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There are 18 questions in Lodz, Poland

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Ira Lobanok, London, GBR, 2 months ago

We are indie-folk band Cherry Band from Ukraine. www.facebook.com/CherryBand Going to make a little tour in Poland. Can you please advice some places in Lodz, where they perform folk, indie-folk, indie-pop? Thank you in advance!

Viktorija Marshalek , Lodz, POL, 2 months ago

Hmm last year "Future Folk" https://pl-pl.facebook.com/futurefolk was playing in Scenografia, so maybe you alsko could ask about there.

Maria Aymali , Gdansk, POL, 2 months ago

Hi Ira, if you are not right-wing (be sure they will check this), guys from la granda will host you with pleasure. There is cafe+hostel with some alternative music. contact them http://lagranda.pl/ also on facebook klubokawiarnia granda

Kasia Piątek , Lodz, POL, 2 months ago

When you'll decide where to make a concert, let us know here- I will gladly see you performing! ;)

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TrIstanbul, Yeongju, KOR, 2 months ago


Does anyone know where I can find an English speaking doctor in Łodź? I think my 4th metatarsal is broken/fractured in my foot. It's not an emergency so I don't need to rush to a hospital. I'd like to find a English speaking doctor soon though so I can get it checked out to be sure.

Also, does anyone know if a doctor visit like this is expensive in Poland? I have travel insurance, but it's the kind where I must pay first and wait for the insurance company to eventually pay me back... Not very ideal if the doctor visit is very expensive.

Joanna , Łódź, POL, 2 months ago

Please, go to hospital. I think they will speak English.

TrIstanbul , Yeongju, KOR, 2 months ago

I appreciate your concern, but it really is a non-emergency. With the long wait times at public hospitals, I don't want to wait for 4 hours just to discover my doctor doesn't speak English so I can't learn about my foot and have to visit/wait/pay for a visit to try again at a different hospital. That's why I'm trying to research in advance. :)

Marysia Nowak , Lodz, POL, 2 months ago

You should then try to get an appointment at Medicover, Enelmed or Luxmed. In each of the centers they speak English. But you will have to cover the full cost.

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nota bene, Budapest, HUN, 2 months ago

dear fellows,

I was wondering if someone could help me with the following query: could someone tell me please, what is the monthly average cost of living in Lodz implying accommodation (rented, shared or one room appartment), utilities, internet, transportation, food, without going out a lot. I would be grateful for any tips or advice. Thank you a lot in advance!

best regards,

Tomasz Skrzypczyk , Lodz, POL, 2 months ago

costs for:
room - 600/800
apartment - 1200/1500
electricity - 30
internet - 50/60
local transpotration - 40(student) / 80 (normal)
food - 300/400
i've only made it up

nota bene , Budapest, HUN, 2 months ago

Thank you a lot for the tip! I really appreciate it.

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Lydia Unsworth, Amsterdam, NLD, 2 months ago


Does anybody know about which schools are the good ones? I am looking to do a one month intensive language course, and have so far being looking at Polonus but I cannot seem to find any reviews of this place. Does anybody know if it is reputable?

Many thanks,


Dagna Kidoń , Lodz, POL, 2 months ago

Hi, if u r an University Student you can learn here:

there is aso sth like Sorbona

and Perfect OK

I hope it's helpful.
Good luck!

Imen Turki , Warsaw, POL, 2 months ago

Hey Lydia, please if you find one let me know...

Agnieszka Maciejewska, Lodz, POL, 13 days ago

  • are here still any cochsurfers in age 30+?

muza_and_metalurg , Lodz, POL, 9 days ago

Yep, some even older ;)

Łukasz Rogowski , Lodz, POL, 10 days ago

Yes! If you set up any meeting, please inform me too!
(I'm not always around but I would try to join)

Czesław Szymański , Lodz, POL, 12 days ago

If 29 9/12 counts...