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There are 23 questions in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Petra Schelf, Antwerp, BEL, 3 months ago

Hello there,

Next year I want to study abroad (Erasmus) and Ljubljana was on the list as an option. Can anyone tell me something more about the student-life there? And about the University of Ljubljana? I would like to know more about it before I choose it :)


Ivana Paun , Ljubljana, SVN, 3 months ago

I suggest u join the facebook group Erasmus Ljubljana and ask Erasmus students that applied to same faculty. It depends what you study. Some students have it easy and party a lot. Some students need to study more than in their home uni. In any case student life in Ljubljana is cheap and great location to travel around, because it's small and convenient to visit neighbour countries, like croatian seaside, Venice, Vienna, it's all close! :)

Maruša Švigelj , Ljubljana, SVN, 3 months ago

Hello :-)

I think Ljubljana is a great place to study, it is a nice capital with great quality of life. Students get great discounts on food in many restaurants and all in all, I think life here is pretty cheap comparing to Belgium. But be sure to check with your potential host faculty how many classes are offered in English (I know my department offers only a few). So in my opinion it depends a lot on what you're studying.

Best regards!

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Sudy Kumar, , GBR, 3 months ago

Anyone has an idea as to where do people go Latin dancing in Slovenia on the weekends ?

Maša Kores , Ljubljana, SVN, about 2 months ago

Under Metalka building..I am pretty sure people dance salsa every Friday evening tl

Metalka trgovina d.o.o.

Anže Vihtelič , , , 3 months ago

They don't

Dejan Marjetič , Ljubljana, SVN, 3 months ago

You could try your luck at one bar on the end of Metelkova ulica. Where Tabor begins and there is a church on the other side of the street. I think it is the same building as Slovenski etnografski muzej....

I know they have there sometimes on weekends Salsa, sometimes Swing, sometimes Rock....
But I cant remmember the name of the place.
It is at least a good place to start asking if you are interested.

Hope you find something

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Dimitri_Zabuta, Buenos Aires, ARG, 3 months ago

Hello everyone!

I will be in Ljubljana in the beginning of July,
I´m a professional magician and i´m doing a sort of¨busking¨ trip around center Europe.

I would appreciate if someone can tell me if busking is Legal in Slovenia and if so, what places would you recommend me to go?

Thanks a lot!

Maša Kores , Ljubljana, SVN, about 2 months ago

I wanna see your triiiicks! I love magic :)

Anže Virant , Ljubljana, SVN, 3 months ago

As far as I know busking is legal, at least nobody will bother you if you busk. Although in Ljubljana you can only busk from 16.00 -22.00 during the week and from 10.00-22-00 during the weekend.

Dimitri_Zabuta , Buenos Aires, ARG, 3 months ago

Thanks Anže, that was very useful!

Do you know by anu chance what are the best places to busk in the city?

3 total anwers to this question

Fer ♫ Kalafior, Budapest, HUN, 3 months ago

hi there!

I'm going to visit Slovenia and its coast and would be grateful if anyone could recommend me any ' must see' beach

thank you all

Ana Zelenko , Velenje, SVN, 3 months ago

as a Slovenian I've to say you didnt really choose the best country to go to the beach. Slovenia only has 47km of coast. Among the coastline you can find beautiful little cities such as Koper, Piran and more even more touristic Portorož. As far as I know, there are some great beaches, but they're probably not what you imagine. I can ask some friends who live there if they recommend any particular. If you want more of Mediteranean coast you should go cross the board (not so far away) and check some Croatian destinations in Istra or Kvarner, such as (at least for me) very beautiful Pula and the nearby islands.
However, a good point of Slovenia is its size, which offers you to see it almost all in a couple of days. We have really beautiful rivers (Soča) and lakes (Bohinjsko jezero, Blejsko jezero), in which you can swim, too. I wouldnt be too long here, but if you need any info or recommendation for "a must" destinations in Slovenia, you can contact me freely.

Fer ♫ Kalafior , Budapest, HUN, 3 months ago

Hi Ana, thanks for your kind and complete answer

After three months travelling around Europe I don't see the sea since Poland, as I'm an aquatic person I'm happy only watching the sea. My plan was going only to Slovenija but I like to drive so maybe I finish in Croatia or even the north of Italy, who knows... your additional information is very useful for me

I only know the name of two cities, Maribor and Ljubljana, are on my way so I will visit it. Tips are very welcome, Anyway Ive been reading previous threads for not disturbing again with the same question, I like to get lost driving so surely I will go too to the rivers and lakes that you recommend, sure I enjoy visiting your beautiful country

on my way back to Budapest I must stop and get Prekmurska : )


KATJAA , Novo Mesto, SVN, 3 months ago

The cordinates;

45.534453, 13.625963

This is a very nice beach, for me the best one, and more or less ony ''wild'' one on Slovenian coast. The nature there is amazing, i warmly reccomend to go there....


Katha rina, Munich, DEU, 3 months ago

Hey. I m visiting Ljubljana right now and would like to go from saturday ro sunday somewhere else. I don t have a car so i need some suggestion where I can easily take the bus :) is it nice to go to the direction of the sea or better in the Mountains or the lake Bled i think it was called?!

I am happy about any Kind of hint an Tip :) cheers Kate

dora grenko , , SVN, 3 months ago

Hoj,I m Dora,58zears, and I suggest you to go to the see.better bus conections directly to one of the city on our coast,they are all beatifull.Izola;Piran;Koper,POrtorož. Have a nice time in Slovenia! Dora

Robin Turk , Ljubljana, SVN, 3 months ago

Hi. I would recommend you to watch a weather forecast and if it is going to be bad to vistit our beautiful caves. I'm suggesting you also to use prevoz.org for transport.
I'm sorry that can not host you.

Michel GAROSCIO , Martigues, FRA, 3 months ago

From Ljubljana, you are close to the see and close to the montain. In one hour, you can join both.
If you enjoy the mountains, you can go after Bohinj lake, to Vogel for example. You can also visit Kamnik and the Velika Planina.
By the see, you have got Piran that is a must to see.
The countryside is also very nice. I am thinking about Skofja Loka, Idrija, Kobarid and the Soca valley, Postojna (with the caves).
You can visit historicals places in Novo Mesto area or close to Ptuj as well.