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There are 31 questions in Bratislava, Slovakia

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Paulina D., Bratislava, SVK, 2 months ago

Hi guys,
I'm wondering if someone could tell me (I need this information as soon as possible) what kind of salary (after tax) I could count on working in customer service for a major IT company. I have no idea about prices in Bratislava (rent, food) and I can't estimate my desired salary. Could anyone help please?

Martin Lipták , Bratislava, SVK, 2 months ago

Hi, it depends on a lot of variables, of course, but maybe around 800 euros?

Paulina D. , Bratislava, SVK, 2 months ago

Thank you Martin!

Martin Hodan , Bratislava, SVK, 2 months ago

200 € room in an apartment.

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Pingou Le Pingouin, Berlin, DEU, 2 months ago

Hey everybody!

My girlfriend and I are coming to Bratislava this week and I promised her I'd find something interesting to do. Problem is, everybody says there's nothing to do in this shitty city of Bratislava.
Just kidding.
I was wondering if you could perhaps share here your favorite place (be it a bar, restaurant, street or whatever), something that I couldn't find in a boring google list of "10 things to do in Bratislava"?

And if you want to meet, we would love to!
Thank you all!

Michal Valach , Bratislava, SVK, about 2 months ago

Pity that I see it only now, but as a local I would take you to Mark Twain river club

Unforgetable atmosphere, good beer, nice people, great music, awesome location :)

Jacob Zucula , , IRL, 2 months ago

Man do like me, rely on tripomatic app for Bratislava at from my Mi phone

I have been trying to ask for some advices and no one replies! I'm already here, perhaps I may leave tomorrow to Vienna.
I recommend you visit Old Town, and at night the pubs, especially Dubliner, an Irish bar.

Wish you a blast.



Pingou Le Pingouin , Berlin, DEU, 2 months ago

Thanks Jacob, I had a look. Interesting app, but it seems like there are only touristic places. I would have love to see something where they are more locals.
Did you enjoy your stay at least, or there's really not much to do?

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Tim Kähler, , DEU, 2 months ago

Hey people! - We'll be in Bratislava at Silvestre. Does anyone know a cool club that plays techno? - Especially at the 31. December. ;) We would be glad to hear! Greetz!!

Francesco Del Principe , Fort Lauderdale, USA, 2 months ago

I'll be in Bratislava with friends as well!
Let's meet !

Tim Kähler , , DEU, 2 months ago

Yeah definitely! - What are your plans so far? ;D

Michal , Bratislava, SVK, 2 months ago

Guys, for a techno you could try Radost -
They are playing techno on Silvester (New Years Eve).

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Mahmoud Ahmed, Cairo, EGY, 2 months ago

I visit Bratislava for Half day.
what is Bratislava known for ?

i read that it has a good Cheese to taste, read about Hot Chocolate somewhere !

Michal Smolík , Bratislava, SVK, 2 months ago

"Bratislavský rožok" (can't think of any translation, but it is a U-shaped thin roll) is a famous sweet, filled with walnuts or poppy. You can get it in most cafés in old town. I would also recommend "Halušky s bryndzou" (dumplings with "bryndza" cheese), which are a Slovak specialty. Not everyone enjoys them though.

king Solomon's horse , Bratislava, SVK, 2 months ago

ahlan ! i have been living in Bratislava for one and half year now but I have never heard about "Bratislavsky rozok", might be the case I dont go downtown much. Though you can find many good kebabs on every corner, hahaha. No, seriously, you should eat "halusky". Is there really somebody who does not like them ? I have also never heard about hot chocolate in connection with Bratislava. I personally would also recommend "vyprazany syr", that is fried cheese if you want to have the "casual experience"

4 total anwers to this question

Iain Davies, Prague, CZE, 2 months ago

Hey folks,
I'll be traveling through Slovakia in the beginning of July and would love your tips on the best places to go!
Already being told I have to go to the mountains, but can you add anything else to the list? Any beautiful villages? Specific mountain ranges?

miroslava Durisova , Everett, USA, about 2 months ago

definitely visit castles. Our country is one of the ones that has them many and you ll be surprised by its beauty and history. Specifically Castle Cachtice -Bathory.
Hikes are best in north west and middle of Slovakia such as high Tatras. Lomnicky stit and so on. And if you ll be traveling through north-west let me know we can get a coffee :)

Marek Kristof , Senec, SVK, 2 months ago

Places to see: Somoska, Filakovo - castle, stone waterfall,
Cicmany, Vlkolinec, Brhlovce - nice village,
Banska Stiavnica, Kremnica, Bardejov - nice cities,
Slovak Paradise - national park,
Beckov, Temativ, Oravsky hrad, Spisky hrad - Castle/ruins of castle.......enjoy
Tchau m.

Michal Valach , Bratislava, SVK, about 2 months ago

Hi Iain,
In case you would touch down here again I would recommend to check out reasons on the page
we started several months ago :)

enjoy and cheers!