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Heather O'Rourke, Kilmarnock, GBR, about 2 months ago

I got told to find accommo in Kruezberg but then someone else said that it's out of the way and that I should stay in Mitte? I'm 19 and we want to see all the touristy stuff but also go to good bars and clubs etc.

PABLO "Aka" CHARLIE , Berlin, DEU, about 2 months ago

Spandau is the New and Hip place to live in Berlin..... Better then all these suggestions

"I just wanted someone to tell me where the fuck to stay after it all."

stay home.

u welcome

Pietro Poldrugo , Berlin, DEU, about 2 months ago

@ Heather
Friedrichshain is a great choice, lot of bars and restaurants. In Berlin almost nothing is within a walking distance range. And, imho, it is always better to sleep next to the bar than next to the museum.

@ Sancho, ... , Rafael
Stop sarcasm and get a life!

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Olga Radziejewicz, Gdańsk, POL, about 2 months ago

where can I find some good cakes, pubs or cafes? ;)

Susanne Lunz , Potsdam, DEU, about 2 months ago

@ Teddy: Why the hell Potsdam? :D

Ray , Berlin, DEU, about 2 months ago

By the way, Goodies have a great range of vegan cakes, maybe the best in Berlin.

Look up Ooh La La on Happy Cow, it's in Friedrichshain. Also go to MorgenRot for a nice chill point with friends. Most people are in the parks in summer, they grab a few bottles and just veg out under the trees. If you see someone playing Frisbee, outdoor ping pong or any other game, just ask if you can join in, 99% of the time they will be more than happy for you to join them.

Svenja Gruendler , Berlin, DEU, about 1 month ago

The absolute best cake in Berlin? Philadelphia Cheesecake at Five Elephant! Glogauer Straße

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Fox Morgenstern, Berlin, DEU, 9 days ago

  • dancing
  • salsa

Dan Cole , Berlin, DEU, 7 days ago


Tanmay Vaidya , Berlin, DEU, 7 days ago


Shehab Soltan , Berlin, DEU, 7 days ago


PABLO "Aka" CHARLIE , Berlin, DEU, 12 days ago

for temporary rooms your best options are here

Emily DeVries , Berlin, DEU, 9 days ago

I could rent out my room to you for that time! It's near Leopoldplatz and I usually pay 420 per month but 400 is fine as well :) If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Ulrich Joßner , Berlin, DEU, 11 days ago

Hi Anna, Nov and Dec would be fine for me. It seems you are a "deep" person, interested in books and meditation and open to learn new things, this is even "finer" as far as I'm concerned.
If you are still looking for a place, let's get in contact.
Yours Ulli

Sirio X, Rome, ITA, about 2 months ago

Good morning

I need to buy a tripod for my camera, but I haven't seen many photographic shops going around these days, probably I did not pay enough attention

It would be great if someone can suggest me a good one, a place with good choice and, first of all, fair prices

Thank you in advance for any information or tip

Martha Krejci , Berlin, DEU, about 2 months ago

Go to:

Calumet Photographic Berlin
Lützowstrasse 37
10785 Berlin
+49 (0)30-257571-0
Details anzeigen
Montag 9 - 19 Uhr
Dienstag - Freitag 10 - 19 Uhr
(Profi-Service und Call-Center ab 9 Uhr)
Samstag 10 - 18 Uhr

Ann-Susann Retemeyer , Berlin, DEU, 23 days ago

"Foto Meyer" as already mentioned above is the best for me, but there is also "Foto Braune" near Hermannplatz on Karl-Marx-Str. 7 but there is also the possibility to go to "conrad" near Hermannplatz, good luck

chf , Berlin, DEU, about 2 months ago

My favourites are Fotopioniere on Karl-Marx-Allee 87 in FHain for accessories and prints and Foto Impex, Alte Schönhauser 32b in Mitte for films. Check them out! :)