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There are 15 questions in Poznan, Poland

Robert KedVes, Oradea, ROU, about 1 month ago

couch user of the ERASMUS girls who is searching for room in POZNAN: https://www.couchsurfing.com/users/2004218184

October2016 - January 2017

  • girl
  • dormitory!
  • hey do you know a dormitory for a friend of mine
  • from transilvania?
  • poznan

Rafał Zych , Poznan, POL, about 1 month ago

Hi, I always look for a flat on gumtree.pl website. I hope I helped.

Paulina Bukowska , Poznan, POL, about 1 month ago

i'm looking for flatmate so if she is still interested , feel free to contact with me :)

Natalia and Lucas , Poznan, POL, about 1 month ago

Hey, I can recommend this place to stay:


This is my listing, and I am the host :)


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Wojciech Kapella, Poznań, POL, 2 months ago


I'm new in town and I'm looking for some indoor venues for climbing. I would appreciate any advice on that matter.

If someone would like to join me or would like me to join him/her as a climbing partner, that would be also great!


Jakub Bujakiewicz , Poznan, POL, 2 months ago

Hej Wojtek,
You have three possibilities in Poznań:
- Blok Haus - boulder climbing, in my opinion best spot in our city,
- Avana - only rope climbingi da city,
- Climbing spot- boulder climbing.
If You have no one to go with, give a sign!

Agnieszka Rybacka , Poznan, POL, 2 months ago

Hi Wojtek,
I usually go to BlokHaus and Avana with my friends, you're welcome to join us :)

Wojciech Kapella , Poznań, POL, 2 months ago

Jakub, Agnieszka thanks for your answers. I'm more into rope climbing, so it would be great to try Avana together some day. Do you go there regularly on a specific day?

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Sianna, Sofia, BGR, 2 months ago

Hey, guys!
I've moved to Poznan 2 weeks ago for an Erasmus semester and I am looking forward to some recommendations for nice bars and clubs that are more... underground or hipster. I kind of want to check other places instead of the popular for international students Cuba Libre, Czekolada etc. I've already heard of Projekt Lab and 8 Bitow, so if you have other suggestions - send them my way. It would be nice if it is not only electronic music :)

Cafes, cinemas and all other kind of cool places are also greatly appreciated :)

Justyna Mleczak , Poznań, POL, 28 days ago

I do not agree that Poznań has not much to offer! There is for example a great restaurant/cafe and sometimes cinema called La Ruina/Raj. Południe offers free tango classes. A lot of different events every week you can find in Pies Andaluzyjski. We have also Centrum Amarant, Meskalina, Ministerstwo Browaru is a great place to try beer and just chat. Much more, that's the first what comes to my mind

Ewelina Jankowiak , Poznań, POL, 2 months ago


I like Muza Cinema - it's small and alternative place in the center of Poznań - Święty Marcin Street

Dragon Pub on Zamkowa Street close to the castle looks like this


and there is a nice gallery in Stary Browar http://www.artstationsfoundation5050.com/exhibitions/program/

If you need outside places with contemporary art write me on priv ;-)

Anna Konkel , Poznan, POL, 2 months ago

I'd recommend Piwna Stopa pub on Szewska street next to the Old Market Square, it's very cozy and they have a great variety of local beers, you can also try Basilium on Woźna street if u like to experiment with your beer and pour some syrup in it ;) there are so may great cafes in here, f.e. Soho cafe on Wroniecka street, Bigfoot Cafe in Pasaż Apollo, Minister Cafe on Ratajczaka street, Sweet Surrender on Krasińskiego street (close to the most teatralny). Like Ewelina wrote, Muza is a great cinema but you have also Rialto on Dąbrowskiego street and Apollo on Ratajczaka. That's right off the top of my head if you want some more tips pm me ;)

Wilby Sanchez, Barcelona, ESP, 2 months ago

Hello everyone,
could you tell me the best places to dances Latin Music (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba) in Poznan or some advice to hang out there.
i will be there for few days.

Anna Konkel , Poznan, POL, 2 months ago

If you're looking for a latin club then check out Cuba Libre(on Wrocławska street, next to the old market square) or Muchos Patatos (on Nowowiejskiego street, a little bit further from the old market square but still in the city center).

Maria Berlin , Dresden, DEU, about 1 month ago

Hi dancers in Poznan :)
I'm visiting a friend and would like to got to the Rey Ceballo & TRIPULACION CUBANA (www.facebook.com/events/207404989661457). Who's in for dancing? or do you have any other advice?
See you

Sonia Mackowiak , Cambridge, GBR, about 1 month ago

Creo que tu sabes bien donde bailar salsa aqui, no? ;)

GIPSYYDOLPHINN, Cannes, FRA, 2 months ago

I will be in Poznan and around next week, can anybody advise a nice café with live music and any interesting spots in Poznan and around ?

Jakub Bartkowiak , Poznań, POL, 2 months ago

Worth visiting: http://www.kontenerart.pl/

Domi nika , Poznan, POL, 2 months ago

I really like this one :)
Live music every weekend

GIPSYYDOLPHINN , Cannes, FRA, 2 months ago

Thank you very much guys ;-) My stay in Poznan is more enjoyable thanks to you