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There are 6 questions in Salvador, Brazil

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Hanne Van den Hende, Barcelona, ESP, about 2 months ago

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a local organisation where I can do some voluntary work.
The internet is all over organisations that are organising voluntary work, but the thing is that these organisations take advantage and ask too much many. So I'm looking for something more local and trustworthy.
Can anyone give me some advice?

Thank you!

GABRIELACR , Heredia, CRI, about 2 months ago

I did voluntary work here in Brazil, and unfortunately I have to tell you, 99% of NGOs and non-profits are just another model of business that some unscrupulous people use to make money out of it.

I recommend you to use or helpx, and look for something related to what you would like to do. Or even, just go yourself to a rural community, contact local community association and they can tell you what the community needs the most or how you can help.

I am talking by experience...

Alisson Tavares , Salvador, BRA, about 2 months ago

Hello Hanne!

u can try

AIESEC in Salvador
Av Reitor Miguel Calmon, s/n
Escola de Administração da UFBA,
Vale do canela.

+55 71 3332-6377

Ivan , Salvador, BRA, about 2 months ago

per defiinitie vind ik een 'vrijwillegers-organisatie" die geld vraagt om "vrijwilligers" te laten participeren al een commerciële organisatie ;-)
Het zoeken van een "geschikte" organisatie voor jou hangt af van je capaciteiten en wensen. Je dient natuurlijk ook voldoende het Portugees te beheersen om jezelf hier nuttig te kunnen maken.
Hier in Salvador / Bahia kan je misschien wel iets vinden.
Als je wenst kan je mij een PM sturen met wat meer info over jezelf en wat je specifieke ideeën terzake zijn. Dan kan ik hier in Salvador wel even uitkijken wat de mogelijkheden zijn voor je.
Tropische groet van een mede-Gentenaar die ondertussen 10 jaar in Bahia woont.

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Dagmara Grabowiec, Warsaw, POL, about 2 months ago

Oi galera! Meu amigo está pensando sobre food truck em Salvador. Alguém sabe como funciona isso é se seja fácil pra começar com este negócio em Salvador ?

Matthieu Gagnot , Salvador, BRA, about 2 months ago

Bom, nao se precisamente mas vi um festival de foodtruck na Ondina, no domingo passado, tinha la como 15 foodtrucks... Pesquisei e vi que estao reunidos nesse grupo Facebook:
Espero que ae pode achar mas informacoes, Ciao!

matheus veiga , Salvador , BRA, about 2 months ago

acho que hoje em salvador, os food trucks nao estao com licença para vender na rua, a não ser que seja em eventos, mas acho que a prefeitura ja esta correndo atraz para acontecer essa liberação!! tenho 1 amiga com um food truck e uma visinha tb!

Eduardo Sampaio , Salvador, BRA, about 2 months ago

Olá Dagmara!

A lei que regulamenta os foodtrucks em Salvador foi aprovada em setembro.
Nesse link tem mais informações:

Como trabalho fora da cidade, não tenho ideia do dia a dia dos foodtrucks, mas como o pessoal falou existe um festival deles que acontece a cada 15 dias acho em algum ponto da cidade e faz o maior sucesso. Já tive a oportunidade de comer em alguns e são bons.

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Lizzzzzzzza, Moscow, RUS, about 2 months ago

Hi! I'll be staying at Salvador for 2 months, I know some basic portuguese
and would like to improve шею
Do you know any recommended language schools which are not so expensive?
p.s. I speak spanish, do you know if special groups for spanish speakers exist?

Marcus Quintela , Salvador, BRA, about 2 months ago

We are carnaval.

Flávio Rocha , Salvador, BRA, about 2 months ago

Hi Liza,
So, definitely, you can do it in a regular school. But if you wanna do it a great experience, you should do it with us learning portuguese like a native person and maybe living here as well. I am Diana and I've been teaching portuguese since 2004. I finished my degree at UFBA.
We live in Bonfim, it's a tourist place near many others tourist places.
Keep in touch!!!
that's my what's app number +55 71 99101 5915 / + 55 71 98821 7978

Dagmara Grabowiec , Warsaw, POL, about 2 months ago

Hi guys, one of the best schools here is called BrazilLink ! They are offering various portuguese classes in Salvador in Barra. I am doing there a preparatory course for the international exam for portuguese called CelpeBras and I genuinely cannot praise enough the school and the professors ! The price is also reasonable and cheaper than in the other schools.

If you are looking for a great experience of the portuguese course in Salvador have a look at their website or Facebook page :) I highly highly recommend and I have really used many different schools in the past!

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Kateryna Korobova, Kyiv, UKR, about 2 months ago

Hi all!) I am going to be a volunteer in Salvador durig 2016 Olympics. Is there a chance that anyone can be sharing their flat for a couple of weeks . I am afraid that usually prices get too high for hostels, hotels, etc. during such global events. So if anyone could accomodate one good girl - I would be very happy!)

Kateryna Korobova , Kyiv, UKR, about 2 months ago

Oi, Leonardo! muito obrigada para oferta, Eu vou escrever-te uma mensagem

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Manoela Campos, , BRA, 1 day ago

Estarei em Salvador a trabalho semana que vem e terei 2 dias livres para passear. Não posso gastar muito, mas gostaria de levar memórias legais do lugar, que com certeza é incrível.

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