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Mel Mel, Amsterdam, NLD, about 2 months ago

Normally I stay almost the whole summer in Berlin. But sometimes you need to change your vibe :) I never been in Leipzig and I was curious which neighborhoods are nice.
In Berlin I always stay in Neukolln or Kreuzberg. So I like to live in neighborhoods where people live from different backgrounds and walks of live. And where you have a lot shops, supermarkets, cafe's on walking distance.

Michael Rubener , Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago


Connewitz (city part) for alternative and subculture,
Reudnitz (also a city part) for arts,
the saxony bridge as city meeting point with coffee and ice cream,
the Conne-Island for live music

Mel Mel , Amsterdam, NLD, about 2 months ago

thanks :)

inka & helge , Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago

If you are interested in people with different background also the east of Leipzig should be interesting. Only one of the "young places" in Leipzig where you would meet people also with different cultural background. I'm not too familiar with Leipzig's east, but the area around Eisenbahnstr. should be more ore less what you're looking for. Not too many fancy bars around, but still quite some cool places and interesting cultural life.

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Cécile Faucillon, Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hi all,

I moved to Leipzig last September. However I still haven't practiced my German so much. I learned at school, but it was a long time ago. I'd like to take lessons again. I'm looking for something not too expensive if possible. Do you know where I could do that, preferably in the Plagwitz/Lindenau area ? I work Monday to Friday until 7pm or so, so evening lessons would be the best, but I can consider other options.

Thanks for your advice :)

Ilya Mitianov , Saint Petersburg, RUS, 25 days ago

Hallo. Will the Villa Leipzig on September work? I am going to study German in Leipzig. It would be a good addition to courses.

Alexio O Φιλοξενία , Bamberg, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hi, Cécile! Salut^^

every tuesday there is a language exchange evening for free at the Villa Leipzig on Lessing-Straße nearby the firestation at the ring. It starts from 8pm till late, and there will be plenty of people who you can meet to talk and learn German - in exchange for a bit of French or English. ;-)

Here is the link: http://villa-leipzig.de/veranstaltung/regelmaessig/Soir%C3%A9e_Polyglotte_Leipzigs_Sprachenabend/

I'll be going tomorrow there again as well, trying to practice some Russian, if there will be any natives, so maybe see you around!

All best,

Cécile Faucillon , Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hi Alexio,

I'll try to join the Sprachenabend sometime soon, thanks for the info.

However, I'd really like to take lessons too. Any suggestions ?


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Maik.J, Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago


I need desperately a bike here!

Some second hand store where to buy one? or cheaper and better looking at second hand websites?

thanks for the help!

inka & helge , Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hi Miguel! You can have a look on www.dsble.de for bikes, most notes are in German there, though. Also there are often bikes at kleinanzeigen.ebay.de. And you can check the Leipzig fleamarket facebook groups for that - just make a search for Leipzig and Flohmarkt, you'll find several groups. Be aware that buying a second hand bikes from private persons is always a bit difficult for not knowing if it was stolen once.

I don't know bike shops that sell second hand bikes. I'm sure there are few, though, maybe someone else can help.

Cheers, Inka

Maik.J , Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hello Inka!

I will have a look definetely in those websites!

Thanks a lot for your help :)

Perrine Schaeffner , Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago

You can also go to Willy Fahrrad ! It's second hand bike shop where you can find a bike for 60€. It's in Südvorstadt. Look at in Facebook there is a page and you can send a message to the man to know when the shop is open ;)

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Maurice Prendergast, Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago

Is anybody giving guitar lessons?

Iam playing the electric guitar and am just learning pentatonic scales.

See you!

Marcus Hertel , Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago


I play guitar since many years.
If you are interested, just come and we jam a bit and I teach what I can.


Maurice Prendergast , Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago

Cool! I just sent you a PM.

Steven , Berlin, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hi Maurice,

ich unterrichte an zwei Musikschulen Plektrumgitarre. Wenn du Interesse hast, dann meld dich doch einfach bei mir.

Ganz herzlich

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JimmyMVP, Karlsruhe, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hi pips, on the way back from Berlin I will be visiting Leipzig for one day, I nice place to eat would be nice and cool places to see of course.


Gisel , Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago

All the lakes in Leipzig are great ! Cospudener See it's cool ! The tipp is to rent a bike because It's more easy to know the city by bike ! Have a nive time !

Tina Hollerbusch , Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago

you´ll have a really great diner at "shams bistro"! http://www.shams-bistro.de/
Bon apetit ;)

Fargram , Leipzig, DEU, about 2 months ago

What about some parks.
Especially Clara-Zetkin Park near the citycenter is beautiful. From "Fockeberg" you have a great view at the city from above and last but not least the "Völkerschlachtdenkmal" is a very stunning monument you should see and go inside and on top! Are you alone at you trip here?