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Tyler Middendorf, Cleveland, USA, 2 months ago


I am in the very preliminary stages of planning a bicycle trip in Nord Italia, and I could use some help/advice/suggestions from anyone who knows the region well! Please let me know if you can help!

General Description:

The trip will likely take place in mid-spring or early autumn, as I would like to avoid peak tourist season while still having long daylight hours and warm weather. The trip will probably be about 600 mi/1000 km and will take place over the course of about one week. Daily routes should cover between 100-125 mi/150-200km.

I will probably be starting in Milano, as that is usually the cheapest available point of entry. I'd like to stay out of the extreme topography of the Alps, but I think a couple of days in the Appennini would be good. I have biked similar terrain without too much problem.

Crossing through Slovenia into Croatia would not be out of the question either, provided there was a good way to get back from there to Milan with my bicycle. This would like add an extra two-three days and about 250+mi/400+km to the total trip though.

A general course might look something like:
Milano>Turino>Genoa>Bolgna>Ravenna>Venezia>Trieste>Zadar, though I'm open to something entirely different as well. Is this route even possible? Please let me know if there is anything you would recommend seeing or anything in particular to avoid!


Bruno Bruno , Milan, ITA, 2 months ago

Hello Tyler, good idea your trip by bycle. Italy is wonderful to see and by bycle is perfect, but is strange for italian people 😉 e sometime is difficult to go by bicle.

Marco Mazzei , Milano, ITA, 2 months ago

Ciao Tyler, it'll be a pleasure to help, but first I need to understand what would you like to do and to see in Italy. For example, Torino is really a wonderful city, with great museums and historical cafes, BUT the route from Milano by bike, uhm, not so interesting. From Milano to Lecco (a small city on a lake in the north) you can bike 100 km on a bikepath passing through places like Crespi d'Adda (, that I would definitely reccomend. This is just an example, of course. So, what would you like to do and to see in Italy? ciao, marco

Gianky Gi , , ITA, 2 months ago

want a advice? once u get milano get a train and move somewhere else.
Two proposals:
the first one: train from milano to venice. Once you get to venice your trip toward zadar begins ( dont stop to zadar, at least reach split: the palazzo diocleziano is one of the nicest place i have ever seen!) passing by pula, medulin and all the istria coast ( avoiding the inner road). You can pass by krk isle too, other wise go ahead. ONce u arrive to zadar visit Privlaka, nin and all those small places on the north side, then u can go toward split.
note: i would reach trieste instead of venice, so that once you get split you can go to albany and get bak to italy by ferry.
Proposal 2: milano desenzano by train: then you can cycle the east ( not west, which is dangerous!) toward trento. Once you get trento there is a very nice cycle road which leads to the border ( or in alternative you can split on the claudia augusta way). Once insbruck i would reach salisburgo and then i will search for a way to get back home ...unless you dont want to visit all the lakes of Stiria region ( Halstatt, anothe eight wonder of the world)

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Margo A., Saint Petersburg, RUS, 2 months ago

hello everybody! i tried to find some information but id like to be sure ! does that bus that goes between Bergamo airport and Milano Centrale during the day pass at night? and if not are there any ways to get to Milan after midnight? thank you! :-)

Arianna Natale , Milano, ITA, 15 days ago

Yes Giorgio is right, and i think you would not be able to catch the last bus or train...maybe you should look for a host in Orio...

Paulo Dias , Lagos, PRT, about 1 month ago

hey everyone i am looking for a place is not so expensive in Milan or somebody ken host me thanks

⚚ Giorgio Anselmi ⚚ , Milano, ITA, 2 months ago

Depends at what time in the night. The Orio Express, for example, has the first run at 04:25 (BGY => MI) most days.

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Cléa J., Paris, FRA, 2 months ago

Hello everyone !

I'm going to make a surprise to my boyfriend by bringing him to Milan for a weekend in March. But I never been to the city and I really don't know what are the good unusual things to do there. So if you have some beautiful places and good adresses to go or good advices, i'll really be glad to know them.

Best cheers ! And thanks you in advance for your help !

Ilenia Tamagnini , , ITA, about 2 months ago

Hi Cléa,
You already got some pretty good tips about the areas but when it comes to romance I'd love to share some special spots.

"Qc terme" thermal bath in a liberty building and outdoor 16th century Spanish walls. (Ideal even for happy hour at the pool)

Brera is absolutely a charming district.
"Pinacoteca di Brera"and its lovely Botanical gardens
I would go to "Di viole e di liquirizia" for a tea and cupcake. "fioraio bianchi caffè" for a coffee surrounded by flowers "Sky terrace hotel milano la scala" to enjoy a wonderful rooftop view at sunset (opens at 6pm).
"Fiori chiari plates" lovely little restaurant.
"N'ombra de vin" for a glass of wine in a cool wine cellar basement.

Other districts
Café / restaurants/ bars
"Crazy cat café" you can cuddle cats having a cup of hot chocolate.
"Terrazza Aperol" terrace to enjoy the Duomo view.
"Cascina cuccagna" rural building in the city centre . It feels to be like in the countryside ideal for a dinner
"A casa Eatery" restaurant/ apartment 60's furniture
"Blue note" jazz club
-Navigli district
"Fonderie milanesi" special place ! restored factory industrial design and green outdoor dining area
-"the yard" lounge. Jazz music , 50's american atmosphere. Cocktails bar.
"Carlo e camilla" ex factory renovated. Restaurant and cocktail bar. Magic place

Cultural highlights
"Palazzo del 900 or palazzo reale" check the Art galleries
"Villa necchi Campiglio" palace for a time machine trip to the 1920.
"Hangar bicocca" ex factory now contemporary art museum.
"Fondazione Prada" amazing new art centre complex . 20's café designed by Wes Anderson
"Teatro franco parenti" unique theatre. Good even for an happy hour and a visit of the venue.
"Teatro la Scala" my fav place in the city . If you book in advance or the same day you could be able to get the tickets.
And so on..
Milan has a lot of cool hidden places.
I wish you a lovely stay.

Fioraio Bianchi Caffè
Hotel Milano Scala
QC Termemilano
Fonderie Milanesi
Teatro Franco Parenti

I ONLY HOST 1 PERSON , Firenze, ITA, 2 months ago


Mattia Riganti , Milano, ITA, 2 months ago

You might go to the top of the Duomo Cathedral, or in Sempione Park you can find some delicious spots where you can see the Sforza's Castle and the Peace Arch.
Brera district or Navigli district in the evening are really nice and sweet for a walk and a drink

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Nina P, Belgrade, SRB, 2 months ago

Hello everyone!

I am going to Milan in couple of weeks and would love to visit Lake Como and Lugano (both places during one day trip). What is the best option when it comes to buying the tickets for that trip (in advance, right before departure...)? Also, any other advice on places worth to visit are more than welcome :)
Many thanks in advance :)
Greetings from Serbia!

Best regards,

Stefano Pessina , Monza, ITA, 2 months ago

Hello Nina, you can get to both Lugano and Lake Como by train, so no need to book in advance. About lake Como, depends where you want to go. The west side is very nice (I like the town of Menagggio) but after Como you have to take the bus. The east side is easier to visit because there is a train, so you can stop anywhere you prefer. A good option is also going to Lecco or Como by train and then take the ferry to wherever you prefer (Bellagio, for instance). For all these options there is no need to buy tickets in advance, althought you can do that if you feel more comfortable
Hope this is helpful, have a nice holiday!

Matteo , Milan, ITA, 2 months ago

as Stefano said no need to reserve (also for Como there is one train every half an hour) but you can check the timing for both here
Regional train (like the one for Como) can't be booked online on the website unfortunatly. Safe travels,

sara asharioun , Tehran, IRN, 21 days ago

Hey nina I'm in milan too I've never been there but I've heard alot about this place I can come with you if you want :)

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Tanya Okuneva, Paris, FRA, 2 months ago

Hi everyone! I'm in Milan with a friend until tomorrow and we would like to go dancing tonight. Can someone advise a bar/club?


Arman Espah , Milano , ITA, 2 months ago

Yammaya enrico :)
Read you pasting after copying at least once buddy . ;)

enrico Danilo , Firenze, ITA, 2 months ago

Hello MILAN international fellows!

For all girl the first free glass of wine.....


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