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Sabrina, Clermont-Ferrand, FRA, about 2 months ago

Hi everybody,
I'm looking for a record store in Tunis to find some old vinyl of Arabic music (as Cheikha Remitti, Oum Kalthoum...)
Have you an address to be advised to me?
Thanks a lot !
Bonjour à tous,
Je cherche un disquaire à Tunis où je pourrais trouver d'anciens vinyles de musique arabe (comme Cheikha Remitti, Oum Kalthoum...) Quelqu'un aurait une adresse à me recommander ?
Merci !

Ilyes Ben Khalifa , Tunis, TUN, about 2 months ago

Bonsoir vs pouvez chercher a tunis center avenu habib bourguiba , rue de greece pres de place barcelonne et passage . tu peut aussi télécharger .

Sabrina , Clermont-Ferrand, FRA, about 2 months ago

Super, merci beaucoup !

mohamed ben ahmed , Zaghouan, TUN, about 2 months ago

hello , im happy if i meet you , i have holiday this days , and hope to meet you and show you the most beautiful place in tunisia and you listing nice arabec music
im Mohamed this my number phone 00 216 28 615 650

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Anna Biniek, Zürich, CHE, about 2 months ago

Hi everybody! I ll be coming to Tunis to work and I was wondering if anybody could give me an idea of sport facilities in the city? Actually I mainly do outdoor sports, hiking etc., but I would also be happy to find a good public swimming pool, a climbing wall or similar.... thanks for any advice!!!!

Amine Abida , Heilbronn, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hi Anna,

You're welcome to Tunisia :)
For what you asked for:
- A good public swimming pool: You go here in Menzah 1: https://goo.gl/maps/mI5xJ
And then you subscribe monthly.
- A public swimming pool: You go here in Menzah 6:
And I think that here the price is less expensive, but the pool is not the best.
- Hiking: There is many groups (active on Facebook) that organize hiking activities to many places in Tunisia. Let me know about when do you want to do hiking and I'll look for the best ;)

I hope it was useful, let me know if you need more information.


Amin Trigui , Denden, TUN, about 2 months ago

About Hiking i advise you to go with a tour operator or tour guide ,
for the place is 'KORBOUS'
It's very nice .
Good day .

Ahmed and Nermine Ferchichi , Le Kram, TUN, about 2 months ago

Hi Anna,
for hiking, camping, caving Zaghouan is about 1 hour driving from Tunis and this is a website of what you can do there :


GIPSYYDOLPHINN, Cannes, FRA, about 2 months ago

Any nice café/bar with live music in Tunis,Sousse and Sfax ?

Leila Habchi , Tunis, TUN, about 2 months ago

Hard Rock Café in Sousse :)

Maroua Mrouki , Tunis, TUN, about 2 months ago

In Tunis there is a café restaurant in lac that's called squat but that doesn't serve alcohol. Otherwhise, there is the restaurant/ bar boeuf sur le toit in Soukra, or carpdiem on the way to gammarth. You can also find the Factory or the plug in la Marsa, intresting places; le bungalow in gammarth; Or in La goulette there is a lounge called plug's pub; nice also. in down town there is the bar/lounge of Hotel international Hana, or the Sky bar of Novotel. In fact in Tunis yu can find many surprinsing places... Enjoy

GIPSYYDOLPHINN , Cannes, FRA, about 2 months ago

Merci bcp Maroua ;-)

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faika chekir, Tunis, TUN, about 2 months ago

Hey everybody, i have a friend who will come to tunisia in october ..can you advice me about some good places to visit, some restaurant to go to, some activity to do .. thanks you

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Marvin Hohwieler, Cologne, DEU, about 2 months ago

Hey guys,

I'm a movie lover and will stay till mid of December in Tunis. That's why I was wondering if there is a cinema screening VO or at least english subtitles? My french is way to bad to watch a movie and even in Germany I prefer the VO.

Thanks guys!

Caner Gokce , Tunis, TUN, 20 days ago

Hey! You can check L'agora in La Marsa, couple times a week they are showing movies in original language with french subtitles, it is small but quite a decent movie theatre. You may see their schedule on their facebook page;


Karim Bargaoui , Rades, TUN, about 2 months ago

Not easy. There is "Le colisée" in the city center, I think they have a VO session on friday afternoon (it's 3D so mostly Hollywood movies)
Also, you can check le Rio in Tunis, and Cinemadart in Carthage, both of them sometimes have interesting movies in VO. You can always call to check :)

Marvin Hohwieler , Cologne, DEU, about 2 months ago

Thank you so much! I will defenately check them out!!