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Vladimir Despotovic, Belgrade, SRB, 2 months ago

How to get to airport from the city? :) We arrive mid-July and will be couple of hours in Budapest, and after that we catch a flight. How can we get to airport by public transportation or something? Is it possible to walk to there? Thank you, all the friendly people out there you :) !

Intrepid Traveller , Dublin, IRL, 2 months ago

It takes almost an hour to get into the city, first you get a bus from the airport to the underground and then you take the underground. don't attempt it unless you have time. If you do have time don't hesitate it is a most beautiful city and the people are friendly

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Filip Nikolic, Belgrade, SRB, 2 months ago

Szia, egész jövő héten Budapesten leszek nyári egyetemen. I'd like to some sightseeing by bicycle. Can someone tell me where I can inform myself about routes (both around the Budapest and around the country), maybe some organized rides etc?
Is, mert szeretnék magyarul gyakorolni, szép lesz ha valaki szeretne egy kávén találkozni.

Robert Schneider , Budapest, HUN, 2 months ago

hey, i would be up for a some mountain biking rides even , even outside the city

AminataJ , Dublin, IRL, 2 months ago

The Danube :) cycle back to komárom
I just did it

Miklos Jakab , Budapest, HUN, 2 months ago

Nekem ez sokat segít biciklizéskor:

Krisztián Vida , Budapest, HUN, 11 days ago

Hi, you'll find luggage lockers at every larger railway station (Keleti, Nyugati, Déli, Kelenföld), these are probably the best option.

Csilla Szeman , Budapest, HUN, 11 days ago

In shopping mall's cloac room.

Eshref P., Kadikoy, TUR, 2 months ago

Hey all,

I'm going to travel Budapest on 17 July. And now I've checked some places to dance. :)

But I know that; the local people advices are always important.

So, please let me know about which clubs are good and your advices.

Zsuzsanna Kollár , Budapest, HUN, about 1 month ago

Hey there, on 20th of August on A38 ship two great Hungarian djs will work together. You can find the event on fb with the following title: Budapest Firework After
Lärm is closed now as I know.

Barnabas Molnar , Budapest, HUN, 2 months ago

E.g. Corvin Club, VOLT bar, Lärm;)

Aliz Szabó , Budapest, HUN, 2 months ago

Morrisons2, Ötkert for sure: )

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Remus Hosu, Oradea, ROU, 2 months ago

Hey everyone,

Could you please help me out with some advice regarding the parking in Budapest? Is there free parking in the central area? I've noticed some small sideway streets which don't have the parking sign displayed, nor parking lines. Cars are parked there. Is that free or do you have to pay?
Thanks in advance


Gyuri Hamar , Budapest, HUN, 2 months ago

you can always check out the parking zones here:
the map only works if you're viewing the site in Hungarian, but other informations are available in English and German too
otherwise, always check the signs on surrounding corners and watch out for handicapped spots (they're not always very well signed)

Remus Hosu , Oradea, ROU, 2 months ago

Thanks man, I appreciate it! köszi
I don't really understand the map but I managed to find the street I have in mind on google street view. Maybe you can take a look:

Ákos Gyöngy , Budapest, HUN, 2 months ago

Not sure what you exactly mean by "Central Area" but in most of the streets you will have to pay if you're not a resident. It is free to park on the 2 sides of the Andrássy út between Oktogon and Heroes Square. Also there is a big free parking lot near Heroes Square: