2500 ( )

9 total anwers to this question

Colin Adams, , USA, 2 months ago

Can anyone tell me the local reputation or opinion of this school?

I am considering applying to a graduate program there, and have found limited information searching (in English) online.

Any replies are greatly appreciated!

Siru Laine , Brno, CZE, 24 days ago

Not sure if it's too late with the answer but I've studied in an English program in Mendel for 3 years and I can't recommend it to anyone. The semester fees are relatively expensive and the quality is very low. About half of the teachers barely speak English. Plagiarism and cheating are rampant. The library and access to online sources are poor. The whole degree has been a sad joke. I guess it might depend on the faculty though, I study international development and I've indeed heard that agriculture and horticulture are a bit higher level (still not comparable to rest of Europe)

Ondřej Tisovský , Prague, CZE, 2 months ago

Hi Colin,
if you mean faculty of business and economics, is that one of the best faculty in Czech Republic, but preferably you should go to University of Economics in Prague.

Colin Adams , , USA, 2 months ago

Hey Ondrej....I guess I meant generally speaking... For example it is easy to google Masaryk University and get a pretty clear idea.

Its harder with a smaller school...which is why I was trying to find other opinions.

Thanks for your reply!

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Michael Kandler, Vienna, AUT, 2 months ago

Hey Locals!
What are your favorite Restaurants and Bars in Brno so far?
Coming to Brno next week, would be glad for every advice :)
Thank you

Eglė , Brno, CZE, 2 months ago

- spolek
- budda
- rubin

Marko Mamula , Brno, CZE, 2 months ago

Bar definitely: Bar, který neexistuje (Bar that doesnt exist)
Podnebí is a nice cafe right below the Castle with a beautiful garden

Václav Vidoň , Brno, CZE, 2 months ago

Or " U poutníka"

( - webside in czech language)

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Katarzyna Pawełczak, Poznan, POL, 2 months ago

I'll be in Brno (28-30 August) and i have very important question, what is the best place for party and meeting awsome czech people? :D

surf-THE-surfer , Brno, CZE, 2 months ago

hlavni nadrazi had some fine czech folks )))

Denisa Andonovová , Brno, CZE, 2 months ago

You shoukd go to Jakubske namesti square, that's where a lot of czech people meet for a drink:-)

Ivana Rovenská Ivet Stehlíková , Brno, CZE, 2 months ago

Definitely Duck bar, in Kamenka (Stone colony). It is the "village" near the center, which was build by poor worker in a stone pit. And Duck bar is awesome bar!

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L' Innominata, Rzeszow, POL, 2 months ago

Could you please recommend places where:
a) I can eat good Italia pizza,
b) I can eat good local food at reasonable price,
c) I can eat good icecream,
d) I can drink good local beer,
e) I can drink good hot/iced chocolate?

Any advice is welcome :)

Vít Zgažar , Brno, CZE, 2 months ago

a) italian pizza really don't know :D italians are always unsatisfied outside of italian restaurants, but there are some options: Pizza u doktora 60cm pizza on busstop úvoz (they have also delivery in Brno free), or a good pizza you can buy near the trainstation, the street from hlavní nádraží to Svobodovo náměstí very near KFC. Not ITALIAN Pizza but very traditional Brno :D "na čáře" on a busstop česká.
b) very good choise for local food and beer is in my opinion Pivovar u Pegasa, which you can find in the very center but in the side street in front ofchurch of saint Jakub
c) the best icecream is at "čára" very near the pizza place.
d)lokal beers are everywhere, there is a breweary at mendelovo náměstí (Mendlák), but very good beer is in pub called Atrium near the main trainstation (beer Bernard) go up the stairs "za grandem"
Padowezc is one of the best Pilsner urquel pubs where you can get this exclusive czech beer from tank.
Nice atmosphere is always in the Náměstí sv. Jakuba pub Na stojáka.
and as mentioned above Pegas is very good
e) there is a very nice place for hot chocolate (specialize) in Alfapasáž near Svobodovo náměstí
one more tip...there is a very high café culture most of the café in the Part Veveří...Cafec, Tucaloca are ones of my favourit

Have fun!

Róbert Hubinák , Brno, CZE, 2 months ago


a) I can eat good Italia pizza,
Either or as everything else tastes like cardboard with oil :)

b) I can eat good local food at reasonable price,

And for a nice medieval atmosphere

c) I can eat good icecream,
Anywhere near Náměstí Svobody is good. For mad popsicles try

d) I can drink good local beer,
It's Brno, so everywhere...really :) If you prefer some IPA or EPA style beers and unusual (but local) brands, try Na Stojáka on Jakubského náměstí or Bar, ktorý neexistuje - they are close to each other. Or you can try U Bomby which is close to Slovanské náměstí, next to a whorehouse :D and for a large selection of local beers (and also flavored ones) try Steakhouse Pod Lekárnou on Veveří street...also next to a whorehouse :D

e) I can drink good hot/iced chocolate?
As mentioned by Vít - Alfapasáž is the way to go :)