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There are 68 questions in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Ilker Karabulut, Adana, TUR, 2 months ago

I wonder ;
Is there any border control between Malmo - Copenhagen rail or bus routes ?

Darrynsquishfoto , Lund, SWE, 2 months ago

They check on buses trains and maybe cars from denmark to sweden

Evan Roman , Fort Collins, USA, 2 months ago

my Malmo-ese friend says that it is only when going to sweden from denmark, but not going to denmark from sweden

Rolf , , SWE, 2 months ago

They check at Kastrup and they check at Hylie on the Swedish side. But not from Sweden to Denmark

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Meri Perez, Lausanne, CHE, 2 months ago

Hello! I'm coming to Copenhagen from the 31st July to the 27th August. I'm looking for a bike.

Someone could lend me a bike for that period or a couple of days? Or, where could I rent one at a CHEAP price?


TRAVELFLAV , Lucerne, CHE, 2 months ago

Meri Perez , Lausanne, CHE, 2 months ago

Thank you but I'm interested in a bike for all the time and being able to bring it home.

OGEHRKE , Copenhagen, DNK, 2 months ago
I've had surfers renting from either of them without problems.

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Hobin Jupe, Montreal, CAN, 2 months ago

Can anyone recommend a cheap way to eat in Copenhagen?

Beatrice Rust , Copenhagen, DNK, 2 months ago

You should definitely try pay 20kr online, choose the restaurant and in the night you go there and you can fill up a HUGE box of the food you prefer! It is enough food for two days for 20-30kr

Andy Johansen , Copenhagen, DNK, 2 months ago

Try to find some of the non-profit places. There are several. Only one i can remember, which is usually on for tuesdays is Kafa-x:

Bjørg :) , Sandnes, NOR, 2 months ago

As any other big city, don't go to the most touristy places to eat like Nyhavn and The shoppingarea.
Check out and other community kitchens. If you like kebabs, thats cheap food and you find it everywhere.
In most grocerystores they also have a own shelf for food like salads, sushi and wraps that expires within the next days, the prices are usually 30-50% off.

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Olya Dyatlova, Minsk, BLR, 2 months ago

Hi All,

Need your piece of advice about could it be possible to cross the Oresund Bridge as hitchhikers? We are 2 people, Is it real and safe?
Or should we better use public transport instead - e.g. buses?

Thanks ahead!

Samuel Jammeh , Malmo, SWE, 2 months ago

train is the way

Johan Nicander , Lund, SWE, 2 months ago

train is the easiest and doesnt cost you that much, however hitchhiking would be possible if someone picks you and let you guys cross the bridge for free without splitting the cost.

Kalle Wallman Privat , Malmö, SWE, 2 months ago

Some of the bus lines are cheaper than train.
Cars are not allowed to stop at the highway (to pick up hitchhikers), so this could be a bit complicated.

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Monika Kisielewska, Sheffield, GBR, 2 months ago

Hi there,
What places would you recommend to go to with kids? My oldest son is 4 years old. Any must sees? Kids friendly restaurants?
I'll appreciate your advice!

I'm going to Copenhagen with my two children and a husband but he's going to work there so it is going to be mostly the three of us hinging around together. If you're up for a coffee, ice-cream or a freesbe in a park or if you'd like a company walking the dog let me know I'll be happy to meet ☺

Beatrice Rust , Copenhagen, DNK, 2 months ago

Hi Monika. When will you be here? I definitely recommend Tivoli for a fun (but expensive) day out with kids! I also recommend taking the train to Klampenborg station and go for an absolutely beautiful walk in the forest followed by an ice cream at BAKKEN (Oldest tivoli in the world, free entrance, in the middle of a forest) .. Besides that Copenhagen got a nice zoo, lots of nice parks and some good playgrounds!

Monika Kisielewska , Sheffield, GBR, 2 months ago

Thank you Beatrice. It looks fantastic and it is very close to where we're staying so we'll definitely go there! Is there anywhere outside the city centre that's easy to get to by public transport?
we're arriving on 22nd and leaving on Friday 27th.

Hans , Europe (see text), NLD, 2 months ago

May I suggest The Blue Planet, a little north from the airport. It's cool for the oldest one: he will see sharks, seals and other animals live. I don't know this is of any interest for younger kids?