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Najib_Salim, Singapore, SGP, 2 months ago

Hey guys, I'm currently heading towards Estonia and after that I will be catching a flight to Bucharest. After that, I would like to visit the following cities: Belgrade-Sarajevo-Pristine-Podgorica-Albania-Skopje-Sofia-Istanbul. My question is, are they all connected by bus and are the prices generally affordable?


ジョーバン . , , , 2 months ago

@ Mila
Albania is not a country, it's a city?
O'Really? :D

Miroslav Milošević , Beograd, SRB, about 1 month ago

Belgrade-Sarajevo-Pristine-Podgorica-Albania-Skopje-Sofia-Istanbul is your route but I can recommend you to change plan a bit: Belgrade - Sarajevo - Podgorica - Tirane - Prishtina - Skopje - Sofia - Istanbul, because there are better connection between city on route what I recommended. Have a nice time in Balkan region! :)

Mila Dajovic , Belgrade, SRB, 2 months ago

Hi, Najib! First, a small correction - Albania is not a country, it's a city, but there would most probably be buses from Podgorica to some big city in Albania and from there to Skopje. All the cities you mentioned do have bus connections, and yes, the prices are affordable - at least for us! In some cases you can check trains. And be sure not to miss the site called blablacar, it has now started in our region, you can catch a ride with a person travelling by car between these cities for a price lower than the bus ticket! Good luck with your trip! :)

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Svetelina Emilova, Prague, CZE, 2 months ago

Hi guys, any salsa place in Belgrade? I will be there at about 20th-26th. If anybody interested to hang out let me know :)

Milan S. , Belgrade, SRB, 2 months ago

Hi Svetelina, almost every day there is Salsa dancing in the evenings at the epicentre of the city at the Republic Square in front of the Cappuccino cafe, organized by Naturally Dance dance school

Valentin Mutinelli-szymanski , Asnieres-sur-Seine, FRA, 2 months ago

Hey. I was actually thinking getting back to dancing so let me know if you want to go out and try Belgrade latin night!

Bojana Todorovic , Belgrade, SRB, 2 months ago

Hey, Svetelina. :) Like Milan said, you have a salsa party almost every day. :) Some of my favorite places are Mixer House parties organized once a week - usually Wednesdays. Every Saturday there is a party at the Jewish community in Kralja Petra street. You also have parties held at various rafts (boats) - "Sava" for example. I'll send you some useful links. :)

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Jesus Izquierdo, Berlin, DEU, 2 months ago

Hello people. I'm currently living in Belgrade and would like to know of any hiking trails that you can recommend. I'm gonna be here the whole month of May so there's plenty of time.

In Zagreb I hiked the Medvednica mountain and I really liked it, so I want to have a similar experience in Belgrade or somewhere near the city.

Dejan Dozet , Beograd, SRB, about 2 months ago

Or you can come with me on Jastrebac on next weekend, we go Friday evening and return on Sunday. I will go every weekend on one mountain, so you can join me whenever. Even if you don't come I will go by myself, because this is my MUST.

Miško , Beograd, SRB, 2 months ago

Avala mountain (aprox 20 kms from downtown), mountain Rudnik, mountain Trešnja, mountain Rajac

Dean Gnjidic , Belgrade, SRB, 2 months ago

If you are interested in any of their tours, just message them on facebook.

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TRISTON, Hong Kong, HKG, 2 months ago

I am looking for a barber that can cut parts into my hair. It needs to be done with a razor or clippers at a '0'. I have looked all over the city and have yet to find anyone that claims to be able to do it although it is very simple.

Does anyone know of any barbers here that specialize in cutting hair with a razor and can etch patterns into hair?

TRISTON , Hong Kong, HKG, 2 months ago


Andja , Belgrade, SRB, 1 day ago

MATTBOSTON , Belgrade, SRB, 8 days ago

FLAT WANTED- I am excited to be coming back to Belgrade! This is what I am looking for:

Within 20 minute walk of trg,
1 or 2 bedroom
Large Size Bed
Fully Furnished
Reasonably Modern
Clothes Washer
Pay under 400 euro a month
Rental period from end of Sep-end of February. (Maybe longer than end of February)

If you know something please message me.