One of Europe’s greenest and most liveable capital cities, Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital and largest city. With a close connection to nature throughout the city, it’s a perfect place to rent a bicycle (use the BicikeLJ stations) and explore at your own pace. Pedal along the banks of the Ljubljanica, the river that cuts through the city, and cross the iconic Triple Bridge or leave a love lock on the Butcher’s Bridge.

See the medieval fortress known as Ljubljana Castle, with fantastic gardens and an elaborate interior. To visit something a bit older, consider making your way to the ruins of Emona, an ancient Roman settlement that stood here with a large public bath house. You can also escape the city with a trip to Lake Bled in the Julian Alps, a gorgeous lake with a castle perched on an island in its center. For good reason, Lake Bled is one of the most photographed places in Slovenia.

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