Straddling the Danube River with Buda on one side and Pest on the other, Budapest is Hungary’s beautiful capital city. Over the centuries, this city has suffered at the hands of the Mongols, the Turks, and the Soviets, but has rebuilt itself into a place more grand and elegant than expected. Visitors can see this elegance in sights like the famous Chain Bridge and Hungarian National Parliament, two of the most recognizable symbols of Budapest. Climb the Castle hill to Fisherman’s Bastion, a neo-Gothic terrace dotted with towers on the Buda bank of the Danube for a striking panoramic view.

Budapest has always been known for its thermal baths, where the healing waters are warm year-round. Make your way to the Széchenyi thermal baths for indoor and outdoor bathing options, as well as a sauna and steam rooms. When you’re feeling refreshed, head out for a taste of the nightlife at one of Budapest’s ruin bars, where abandoned spaces are furnished with quirky second-hand items and transformed into lively bars.


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