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There are 48 questions in Florence, Italy

Lola, Shanghai, CHN, 2 months ago

Bio shops, etc near central, thanks!!

Giuliano Trainotti , Prato, ITA, 2 months ago

The best Vegetarian Restaurant, The first in Florence " Almanacco" via delle Ruote.

Natura Si Shoop, There is not many good vegetarian Restaurant in Florence.

Giuliano Trainotti Vegetarian Chef and Pastry Chef. Have a good Time.

gazza-gwendydd , Florence, ITA, 2 months ago

you can also try "La Raccolta", it's both a shop and a restaurant in via Giacomo Leopardi, close to Piazza Beccaria.

Jawid Fakhari , Firenze, ITA, 2 months ago

Mybe you can find what you search in "Eataly". Its close to Duomo.

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Céline Beral, Napoli, ITA, 2 months ago

Hey guys! We sent so many couchsurfing request for the 24 to the 26 of march , but no one answered to me and my friend Hannah :)
So , please , if someone can advice us a cheap and nice hostel in Firenze (In the center , i want to visit museum <3 ) , because we're students and we can't afford expensive hotel :)
Thank you !!!!


Steffi Krebs , Groningen, NLD, 2 months ago

Hi Céline! Last week I spent three nights in the hostel Gallo d'Oro (http://www.ostellogallodoro.it/eng-index.php). It's a small hostel and reopened after renovation.
It's absolutley amazing! I stayed in a six bed dorm (with an own bathroom, 2 showers). The atmosphere is great, the staff super nice and helpful and the breakfast is included (fruits, sandwiches, cereals (even sojamilk) and as much coffee, tea, espresso, cappucino as you want). During day they have snacks, cake and fruits for free.
You can reach everything by foot. Definitely recommended!
Enjoy your stay in Florence :)

I ONLY HOST 1 PERSON , Firenze, ITA, 2 months ago

Usually cheap is 7 Santi, just a short bus ride into downtown. Good luck.

Alessandro Ferrara , Prato, ITA, 2 months ago

Hey celinè, just try to have a look also on AIRBNB website. Usually you can find many good and cheap place around florence. Check also for Prato, is a cheaper and very close town from florence, about 15 minutes diretcly by train.
Good luck.

Daniela Bartoli , Florence, ITA, about 2 hours ago

Ciao. Io posso cederti la mia stanza perché starò fuori per lavoro... La casa è in zona Soffiano ben servita da bus n. 6 e tramvia. In casa ci sono anche un gatto e un bambino (con la mamma ovviamente) e un altro inquilino. Il costo della stanza per un mese è 360 con le spese incluse. E' una stanza molto spaziosa luminosa e silenziosa. e' disponibile anche per novembre

Océane Mangeot , , ITA, 10 days ago

Ciao salvatore! la prova è per tutto il mese di ottobre...

FabioBrentel , Firenze, ITA, 9 days ago

Ciao se sento qualcosa te lo dico...quanto puoi spendere ?


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ANASTASIA MAKRI, Skyros, GRC, 2 months ago

Hello I ll be for the next 4 days in florence. Any advise for local restaurants. Where are you going for nice traditional food and good wine. I prefer that than the tourist places!!! If matters I stay close to the train station but I don t mind to walk for something good. Thank you. Grazie tanto!

Lola , Shanghai, CHN, 2 months ago

I found a good one this afternoon, called BRAC, you can check it on fb page.

Lorenzo Scoscini , Pistoia, ITA, 13 days ago

You could find better restaurants, with better prices, out of the center of florence, that is the most touristic zone of the city. ;)

ANASTASIA MAKRI , Skyros, GRC, 2 months ago

Thanks Lola. Have a good day.

Pedro Castro, Warsaw, POL, 2 months ago

Hello everyone,

I'm going to be in Florence for a couple of days and I would like to check what's happening in the city on friday and saturday (15th and 16th april). Does anyone know a good website that summarizes everything that happens on the cities. I refer to concerts, film fests, ballets, exhibitions, etc...especially more alternative things.

Would be great if someone could help me.



FEDERICO FIRENZE , Florence, ITA, 2 months ago

Hi there Pedro !
well i have a couple of things to suggest for saturday, 16 april:

Levante in concert at Viper Theatre (http://www.gogofirenze.it/levante-in-concerto.html , http://www.viperclub.eu/)
or Ministri even a concert http://www.flog.it/programma.htm

have fun !

Pedro Castro , Warsaw, POL, 2 months ago

Thanks Federico, I will check it out! :)

Clara Supertramp , San Giovanni Valdarno, ITA, 2 months ago

Have a look at lungarno: