Strung around the shores of Europe’s largest Alpine lake, Geneva is a multicultural city that is a center of international relations. Geneva’s Old Town is a picture-perfect historic district where visitors can get lost among countless shops, cafés, art galleries, and boutiques. To get to the heart of Geneva’s culture, head to Place Neuve, home to the Rath Museum, the Conservatory of Music, and the Grand Theatre. Then check out the Palace of Nations, where some of the most important decisions in the world are made at the home of the United Nations.

So much of Geneva’s beauty comes from Geneva lake, so be sure to visit the Turkish baths or walk along its promenades to see the impressive 140-meter-tall Jet d’Eau fountain. Perhaps the best way to see the lake and its surroundings is by taking a two-hour boat cruise from the docks. For an absolutely stunning view over Geneva, ride the cable car to the top of Mont Saleve for all kinds of outdoor opportunities and the photo opportunity of a lifetime.


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