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There are 29 questions in Hamburg, Germany

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Annika Sin Apellido, Hamburg, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hey everybody!
In winter I like to go to the sauna regularly.
In my hometown they used to have a sauna that you can visit for just like 3 Euro.
I googled saunas in Hamburg and just found heaps of saunas where you have to pay mostly more than 15 Euro for a day.
I' m not looking for a fancy sauna but a small and cheap sauna where I can go just for 2-3 hours.
These big saunas are more for special events, right now I am looking for something tiny and cheap where I can go regularly once a week.
Can someone pleeease help me? =)
Thank you! =)

Klaus-Dieter Fremuth , Hamburg, DEU, about 1 month ago

The best and priceless for me, I found see here:
That is 7 Euro for a day, fitness is very good, sauna is simple, but good.
It's close to the Fabrik, bus line 150.
More information, ask me(:-)).
Regards Klaus

Isidora Mei , Hamburg, DEU, about 2 months ago

I am in the same boat and that I have found so far is the Sportspaß , where you can have Gym and fitness programs and sauna with like 32 euro per month.
The negative is that you have to pay 3 months at the start and if you cancel you can loose like 1 month because they have specific dates of cancellation.
they have 2 sauna rooms and a relax room.
But some months I do not have so much time to go to sauna so I am looking for something that I can visit without a subscription with a good price.

R1NCEW1ND , Hamburg, DEU, about 2 months ago

If you have found one let me know :)

Unfortunately Hamburg does not subsidizing swimming halls like other german states.

Bäderland who operates most swimming halls, offers 18% off if you get a "Multicard" and charge it by 150 Euros.
You also can pay for multiple persons with one card and give the card to other people. 3 hours sauna is around 12-14 Euro at Bäderland.

There are some sport centers who also offer thier sauna to other customers.
A few years ago I used to go here, but expect tiny swimingpool and two worn out saunas in a basement. If you rent a squash court, the sauna is included afterwards.

Unfortunately the swimming hall Pinneberg (other state) is renewing at the moment.It's unclear if they reopen thier sauna again. It was close to S-Bahn

14 total anwers to this question

Jeremy Martinez, Hamburg, DEU, about 2 months ago


I'm relatively new to Hamburg, looking for good hiking in the area (and people to hike with)! I know the area is pretty much flat, but if anyone knows of and wants to go on any hiking day trips, let's get something together! Maybe if there are any good "hills" nearby or good remote/wilderness areas

Chris Moore , Hamburg, DEU, about 2 months ago

This meetup group is pretty active. I haven't been on any hikes with them yet, but I will join them on Thursday this week to check it out:

Ciara Ristig , Hamburg, DEU, about 2 months ago

Is anyone up for a hike/excursion this weekend? I can bring enthusiasm but not much knowledge of local trails, though it seems from the comments above that others certainly can!

Isabel Bleckmann , Hamburg, DEU, 28 days ago

Hey, i know it's a quite old post but i would also love to join! :)

Joe Douek, Melbourne, AUS, about 2 months ago

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone recommend a few good restaurants in Hamburg? I just need a good atmosphere and food.

The back story is my work takes customers that we want to impress to restaurants during a trade show. We love Bullerei and Altes Madchen but we have been there every year so we need something new.

Just a place with good food and atmosphere.

Thanks so much


Ulf Henninger , Hamburg, DEU, about 2 months ago

Let me ask - how do you want to impress your customers? More like quality or more like atmosphere?

If you're just going for quality:
- maybe Hotel Süllberg (beware: 2 Michelin stars...). Fish is a specialty. (Bergedorf)
- Le Canard (1 star) (Altona)
- Henssler & Henssler (Altona)

- Das Dorf (St. Georg)
- maybe Das Feuerschiff (more atmosphere, a little less quality) (Harbour)

... ok, I'll stop now...

Jo Achim , Hamburg, DEU, about 2 months ago

From my experience: Vlet or Die Bank

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Imma, Yogyakarta, IDN, about 2 months ago

Moin! Can you guys please inform me about what's strongly recommended to do/see in Hamburg? Preferably non-touristy stuff. Thanks!


HARBURG_HEARTH , Hamburg, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hey Imma,
take your pick from
Enjoy your stay in Hamburg,

Isaac Vega , Hamburg, DEU, about 2 months ago

If you need some help, let me know. I can show you some cool stuff, non-touristy we can discuss

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Anna Jak, Berlin, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hey everybody!

Does somebody know some so called lost places in Hamburg? Would be very thankful!


Prajwal.S , Hamburg, DEU, about 2 months ago

Wow thanks amazing info links guys..

R1NCEW1ND , Hamburg, DEU, about 2 months ago

HH: interessting.

Some of these closed places can be also seen in September like the old submarine bunker, Bismarkdenkmal, Ice cellars, Kaisers dressing room, Schellfischtunnel....

there are some ghost underground stations:
Of course there is artwork display at U2 at central station ghost station.
Funny is: all the station signs inside are from the 70ties when it was opened.

Former Hamburg drinking water supply till the 70ties.
Some ponds are restored some are in bad shape.

Like to see a ghost bridge? Look up "Jahnbrücke" in City Nord.
It's a bridge basically crossing nothing. It was planed in the 60ties to pass a new highway to the Airport underneath.

The brick factory a KZ-Neuengamme is little appart from the museum and pretty impressive. As it is a longer walk it might be that you are all alone:

Want to see ship wrecks?

The industrial area around Veddel/Elter Elbtunnel is nice on weekend, as there is nobody working, but well, you might need permission :)